Blue Black Hair Black Girl: How Can You Rock This Awesome Color?

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A lot of women wanna come into the spotlight with the help of stunning hair color and fresh styles. For both light and dark skin tones, there are many corresponding hair hue shades that work better than others do. Whether you are black, from Latin American or African American, have brown skin or darker skin tones, Layla is here to help you give the last decision. In this post, we will focus on the blue-black hair black girl. Also, we want to highlight the best hair black-blue hair ideas for black women so that you can choose the best pick for your dark skin tone. 

Can black girl rock blue-black hair?

Why not? This hair hue has become a “hot trend” in recent times, for any skin tones. It has many shades that girls want to sport. You can wear dark icy blue hair, blue silver black, or pair with the purple hue. Tons of styling choices for you choose from. Blue black hair on a black girl looks amazing as they choose the right shade of dark blue. This combination of black and blue leave them wanting more. No matter what your skin tone is, you can try this astounding hair color. The hair also adds the right amount of chic to your outfits as it is subtle when you wear it to the office or go out with friends.  

Blue Black Hair Black Girl: How Can You Rock This Awesome Color?
blue black hair on black girl

Some drawbacks of blue-black hair black girl

Do you want to really go for a blue-black hair trend? We think it is better if you visit your hair salon to get richer tones. It will surely accentuate your face. Nonetheless, it also has some drawbacks. You want to add blue-black highlights on red hair. You shouldn’t as these two colors are bright and they don’t mix and support each other. They will not offer the look you expect. It will turn to neutralize color such as brown. 

The dyeing process is complicated. If you are a pro, you can dye your hair at home. However, you have to determine the right hair shade of the blue. Lighter blue black hair dye is not your choice, choose a darker color instead.

Blue-black ideas for black girls

Blue-black hair braids

Hair braids are one of the most popular and favorite styling choices of African Americans. You can see that black girls wear this look more in summer days due to the activities during this season. Now, braids are not boring because of the appearance of vivid colors. Do you see blue-black hair African American with braid styles? Many girls choose this look as it looks stylish and mysterious. Try dyeing your hair and styling your hair with this bold version, you will be the center of attention. Opt for yourself the darkest blue-black color, no one can detect your hair color until you go out. This is a great option for anyone with dark or black skin. 

Blue Black Hair Black Girl: How Can You Rock This Awesome Color?
blue black hair braids

Long blue-black hair with bangs

Long bangs look great with thick and voluminous hair. Add some dark blue hair dyes on your curls and wear them sleek and straight with a high ponytail. Switch up your image by coloring these mysterious hair hues and evokes a sense of freedom. You can add some blue highlights or the shade of black-blue color. Do it the right way and you will get a fashionable look. You can skip the bleaching process if you want to get this look. It is better to ask for a hair colorist help. Because this color will easily bleed when washing, you should learn about some tips and tricks to maintain it for a long time. 

Deep blue pixie

You have short hair. You are seeking a blue-black hair color on dark skin. Which hairstyle should you opt for? This is an awesome option for you.

Girls think that their thick and short hairs are not suitable for a pixie crop. If so, they are wrong. Dye your hair in dark blue shade and get a pixie cut, you look like a famous singer on the TV. The hair color will stand out under the light and it blends perfectly the hairstyle, offering you a vibrant look. It also brights up your skin tone effectively. Go for this stunning bold hairdo and swoop right across the forehead. Done! You have got a gorgeous finish. 

Also, style your blue-black hair with a stunning afro pixie cut. Your short hair strands are pulled into tight curls for an amazing look. You need the help of hair barbers to get this look. Crop the hair shorter at the sides and longer at the top of your head. Are you are ready to go out?

Blue Black Hair Black Girl: How Can You Rock This Awesome Color?
Deep blue pixie

Indigo blue body wave

This is one more style of blue-black hair on black hair. Dark blue hair doesn’t have to be boring when you add some hair texture into it! Paint some midnight blue colors at the ends to liven up your locks. You see, its name will unleash the power of the sky at night and the sea. This color symbolizes the depth and integrity of your natural locks. Be brave to show people how daring you are. 

Blue-black dreadlocks

Another cool style of blue-black hair black girl. It is one of the most iconic hairstyles for black girls. Eye-catching style and the blue-black color make you look great. Often, dreads are tighter and thinner if you have medium hair length. You can combine this look with hair accessories, such as rings and shells. 

Blue Black Hair Black Girl: How Can You Rock This Awesome Color?
Blue-black dreadlocks

Remember that blue-black extension dreads are not for the shy types! This hair is also considered as a protective styling choice because it doesn’t require chemicals to create. You only need to choose the right shade of blue-black hues and create dreads. Don’t put too much stress on your scalp if you want to wear this look for a longer time. What’s more, be patient to get this perfect hair look.

The Last Words 

Don’t skip our post about the blue-black hair black girl. To change your hair color and suit your skin tone, rock one of those above hairstyles. You will surprise everyone with your appearance. But don’t forget to take care of it to maintain the shade of black-blue color and prevent other hair problems.

We are online 24/7 to serve you if you have any further questions. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below or contact us by pressing the WhatsApp link at the corner. 

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