I Tried Blue Black Hair Dye From Loreal And This Thing Happened!

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You have tried many types of hair dyes to change your hair color, from dark hair shade to lighter ones. Now, you want to sport a blue-black hair, which hair dyes should you choose? In this post, we will review a product from L’oreal brand – Colorista blue black permanent hair dye. Is L’Oréal Paris Colorista blue black hair dye good for your hair type? How long does it look blue? We have seen many online reviews about it and almost reviews are good. We don’t sell blue black hair dye Loreal, so all of our shared below is completely unbiased.

Who Should Use This Blue and Black Hair Dye? 

Compared to other blue-black hair dyes you have tried, Colorista may be the best product to get your desired hair look. The hair dye itself has a dark blue shade and looks like black color. It offers a deep and rich hair hue that makes you look more fashionable. The permanent hair dye suits all, so you can easily apply it to get a blue-black hair look. This L’oreal Paris blue black hair dye is ideal for those looking for the coolest black hair shade option. 

Who is it for? For all hair types, for both men and women. Sculp your hair color your own way. Permanent hair dye comes in with the jelly-cream formula for a quick application. The best blue black hair dye brings 11 wearable shades, so you can have more than one styling choice. It has a customizing brush and hair painting kit that helps you control as well as paint your hair easier. 

I Tried Blue Black Hair Dye From Loreal And This Thing Happened!
L’oreal Paris blue black hair dye

What is special about this hair dye?

What makes this hair dye different from other blue black hair color brands? The permanent hair color is created by blending with other pure dyes. This aims for supplying a high-intensity shimmering bold result. Colorista hair dye is easy to use whilst nourishing for your hair, don’t dry out your locks. Rest assured to use the product to create your own unique and striking look. 


How To Apply L’oréal Colorista paint Blue Black Permanent Hair Dye

We recommend you follow the instruction of the hair dye for full usage and safety guidance. With this blue black hair color Loreal, apparently, you don’t need bleach your hair. If you are not sure about your decision, you can test on a small hair section to see if it actually works on your hair. Now, gently apply the hair color product all over your hair, avoid hair roots and scalp. If you want to create an ombre or add highlights, you should use a customizing brush and apply the dye onto specific hair sections. 

You should wait for about 30 minutes, then wash out with water. You will be surprised by your new hair look. We commit that you can not complain about the product. 

I Tried Blue Black Hair Dye From Loreal And This Thing Happened!
you don’t need to bleach hair before putting this hair dye on

Hair dyeing tips 

– You should wash your natural locks a day before applying the hair dye. And brush your hair to remove knots and tangles before coloring. 

– Avoid getting the hair dye on your skin or face. If so, you have to wipe it away immediately. 

– Apply a cream or Vaseline is a good way to protect your scalp, ears, and neck during the process. 

– Massage the scalp before rinsing hair helps loosen up the hair color products and make it easy to wash out. 

– Use cool water and gently rinse out this L’oreal Paris Colorista paint blue black hair

Reviews About The Hair Dye

I Tried Blue Black Hair Dye From Loreal And This Thing Happened!
blue black hair dye from L’Oreal before and after

We found that its smell is quite pleasant. This L’oreal quick blue on black hair does not burn your scalp during the dyeing process. The dye gives wearers a good shine and shade to the natural locks. 

What about color? It switches up your hair to a great blue-black hair hue. It gives a subtle blue tint that you always dream of. What’s more, the hair look is visible when you standing under the light. The hair dye will work best if you have naturally black hair. 

If you don’t like this hair dye, you can choose L’oreal Colorista blue black permanent gel hair dye as an alternative product. It also works and gives you the best look with blue-black locks.

The Last Words

Overall, we would like to say that L’Oréal Paris Colorista blue black hair dye is worth to try. It gives a strong color effect. Easy to apply, shiny and smelling pleasant. All are contained in this blue black hair dye Loreal review. Hope that it will work well on your hair and bring you the desired look. 

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