Blue Hair Extensions – Is It Risky To Try?

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Everyone is craving for dyed hair but afraid of damaging their natural hair. So if you love colored hair, too, colored hair extension is an ideal alternative option. In this post today, we will present you with fascinating hair color – blue hair extensions. We believe that these hairs are bound to get you to notice. Reading on to learn more about this vivid blue hair system. 

What are blue human hair extensions?

You always think about changing hair hue when you want to switch up yourself. It’s a good idea. But now, you can wear a hair replacement system instead of dyeing or styling your existing hair. This helps you achieve your dreamed hair while protecting your natural hair from damage.

Recently, human hair extensions have been designed and produced in different hair colors and textures to fit the increasing requirement of customers. Specifically, to have blue hair extensions, manufacturers have to dye human hair strands. 

Blue Hair Extensions - Is It Risky To Try?
blue human hair extensions

Blue hair extensions human hair are available in a bunch of vivid tones, such as light blue, black-blue, midnight blue, etc. It is the best selection for wearers with hair that has been colored blue. You can utilize this hair to get an on-trend ombre hair. At Layla, you will find numerous hair items in this tone, including blue clip in hair extensions human hair. You can wear the hair daily, at night, or even for several weeks. 

Shades of blue extensions

Blue hair is a favorite hue of celebrities. They wear blue highlights and blue hair to achieve different looks but still protect their natural locks. If you’re getting bored with your natural hair, wearing blue extensions to add an edge to your tress. 

Light blue hair

This sky-blue hair shade is so gentle. If you are looking for a gentle look, just apply these light blue hair extensions. They are suitable for anyone with a fair complexion and light makeup. 

Ice blue hair system

Winter is coming, rock this hair replacement system to make it a little more fun life. The frosty blue hair tone gives you a classy and light hair look. 

Blue black hair extensions

This subtle blue looks like natural black hair. If your colored hair is a soft blue shade, this look easily blends well with. This hair look is not too vivid, it is office-friendly. Or wear it when you plan to go to a night party, you look so attractive under the light.

Blue Hair Extensions - Is It Risky To Try?

Midnight blue extensions

These dark blue hair systems are the perfect way to add more hair volume to dark hair bases. The dark blue shade is so rich that looks like black and purple hues. To brace the hair color, you should pair with light-hued clothes, such as yellows and metallic colors. 


Blue ombre hair

Human hair extensions are now available in different lengths and styles. Blue ombre hair extensions become more and more prevalent with young people. More importantly, the hair matches well with any skin tone. 

Bear in mind that it’s never too late to switch up yourself. Blue hair extensions are not too stunning, but they do not lessen subtly. Feel free to add some textures, like waves or curls, as they are made of real hair strands. Don’t know which shade is right for you, please consult an excellent colorist or experienced seller. They can give you the best advice.   

Are blue hair extensions an easy way to update your style?

Blue Hair Extensions - Is It Risky To Try?
different types of blue extensions

To achieve blue hair, you have to bleach and dye your natural hair, but it can leave hair damage. Therefore, hair items, such as blue hair extensions clip in, simply attach to your locks, creating a blue tress. They are easy to wear and provide the best possible finished look. 

You want blue hair for longer, consider other types such as blue tape in hairs or weaves. They can last for weeks. Whatever hair systems you choose, you can get the same appreciable look.

You may notice that all sorts of celebs from Katy Perry to Maya Diab, have rocked the blue hair look. Some said that those are their colored hairs while others said they are blue hair extensions. No matter what they are, celebs all enjoy their hair and look great. 

Layla Hair provides the best blue human hair extensions

Why pick our hair? The big benefit of purchasing our hair is that we sell 100% human hair extensions. Whether you choose hair weaves or wigs, we guarantee our hair is of the highest quality. The hair is recommended by hairstylists and pros because it gives users the most realistic look when being installed.

Blue Hair Extensions - Is It Risky To Try?
blue extensions real hair at Laylahair

Although blue is not a natural hair color, blue hair can move like your real strands. Our hair extensions are no stiff and easily blend into your own hair. Plus, you can style it at home. It is capable to be straightened and curled as you desire. 

However, don’t skip caring for the hair to keep it last as long as possible. Shampoo and condition the hair with special products for colored hair. And you should not wash it too often, since it will fade the color.

In the last words

Human hair extensions, in general, and in particular blue hair extensions are a great way to get your dreamed hair. Don’t ignore it if you want to switch up your hair as well as appearance.

Come to our hair company to get the right item for you. Our staff is always willing to support and help customers choose the right shade for their locks. You want to take off the hair extension at the end of the day, opt for blue clip-ins. Your natural mane is dark color, black and blue hair extensions are good to blend perfectly your own hair. 

Not only blue hair tone, we also supply hair products at different hues and lengths. Red, blonde, or brown hair systems, don’t hesitate to tell us your favorite hair color and preference. We will customize the hair according to your requirements. 

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