How To Get Blue Black Hair? Follow Our Tips To Get There!

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How to get blue black hair? It is indeed not as easy as applying the blue or blue black hair color for attaining the desired results. Many people might think it is. Yet, the matter’s truth is that you usually need to bleach your hair before coloring it. Especially if you desire that daring hair shade is likely to last for an extended time. Follow the tutorial below for the way with and without lightening.

How to get blue black hair using bleach

Bleach Your Hair

How To Get Blue Black Hair? Follow Our Tips To Get There!
bleach your hair before dying it blue black

We suggest bleaching first if the color of your strands is dark. With it, you can expect the blue-black tone to look accurately. You have to make your hair lighter before you dye it. In other words, you can consider not bleaching when your present hair color is light.

Remember that when bleaching, you should include aluminum foil for balayage. It will keep the color from entering your natural hair.

Plus, remember to use the deep conditioner for your hair. As always, well-nourished and moisturized hair generates better results.

Blue black hair color how to

First, protect your skin. Prevent the hair dye from contacting directly with the complexion. To do so, put a small amount of petroleum jelly to the skin covering the head, excluding the face. It eliminates the possibility of staining and tainting.

Also, use gloves. Not all, include an apron as well as guaranteeing that you put on old clothes for preventing stains.

How to get blue black hair? Different hair dyes come with different instructions. Thus, follow them correctly. Do you want to apply the hair dye on your head thoroughly? If you do, begin at the end and move to the roots.

How To Get Blue Black Hair? Follow Our Tips To Get There!
how to dye your hair blue black

It will be best if you section parts of the hair using clips. But for highlighting, keep the rest of your locks away from the color use foiling paper.

After you apply the dye, remember to cover your hair using one shower cap. Note that you should leave the color for the time addressed in the instructions. After that, rinse your locks using cold water. Next, shampoo and condition your hair. Call it done.


How to dye black hair blue without bleaching

How to get blue black hair that way? You can color hair blue naturally with Indigo. Alternately, use one no-bleach semi-permanent dyes for blue hair. Or else, temporarily dye using hair chalk, a blue mascara, kool-aid, or food coloring.

Use Indigo

This hair dye is famous as one ancient plant-extracted dye used to color jeans. To color your hair using the hair dye at home, you will:

– Blend indigo powder with water

– Apply the blend to hair

– Let it stay for five hours

– Follow with washing with water only

– Repeat at least three times for attaining a more intense color

How To Get Blue Black Hair? Follow Our Tips To Get There!
Indigo hair dye without bleach

Use semi-permanent hair dye

It is a good option for attaining your desired result. Apply the blue indigo dye – for example, the L’Oreal line, the same way you would do with other colorings.

Kool-aid for your home hair dye

All you need to do is select the kool-aid blue coloring you like. Next, blend it with water. After that, bring to a boil. After you stop the heat, allow it to become cool a bit. Then, carefully submerge your hair into the blend for about half an hour. Dyeing hair blue with this one does work if a dip dye is what you want (remember, only the hair tips).

How to keep blue black hair from fading

How To Get Blue Black Hair? Follow Our Tips To Get There!
use color-treated shampoo

When colored, hair may begin to look dry and unkempt. That said, it is only when you fail to take good care of it. Rinse your curls twice a week only. 

Also, no matter when you wash, you should make sure that you use a shampoo as well as conditioner mainly created for colored or damaged hair. That way, you can expect proper nourishment as well as care. When it comes to the conditioner, deep conditioning works best for your dyed hair. Use cold water to take your head showers. In case you do not know, cold water helps lock in hair moisture and nutrients.

Not all, stay away from a lot of direct harmful sun exposure. We recommend applying hair products that come with UV protection.

You have reached the end!

There are several options for how to get blue black hair. Do you have genuinely dark hair? And do you desire an extra light blue? Do you wish the color to last pretty long? Then, use bleach.

For other cases on dark blue, follow the dye hair instruction above!

If you want to read other useful articles, we suggest you visit our blog. Also, feel free to ask us any related questions to hair and hairpieces. We are happy to help you!

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