7 Famous Bollywood Actors Who Wear Wigs In Both Film And Real Life

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Baldness is a common problem nowadays and people choose to wear a wig to conceal their baldness and thinning hair. It’s not shocking when celebs wear wigs for their different purposes, like for movie roles or hide their hair loss. Do Bollywood actors wear wigs? Of course! To enter the Bollywood industry, the first thing you have to meet is “Good Looks”. It means that you have to appear beautifully in front of cameras, and one of the most attractive things about celebs is their hairstyle. However, there are some actors who take the help of hair systems and transplants to reach a perfect hair look. Let’s get ready to meet 7 Bollywood actors who wear wigs in their life. 

Salman Khan 

Our list of bald Bollywood actors who wear wigs starts with Salman Khan – an Indian multi-talented artist. He works as an actor, producer, and occasional singer. He is well-known for the Chulbul Pandey character in Dabangg film series who is daring never fears anyone. However, there was a time when Salman had a fear of his hair balding. There are many rumors around his real mane. The star started to lost his hair and he had to travel to Dubai to have treatment. According to a report, Salman was bald, he used to wear wigs and got a hair transplant between 2007-2013 to reach fuller hair. Many people believe it because he was spotted with several small scars on the scalp. Whether Salmon wears a wig or not, he now is a handsome hunk and bachelor. 

7 Famous Bollywood Actors Who Wear Wigs In Both Film And Real Life

Amitabh Bachchan

This is another superstar appearing on the list of Bollywood celebrities who wear wigs. He is one of the best actors in India and has a huge fan following, at any age. However, only a few people know that the actor wears hair wigs. Many said that a director saw him lifting his hairpiece and scratching his scalp, whereas others say the director saw some hair wigs in Amitabh’s dressing room. Imagine you are seeing this situation, it’s shocking and so fun.

In fact, the actor was experiencing hair loss in the late 90s and early 00s. At that time, a lot was happening in his life and everything was going downhill. Specifically, his company went bankrupt, his movies flopped. He was stressed and started losing lots of his hair. Fortunately, everything changed when his comeback successfully with «Kaun Banega Crorepati.» Also, his hair appeared fuller and there were no bald spots in his scalp. Amitabh may have been wearing wigs to struggle with his baldness for a long time. Or he may decide to have a hair transplant to put an end to it. 

Akshay Kumar

Have you ever seen Akshay Kumar’s film? He has been known for hair action films and comedy. We all know that maintain a fuller and thicker hair look at the age of 50 is not a piece of cake. Men start losing hair when they are in the mid-age, even it appears earlier. In his 50s, Akshay Kumar wears a cropped hairstyle. The star was accused to wear a wig in his 40s when he kept short and neat hair for a long time. Sometimes, he sported loosing hair to conceal his hair problem. Then the actor was said to opt for FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) to get a good hair look. 

Put simply, just like Bollywood actresses who wear wigs, many actors also need hairpieces to have a perfect hairstyle. Check out Akshay’s before and after photos, the star with fuller hair looks so powerful ad attractive.

7 Famous Bollywood Actors Who Wear Wigs In Both Film And Real Life

Mahesh Babu 

The star is rumored as one of the Telugu celebrities who wear toupee as he always appears with perfect hair in his 40s. Audiences believe that noone can get full hair like him. They think that Mahesh has spent a lot of money on his hair, such as purchasing the best human hair wigs and doing a hair transplant. The actor probably has had a transplant on the front hairline for a natural-looking appearance. And he is wearing a hair system for the rest. 

However, he has never published that he is wearing a hair wig or not. And paparazzi cannot find any signs if he using a hairpiece. Maybe he and other Bollywood actors who wear wigs in real life to hide their secrets. Also, he surely pays a lot to a hair salon to always keep the hair system look as natural as possible. 



The list of South Indian actors who wear wigs continues with Suresh. He is a talented actor known for his works predominantly in Tamil and Telugu films. Debuted very early, in 1981, he has a huge fortune with more than 200 leading roles and appeared in over 321 films. 

He might wear wigs in the past to have his signal hairstyle for many years. Before, Suresh sported black and full hairstyle. But the 56-year-old actor now appears in front of cameras with no hair on his head. Some say that he is facing hair loss and he shaves his head to hide. 

7 Famous Bollywood Actors Who Wear Wigs In Both Film And Real Life

Kapil Sharma

Which Bollywood actors use wig? There is no doubt when saying the best on stage comedian in India Kapil Sharma wear wigs. He is a famous comedian not only in Indian, also on the international stage as well. He has been suffering from baldness since he entered this industry. Kapil Sharma first appeared with a thin volume of hair and a broad forehead, but now his hair is thick and dense. Most audiences comment that his new hair look suits him well. He wore wigs and finally did a hair transplant to restore his hair. 

Akshaye Khanna

7 Famous Bollywood Actors Who Wear Wigs In Both Film And Real Life

Akshaye Khanna’s fans are aware of his balding. Not only impressed audiences with all his stupendous performance, the star also attracts others by his real mane. Just like many bald celebrities who wear wigs, he would like to reach a thicker hair look with his weaving. At a young age, Akshaye lost his hair and he decided wearing hair wigs as he could not hide his balding. He satisfies the hair system as it looks quite natural. He admits that his new hair is great. 

That’s our list of Bollywood actors who wear wigs we want to share with you. We’re sure that they wear hair systems to get perfect and masculine to please audiences. Not only actors, there are many Bollywood actresses who wear hair extensions and wigs to get gorgeous hair and beautiful appearance. If you want to know which Bollywood actresses with wigs, leave your comments below. We will compose s separate article for you. 

Hope to hear from you!

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