10 Top Stars Without Their Toupees And Wigs

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Lots of stars have F5 images always with wig usage. But with almost perfect hair techniques and materials, it’s hard to recognize that it’s not natural hair. Holywood stars use the type of wig implanted in the scalp, the brands that make wigs have made perfect beauty for many women. Wigs can cut, styled, brushed and usable for many days, users can wash and trim like with real hair. Furthermore, hairstylists use natural materials and are entirely authentic to create realistic hairstyles for the star.

Although there is no denying the miraculous power of this hair toupees, it also has drawbacks because it does not have enough nutrients and must be changed continuously. In addition to being perfect, thanks to the support of professional hairstylists. Therefore, the post will help you know more about stars without their toupees.

Jennifer Lopez

When talking about stars without their toupees and wigs, undoubtedly many people think about Jennifer Lopez. We often think that Jennifer Lopez’s blond color is natural with the honey-colored product. It quickly became Jennifer’s brand. However, this hair is fake. Jennifer Lopez hasn’t let the public see her natural hair for years – it’s a slightly dark hair color. Therefore, in a hair advertisement of a brand she represented, Jennefer was criticized quite sharply for that. However, we cannot deny that her wig is stunning, and we can hardly distinguish it if she does not speak up.

10 Top Stars Without Their Toupees And Wigs You Might Not Know About

Vanessa Hudgens

Surely you remembered that in 2017 in the «So You Think You Can Dance» program, Vanessa Hudgens walked into the salon with short mane hair and walked out with her long hair at her waist. So, Venessa Hudgens did not hesitate to admit she used a wig. All the things you have to do is that you should Vanessa’s Instagram account to see how her «transformation» from short to long at a glance. Therefore, she can not miss out on the list of stars without their toupees.

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Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani didn’t see the right color or length of her hair for a while. The female artist with this long golden platinum hair has tested many different colors like pink and blue. For a long time, Gwen asked for the help of the hair wig to get different styles. She told me that Nothing here is me. Everything is fake on Entertainment Tonight program. However, she is very confident and naturally talking about her wig because real hair is an obsession for her.

10 Top Stars Without Their Toupees And Wigs You Might Not Know About


Does Beyonce have wavy hair?

There is the fact that you should know that Beyonce also wears wigs, and has hair extensions. There is a rumor that Beyonce has adjusted the hair made by Kim Kimble stylist for the performances. In late 2017, the mother of Beyonce, Tina, showed her daughter’s growth in an Instagram post. Beyonce’s hair is tied in a long ponytail and incredible fans. Why? Because in 2013, Beyonce cut her hair into a super-short pixie. Now many years later, people are skeptical that all her real hair has grown back. Even so, even if the hair is short, wavy or straight, Beyonce is still beautiful. And, she is always an excellent example for stars without their toupees.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is an actress with long, shiny hair that makes every girl jealous, and every guy wants to touch. However, there was a time when Amanda’s hair was concise.

10 Top Stars Without Their Toupees And Wigs You Might Not Know About

What is the reason? Amanda cut her hair in 2015 and plans to offer 13-inch ponytail for charity. Since then, she has regained her long hair. This is a powerful act because Amanda takes excellent care of her hair. «I like to have clean skin and take care of my hair. My secret is to avoid drying my hair, and I will not use a hairdryer and also avoid blowing dry when not needed.» Therefore, Amanda Seyfried is famous people when speaking of old movie stars without their toupees.

Jude Law

There are many causes of hair loss such as poor diet, lack of minerals, medicine, stress, environmental pollution, genetics and etc. Jude Law loses the beauty of being handsome when the bangs are getting less and less. Therefore, Jude Law is one of the famous stars without their toupees. He must constantly use wigs when going out or participating in roles.

10 Top Stars Without Their Toupees And Wigs You Might Not Know About

Brendan Fraser

The stars in Hollywood even though there are many nutrition and beauty consultants because many causes still can’t avoid the situation of broken hair. Brendan Fraser had to give up his bobbed hair every day when his forehead became more and thinner.

Vince Vaughn

When severe stress and development over a long period of time, the body produces special hormones which lead to disrupts the process of blood circulation and slows the growth of hair. So, it is known as causes of hair loss. Comedian Vince Vaughn is tied to his toupee hair when his forehead is getting taller due to lack of hair.

10 Top Stars Without Their Toupees And Wigs You Might Not Know About

Hugh Laurie 

Actor Hugh Laurie ragged with sparse hair. In addition to using anti-hair loss pills, balancing your daily routine, eating well, and keeping your spirits happy also helps to reduce hair loss. Furthermore, the actor also uses hair toupee for a long time.

England’s Prince William

10 Top Stars Without Their Toupees And Wigs You Might Not Know About

Unfortunately, the famous prince of England William also had baldness. The prince recently married Kate Middleton on April 29th. This is considered the most important event of the British royal family in 2011. Most hair loss in men is genetically related, and that number is up to 95%. Prince William is like Prince Charles in sparse hair, especially at the beginning of his age. Therefore, he also has to use hair toupee when the prince goes out. 

Hope that after the post, you will know more about famous stars without their toupees. If you need more useful and necessary information about hair or hair extension, don’t forget to visit our website. Gaining a voluminous hair is no longer an impossible dream. 

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