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  • Source: Available
  • Length: 85cm/34
  • Status: Instock

Double drawn Brown hair extension from 22′ to 34″

Vietnamese Women's hair is smooth, silky and shiny that all customers in the world is looking for . Because Vietnamese women consider hair as a part of their body. They never use chemical shampoo, instead they use the shampoo which made from the 100% natural material We supply real human hair only, no chemical processed hair, no harm to human. The hair that can be colored as customer required is 100% virgin human hair from Vietnamese girls. All cuticles run in same directions and without bad smell, soft feel, very clean, no any lice or nits.
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Vietnamese Women’s hair remy hair can either be semi-full or very full tips; It all depends on customers’ preferences. Here Layla Hair Company introduces to you the best selling double drawn hair quality, with 70% of each bundle is true to length, which is very suitable for those who want a very luxurious hair look.

Just as other types of extensions coming from Layla Hair Company, these beautiful Double drawn extensions are also 100% Human Remy Vietnamese Hair, and of course available with long hairs from 22″ to 34″. Sometimes you can also find greater lengths, though very rare.

The brown hair you see in the pictures below are dyed brown, but with special techniques from Layla Hair Company, these brown hairs are still very soft, moisturizing with all cuticles saved and aligned.

Now Layla Hair has added some beautiful colors in our beautiful brown color range, including: #2, #2A, #3, #3A, #4, #4A, #6, #6A, #8, #8A, #10, #10A, #12, #12A, #16, #16A, #27


Product descriptions

  • 100% virgin natural hair of Vietnamese women, double drawn quality
  • No short hair inside, no any lice or nits
  • Style: Straight hair extensions
  • Length: From 6 inches to 32 inches (from 15 centimeters to 80 centimeters)
  • Color: brown color
  • W: 100Gr/ piece or customer options