Master Buy Bulk Hair Extensions In The Blink Of An Eye!

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As the need for hair extensions is raising, many people are asking the question “Where can I buy natural hair extensions in bulk?” Not all of them get reasonable answers. To many clients, choosing one among the hundreds of shops and hair vendors worldwide is absolutely challenging. If you are wondering where and how to buy bulk hair extensions, read this blog carefully as we offer you all of the information you need.

What is bulk hair extensions?

Bulk hair refers to a bundle of hair used to create weft hair extensions. Simply, buy bulk hair extensions is to buy hair extensions in big quantities.

Bulk extensions often go in bundles, each of which would weigh about 100 – 200 gram. In other words, you will have several bundles for a big order that is up to kilograms.

Master Buy Bulk Hair Extensions In The Blink Of An Eye!
bulk hair extensions

Buying in a large quantity would benefit a lot, economically speaking. You will get wholesale prices and even discounts sometimes. Furthermore, the cost for shipping and delivery will be lower than ordering small packages one by one.

Where to buy bulk hair extensions?

Nowadays, shoppers can choose to shop either in stores or online. Each type has its own benefits. If you don’t want to go outside, shopping online is a better choice. 

In today’s e-commerce world, online hair vendors somehow overweigh the offline one. The supplier could display all their available products online, with specifications and prices already. Clients will no longer need to contact further to ask for the product details or negotiate the price.

As products are all available online, it is much easier and more time-saving for you to make a comparison among them to find the best one.


How to buy hair extensions online?

To successfully buy bulk hair extensions online, there are four things you need to consider carefully: the origin of hair, hair extension types, price, and shipping methods. 

Let’s go through four steps to master buy bulk hair extensions skills.

Check the hair origin

Obviously, human hair varies from people to people. You need to decide on the countries that you want to buy bulk hair extensions from.

In today’s hair extensions market, there are many kinds of hair extensions with different quality and characteristics. Check some most-favored kinds of hair in the market below when you buy hair extensions in bulk.


Vietnamese hair is an excellent choice if you want to buy bulk hair extensions. It is famous for its length, thickness, and durability, which makes it in great demand. Also, the hair is extraordinarily soft, putting it on the map.

Master Buy Bulk Hair Extensions In The Blink Of An Eye!
Vietnamese vs. Cambodian extensions

Little does everyone know that hair extension made of Vietnamese hair is sorted out by hand. Hence, the products always receive the highest quality. If you buy bulk hair extensions made of Vietnamese hair, it can be easily made into different styles to your liking.


Cambodia hair is among the most loved hair type in the world as it is light in terms of weight. There are different textures for the choosiest clients. Cambodian virgin hair might be straight, curly, wavy, silky, coarse, etc… It is also flexible when it comes to hairstyles. For example, its special texture allows wigs to achieve different levels of curls.

Its affordable prices count for the rising demand to buy bulk hair extensions made of Cambodian human hair.  


Another recommendation for buy hair extensions in bulk is Chinese hair. As it is sleek and tangle free, it has been many women’ favorite.

The feature that makes Chinese hair the outstanding hair of choice is that it doesn’t wave up when getting wet.

Master Buy Bulk Hair Extensions In The Blink Of An Eye!
chinese vs. brazilian vs. india extensions


Brazilian hair texture is thicker and heavier than Chinese hair. It is famous for its durability. Brazilian hair extensions won’t get damaged when you dye, curl or straighten it. This hair type is of fine texture, silky and is naturally straight.

There are also some other preferable origins of hair that are in the market such as Indian and Malaysian hair. Among various origins of hair extensions, Vietnamese and Cambodian hair extensions have gained a worldwide reputation for its quality.

Choose the hair extensions types

After considering hair origin, you need to figure out the hair extension types you need.

Master Buy Bulk Hair Extensions In The Blink Of An Eye!
types of hair extensions

Some vendors will offer you raw human hair only. If you don’t want to waste time and money for processing the raw hair, it’s better to choose the vendors offering you weft hair extensions. There are many ready-made products on the market nowadays such as wigs, closure, clip-in, tape-in, keratin, etc.

If you are about to buy bulk hair extensions for resale, choose the suppliers with a wide range of high-qualified products. Check out Layla Hair’s product lines to see our wide variety of products at competitive prices.

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Compare the price

One of the advantages of buy bulk hair extensions online is that you can compare the prices between hair wholesale distributors. Buying high-quality hair extensions in bulk with a good deal must be every customer’s wish.

Master Buy Bulk Hair Extensions In The Blink Of An Eye!
compare the price carefully before buying

Some ways to choose the supplier offering the best products at the nicest rates are reading reviews or searching online. You can try to bargain when talking to the salesperson if possible. At Layla, you don’t need to bargain as we offer wholesale price to all customers.

Another important thing you must bear in mind is the payment method. Cash on delivery is highly recommended. But if you buy bulk hair extensions from different countries, you might pay via your credit card or online payment gate. Don’t forget to check the transaction fee as well as refund policy.

Choose a reliable shipping method

When it comes to shipping, there are two things you need to check seriously carefully, namely delivery time and shipping fee.

Master Buy Bulk Hair Extensions In The Blink Of An Eye!
shipping method

UPS, DHL, and intermediary shipping agent are some popular shipping methods nowadays. DHL is the most expensive methods with average shipping time (3-5 days). The majority of customers choose UPS as it takes 3-5 days to deliver the order. Its fee is also low. The one with exceptionally low fee must be an intermediary shipping agent. You can consider working with them if you can wait a long time for your order.

It must be noted down that if you shop with Layla hair vendors, all of the three methods above are available to choose.

The bottom line

Finding wholesale hair vendors to buy bulk hair extensions don’t have to be challenging if you take everything into careful consideration.

As a reputable Vietnamese and Cambodian hair vendor, Layla hair always commits to offering 100% human hair extensions of high quality in bulk at wholesale price.

We have a wide range of virgin human hair weave, hair toppers, wigs, and hair extensions ready to shop. Furthermore, Laylahair also makes customized orders for those wanting to have the best fit for their own.

Having any requests? Feel free to contact us now!

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