Frontal closure straight hair 22"

Frontal closure straight hair 22″


Double Drawn Curly Hair Extensions 22»

Cambodian curly hair machine weft hair 26"

Cambodian curly hair machine weft hair 26″

Nowadays, beauty and the appearance are the two most important priorities to every man, woman or even a child. People always try to finds useful ways to make them more wonderful and gorgeous.A lot of people fall in love with silky, smooth straight hair, however, curly hairstyle is the one which is increasingly popular these days. People tend to admire a female who is always confident with a natural curly hair. But what if you do not have a naturally curly hair? Don’t worry, it is extremely easy for you to find Cambodian Curly hair extensions in the market. They can bring you a trendy and glamorous hair look as well as a fuller and thicker hair.

Cambodian curly hair

Layla Hair is a hair extensions supplier which has a high reputation all over the world. Besides Vietnamese human hair, Layla Hair also provides all kinds of products made from Cambodian hair. Cambodian curly hair is collected carefully from young girls in Cambodian. We 100% sure that you will be surprised with its beauty and also its quality. There is no doubt that Cambodian curly hair is very silly, shiny and smooth.

That’s why we receive a lot of feedbacks from customers saying that they are totally satisfied with them and want to place more orders. Moreover, Cambodian curly hair is actually healthy and durable, you can use them for more than one year. Because of being made from Cambodian hair, Cambodian curly hair looks like your own real hair. That means, you can treat them in every way you want such as comb, wash, dye or style them. But you can save a lot of time since it does not need to be washed very often.

Cambodian curly machine weft hair in Layla Hair

We pride ourselves for supplying Cambodian curly hair with 100% remy hair. “Remy” must be no longer strange to all of hair extensions wearers. It means all the strands of Cambodian curly hair are collected from only one healthy donor. Unlike products made of non-remy hair, Cambodian curly hair has all the strands that stay aligned in the natural direction. For that reason, it is actually difficult to shed or tangle.

Since the most important thing of our company is customers’ health, we only apply natural processes to create all of our hair extensions products. Cambodian curly hair does not undergo any chemical treatments which are really harmful to the real hair, the scalp as well as the health.

cambodian curly hair extensions- laylahair

Layla Hair only uses hot steam vapor to open up the cuticles and shape the air in forms. You don’t need to worry about pain, allergy, itching or any things like that. In another word, it is truly safe, there is no harm, no damage.

You can easily find out our biggest Cambodian hair collection with a large number of hair extensions products. We have the best products for curly weave, Curly Cambodian hair single drawn, Cambodian curly hair double drawn, Cambodian curly hair weft, Cambodian curly tape hair ,… All Cambodian curly hair products come in a variety of colors and lengths. Looking for a short or long curly hair with a lot of different colors such as blonde, brown, black, mix piano is not difficult at all. Or if you have any special requirements, you can send us a message and we will try our best to achieve and make you be satisfied.

How to take care of Cambodian curly hair?

Actually, Cambodian curly hair often tends to be coarse, unruly and frizzy but with a proper care, it can be soft, shiny and beautiful. As we mention above, Cambodian curly hair brings an appearance and the feeling of your real hair, so taking care of it is not really difficult.

4 things you should do

  • You should use shampoos and hair conditioners which are good for curly hair. It is much greater if you can use some kinds of natural products such as avocado oil, shea butter,… because they have the ability of bringing moisture back into the Cambodian curly hair, make it look less frizzy and dry.
  • Avoiding using products that contain silicones, sulfates, farabens or alcohol is a necessary since these ones bring a lot of bad influences to Cambodian curly hair. To make sure that, before purchasing any types of hair care products, you should read the ingredient label carefully.
  • Don’t wash Cambodian curly hair every day. Cambodian curly hair tends to be dry and frizzy easily because it does not produce many natural oils like other types of hair. Try to wash it about twice a week, or if it is very dry, washing once a week is fine.
  • Detangle wet Curly Cambodian hair with a wide tooth comb. á Keep in mind that instead of brushing it when it is dry, comb the hair from the ends first and then move to small sections when it is still wet. By doing that, Cambodian curly hair can have a nice shape and appearance.

After reading this post, you must know and understand more than Cambodian curly hair, its features and the ways to take care of them. Please visit our website if you want to have more information about it as well as other hair extensions products.

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For more information of Cambodian Curly Hair ( 8 to 30 Inches), please advise the Cambodian Curly Hair Description below:

Curly Cambodian Hair Description

  • Style: Curly hair
  • Length: from 8 to 30 Inches
  • Hair Origin: Cambodia (only pick from 100% healthy Cambodian Women)
  • Quality: 100% Human Hair
  • Weight: 200gr to 300gr. Also available in other weights as required by customers
  • Color: Blonde, Brown, Black, Ombre, Mix piano,…
  • Shipping method: UPS, DHL, BDEX
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