Cambodian Human Hair Weave Bundles

In contrast, “bundle” means the hair is ordered and does not come from any beauty supply stores. Cambodian hair bundles are only collected in the greatest and purest form
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Hair extension has always been a great choice, a wonderful technique that can help people extend the length, increase the volume for the real hair as well as change the hairstyle every single day. For that reason, it becomes increasingly popular and gains a lot of loves from the users. Among a lot of hair extensions products, Cambodian hair bundles are the kinds having a large number of functions and really easy and convenient to use.

Cambodian hair Bundles

Virgin Cambodian hair Bundles

Layla Hair Cambodian Virgin Hair Bundles

What is the difference between Cambodian hair packs and Cambodian hair bundles?

You must realize that Cambodian hair bundles are actually fantastic and useful if you see our comparisons between them and Cambodian hair packs.

“Pack” means the hair which is bought from the beauty supply stores. With this kind of hair extensions, people collect all of the hair strands from the combs and process by tripping the cuticles off and treat with silicone. We can also call them “non-remy hair”. Moreover, sometimes, people even mix these hair strands with nylon threads or animal hair.

In contrast, “bundle” means the hair is ordered and does not come from any beauty supply stores. Cambodian hair bundles are only collected in the greatest and purest form. All the cuticles intact and all strands of hair run in the same direction. Therefore, unlike Cambodian hair packs that are normally cheap, easy to tangle or shed, already processed and have a low quality. Cambodian hair bundles is totally virgin, difficult to tangle or shed and have a really high quality. Besides, a lot of people are interested in Cambodian hair weave bundles. Because they can treat them like their own hair such as comb, wash, color and style them in numerous different ways. If Cambodian hair bundles are taken care in the good way, they will have a longer lifespan, the wearers can use them for more than a year.

Cambodian Virgin Hair Bundles with straight hair extensions

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Where to buy cheap and high quality Cambodian hair weave bundles?

Are you always spend a lot of time considering which hair extensions supplier is the best one who is professional and has a high reputation? Layla Hair Company must be your answer! You don’t need to worry about the beauty, the quality as well as the price of our products.

First, about the beauty, our company only uses the best Cambodian human hair which is collected from young girls in Cambodia. These women have a healthy lifestyle, wonderful methods and natural products to care their beautiful hair. So, Cambodian hair weave bundles are truly silky, smooth and shiny. You may easily see these features if you choose our products. With Cambodian hair bundles from Layla Hair, gaining a gorgeous and glamorous hair look is no longer difficult.

Secondly, we sure that our Cambodian hair bundles have the highest quality that can satisfy every prissy customer. We only use the Cambodian virgin hair to create Cambodian hair bundles. This kind of hair is well-known because it is extremely strong and durable, does not undergo any chemicals processes. That’s why there is no harm, no damage to real hair, scalp as well as health of customers.

Finally, in spite of only using high quality materials, Cambodian hair weave bundles in Layla Hair Company are cheap and economical. Every men and women can easily have Cambodian hair bundles for their own. We also make a lot of discounts for customers to afford our products.

cambodian curly hair bundles - layla hair

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Cambodian hair bundles come in a variety of products, colors, lengths and styles

Layla Hair provides Cambodian hair bundles with so many different kinds of products such as Cambodian hair bundles of wefts or bulks, Cambodian virgin hair bundles with closure, Cambodian hair weave bundles,… Each kind of products has a different function and a different way to use, however, they are no doubt excellent and helpful.

Go with Layla Hair, looking for Cambodian hair bundles with trendy and beautiful hairstyles is not difficult at all. We supply Cambodian curly hair bundles, Cambodian wavy hair bundles, Cambodian straight hair bundles and so many other hairstyles. Besides, Cambodian hair bundles have a lot of colors such as blonde, black, brown…  and are also various in lengths from 8 inches to 30 inches… To protect customers’ healthy, Layla Hair only uses the natural products and methods to make the most gorgeous products.

Please visit to view our hair extensions collections and get many useful informations.

For more information of Cambodian hair bundles, please advise the Cambodian hair bundles Description below:

Cambodian hair bundles Description

  • Style: Cambodian curly hair bundles
  • Length: from 8 to 30 Inches
  • Origin: Cambodia (only pick from 100% healthy Cambodian Women)
  • Quality: 100% Human Hair
  • Weight: 200gr to 300gr. Also available in other weights as required by customers
  • Color: Blonde, Brown, Black,…
  • Shipping method: UPS, DHL, BDEX