Top 3 Eye-Opening Cambodian Hair Facts | 2019 Updated

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Are you having a thirst for Cambodian hair facts? Read the article down below and find out why they are so sought after by manufacturers in the hair industry?

Cambodian hair has long been a prolific source of material for the hair industry. However, far from being just that, they manage to stand out when it comes to consistency and durability.

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So, what makes them so special and unique? Is it just the genes or the environment the deciding factor? Stick around and get to know some interesting Cambodian hair facts.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Some necessary information on Cambodian hair

Cambodia is a country in southeast Asia, which is bordered by Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. It is a beautiful nation with rich cultural heritage, picturesque sceneries, and hospitable people.

So, how do this fantastic country and the beauty industry have anything to do with each other? And what is “Cambodian hair” supposed to mean?

If terms like “wigs,” “hair extensions” or “toupee” have become too familiar to you, then there is a big chance you are a high maintenance girl.

Top 3 Eye-Opening Cambodian Hair Facts | 2019 Updated

Cambodia is one of the prominent suppliers for human hair in South East Asia.

These are all hair accessories that will help you achieve sure looks when your natural refuses to do so. But have you ever wondered where does all the hair come from?

If these hairpieces are made of human hair, the hair is collected from donors in specific regions and places where the hair quality is guaranteed. And in our case here, the hair is harvested from Cambodian women.



Top 3 eye-opening Cambodian hair facts?

As you dedicated beauty lovers have known, Cambodian hair is a prioritized source of material for many manufacturers. This is thanks to the fact that this type of hair has never failed to satisfy our need to be pretty.

So why Cambodian when there are so many other choices available all over the world? These Cambodian hair facts down below will be the answer to your question.

And all these facts have scientific backgrounds, so you do not have to take them with a grain of salt.

The naturally dark color

Most of the time, Cambodian hair’s original color is rich dark brown, which may come across at first glimpse as jet black. In some rarer cases, their hair can have a lighter color at birth or after extended exposure to sunlight.

The people in Cambodia owe this spectacular shade of hair to the ancestral state. Among the chemical compounds that help build the structure of hair, there is one of great importance.

Top 3 Eye-Opening Cambodian Hair Facts | 2019 Updated

This one acts like a code which programmed the hair to stay in a certain level of darkness. And that very chemical is eumelanin. Its presence makes sure Cambodians have a rich dark mane that outlasts many other’s worldwide.

So, next time you are jealous of their luscious dark locks, remember that they are born that way. What a great gift from Mother Nature!

The elevated level of strength and thickness

Another intriguing one of Cambodian hair facts is that the strands are thick and much less fragile than many other races’. In natural settings, it is hard to see them snap, fracture or even to have the painful things called split ends.

The factor that comes into the equation and completely change the Cambodian hair game is a little guy called “cuticle.” This is a protective sheath that acts as a safe keeper for the inner protein structure of the hair.

The number of cuticle layers in human can range from 5 to 10. In Cambodian hair, they are comparatively close to the maximum 10.

Top 3 Eye-Opening Cambodian Hair Facts | 2019 Updated

In Cambodian hair, they are comparatively close to the maximum 10.

Not to mention the fact that in this specific hair source, the cuticles are incredibly thick and densely packed. All of this means the protective barrier of the hair is more hardened, making the hair stronger altogether.

There is another bonus point to this, which is the way the cuticle break under challenging situations. Let’s say that you have done some nasty business with your hairpieces and overburdened them.

In such cases, the cuticles will break in large chunks, helping the hair remain its original shape after the incident. So, even if damages were to be done, the hair structure will try its best to minimize the effect.

The incredible softness and peculiar shine of the hair

There has always been some myths on why Cambodian hair can achieve that silky, oil-sleek look. They seem to have a stunning sheen on the hair, especially when well kept.

Many researchers blame this on the oil produced by the natural body. This substance helps in the process of slickening the hair, bringing them this spectacular silky texture.

Top 3 Eye-Opening Cambodian Hair Facts | 2019 Updated

There has always been some myths on why Cambodian hair can achieve that silky, oil-sleek look.

Also, this somewhat allows the hair to last longer as it is a mild barrier protecting the strands against pollution from the environment.

This, along with other Cambodian hair facts is the reason why manufacturers have spoken so highly of it. Even after being chopped from the donor, the majority of the hair will preserve this beautiful sheen, even after being treated in the factories.

Of course, these stages have to be carried out the right way for this to be true. This is just human hair. Although it is healthy and silky, nothing natural can withstand the onslaught of great chemical hazards.

The bottom line

If you stay for this very part, thanks a lot for your time and support. We truly appreciate this. Hopefully, you have learned some interesting Cambodian hair facts along the way.

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The best wishes from Layla Hair team.

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