Cambodian Virgin Remy Human Hair: Where Should I Put My Trust?

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We all want to buy the most reliable, top durable and best versatile Cambodian virgin Remy human hair products. However, in the market pool where Cambodian hair vendors are abundant, it is hard to make a conscious choice.

Where should I put my trust? It is a question everyone has to answer. If you are struggling to find the solution, this article is just for you.


It’s time to educate yourself to be the conscious consumer and buyer!

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What Cambodian virgin Remy human hair like?

Cambodian human hair is known for its unique textures. There are three types: straight, wavy and curly texture. When you purchase Cambodia hair, it is essential to take note which texture you want to buy.

The great thing about Cambodian virgin hair is that it has a natural wavy flow. Many women complain that straight Cambodian Remy human hair is coarse, but this is a standard feature of this type.

Cambodian Virgin Remy Human Hair: Where Should I Put My Trust?

Cambodian hair 

Cambodian women certainly know how to take care of their hair. As a result, it looks gorgeous and luscious. Buying this hair type is economical because it is more lightweight than other types of hair.

Hair extensions and wigs adopting Cambodian human hair are great to use. They blend endlessly with your natural hair. You can treat your hairpieces like your existing hair with the same shampoo and hair care products.

While you can use different styling methods with virgin Cambodian hair, we do not recommend the same thing with Remy hair. Of course, you can dye, bleach, flatten the hair, but you shouldn’t do those too frequently.

Is Cambodian hair good?

Cambodian virgin Remy human hair, with its natural feature and different textures, is a great choice for ladies out there. We can’t deny that there are certain drawbacks as the hair is coarse and dry compared to Vietnamese hair.

However, the quality and features certainly overshadow its shortcomings. Cambodia human hair shares the same features with Indian hair considering the length and texture.

The demand for Cambodian hair is on the rise because many people are aware of its excellent benefits. It is a perfect choice for women who want to extend their hair density without compromising its natural look.

Cambodian virgin Remy human hair for sale: Where should I put my trust?

When it comes to human hair, there is a concern about its ethnic. It is true that in some countries, hair is collected in a brutal way that only benefits the hair vendors.

It is hard for buyers to determine whether their purchased products are ethically made. Furthermore, there are more to concern about the quality, durability and uses.

Cambodian Virgin Remy Human Hair: Where Should I Put My Trust?

Cambodian hair bundles

So yes, it is such a discouraging task to find out where to place your trust and money. But don’t worry, we are here to help.

There are certain factors of good Cambodian hair vendors that you should know.

Here you go!

Cambodia hair factory

The first and foremost, if you have strong social justice and moral standard, you need to know where your products come from and how they are treated.

Our recommendation is to stick with vendors with their Cambodian hair factory. The thing is not every vendor own a factory. Sometimes they buy it from other vendors and claim that they make the products.

So how would I know my hair supplier owns a factory? The answer is simple.

  • Find if there are any pictures of the hair factory on their website
  • Ask the sale staff if there are pictures available
  • Talk to the sale staff if they know any related information


The second factor you should put into mind is the experience. How many years of experience does your hair vendor have? It is essential to know if the vendor is capable of delivering high-quality products and excellent customer services.

Cambodian Virgin Remy Human Hair: Where Should I Put My Trust?


Those newly emerged businesses often lack strategy and business plan. They sometimes fail to please the customers. If you don’t want to encounter annoyance, you should go for the vendors with experience.


Experience breeds prestige. As long as companies can survive competition and competitiveness in the market, you can certainly trust them.

How to find out whether a company is trustworthy?

Here are the clues:

  • Look for customers’ reviews: It’s best to take a look at the company’s FB, youtube and other social media platforms. They are the best sources for customers’ feedback.
  • Ask for pictures: You can ask the sale staff for evidence. Ask him or her about other customers and their feedback.


There are two things about the services: during and after the sale. When you communicate with a sale staff, take note of his or her attitude. Does the sale team respond quickly? Do they provide you with the accurate and updated information you need?

After purchasing, if there is any problem with your product, how does the company solve it? These questions are the guideline for you if you want to buy a satisfying item.

Layla Hair – the best Cambodian virgin Remy human hair in Vietnam

Layla Hair is proud to be the best and most reliable vendor for Cambodian and Vietnamese hair. We offer:

  • 100% ethically collected Remy and virgin hair from healthy Vietnamese and Cambodian donors
  • 100 percent unprocessed human hair
  • 100% natural with full cuticles
  • Hair textures are various
  • Hair strands are thick, robust and smooth.

Cambodian Virgin Remy Human Hair: Where Should I Put My Trust?

Layla Hair’s factory is based in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. 

Layla Hair has been in the business for years. We know what customers want and how to please them. Our sale staff is available any time you need.

With our senses of beauty, durable products, and fantastic customer care, we believe that our values are apparent. We help your beauty to shine.


What the differences between Remy human hair and human hair?

In the past, hair extensions and wigs were made of animal hairs, because the material was abundant and easy to collect. The apparent drawback of animal hairs is that they are quite noticeable.

People could tell back then that you tried to mask your hair and wear a wig. Nevertheless, the demand for animal hair wigs and extensions were high since the nobles regarded these hair accessories a symbol of power.

Cambodian Virgin Remy Human Hair: Where Should I Put My Trust?

Only very recently, consumers are attentively looking for an alternative for animal hairs. Unlike the old nobles, the material is now considered cheap-looking and inauthentic. Eventually, hair manufacturers found human hair and decided to stick with this material ever since.

Now, this isn’t the end of the story!

It is true that human hair is a prominent material in the world of hair extensions and wigs. However, there are different types of human hair too! One term that you often see from time to time is Remy human hair.

Is it different from human hair at all?

Well, we will not try to complicate this matter by saying not really. Well, the human hair is human hair. There is no point to argue about it here!

However, Remy human hair and human hair aren’t an entirely interchangeable term. There is a fraction of the difference that we want to discuss here.

Remy human hair is a term used only in the hair industry. Remy refers to hair strands with aligned cuticles. That means the outer layers of your hair isn’t stripped away due to the excessive use of chemicals.

Where can we get chemicals from?

When you frequently use heat processing, bleaching, and coloring your hair, your hair cuticles are likely to be stripped away. You will see your hair is natural to get tangled, frizzy, dry and so on.

Some hair manufacturers apply harsh chemicals to straighten the material. That could also cause damaged hair strands.

Are virgin and Remy human hair identical?

Another term that confuses many consumers is virgin human hair. We got many messages asking whether virgin and Remy human hair are identical.

In a sense, it is. After all, they are both types of human hair. Sometimes, it is quite hard even to distinguish them by naked eyes. Therefore, many people don’t care about the virgin or Remy.

They are both excellent and long-lasting materials for wig and extension making.

Cambodian Virgin Remy Human Hair: Where Should I Put My Trust?

However, in case you care for the quality of your purchase, then understanding the difference between virgin and Remy is critical.

As we mention above, Remy hair refers to the aligned hair cuticles. Talking about cuticles, these protein layers are robust and strong so that they can’t be accessible to damage.

That being said, Remy human hair doesn’t necessarily mean that the owner never undergoes chemical processing such as bleaching or coloring.

Hair donors can change their hairstyles and colors from time to time, but not on a regular basis. Their hair strands are strong and resilient.

Cambodian Virgin Remy Human Hair: Where Should I Put My Trust?

Virgin human hair, on the other hand, means that the hair never undergoes such treatments. Even if it does, the processing light. In terms of quality, the virgin human hair is somewhat better than Remy hair.

Products made with virgin hair tend to last longer. However, it also depends on how you take care of your items so that it can stay for long.

Is Remy human hair the best?

To some extents, Remy human hair is the best choice. Compared to products made of synthetic fibers or animal hairs, Remy human hair stands out as a long-lasting, natural-looking candidate.

Caring for Remy human hair is as simple as caring for our hair. Though you still need to give it some more attention, overall you don’t have to be stress as much as that with synthetic hair.

However, when comparing between Remy hair and virgin hair, the later seems to be more outstanding regarding quality. So, if you want to have the highest quality, go for virgin hair. Otherwise, Remy hair can serve you pretty well.

Are Remy human hair extensions good?

Generally speaking, hair extensions from Remy human hair are of the best quality. First of all, the cuticles are aligned, so that you are less likely to encounter hair tangling, dryness, frizz, and any sorts of problems.

What’s more, since Remy hair is quite resilient, you can use different kinds of treatments and processing without the fear of it being worn out any time soon.

Cambodian Virgin Remy Human Hair: Where Should I Put My Trust?

Another added benefit of Remy human hair extensions is the price. These products offer the ultimate affordability compared to virgin hair. You can enjoy decent quality while paying a purse-friendly price.

What is aaa Remy human hair extension?

If you ever come across AAA Remy human hair extensions, don’t freak out. They aren’t new types of products. AAA here only means the grading system.

We have already published two articles about the grading system, you can read them Do we really need a hair grading system? and Hair Extensions Grades: Should I Trust This System?

AAA means that the extensions use 100% human hair with 60% drawn, typically double drawn type 1. Using this grading system, you will have a glimpse of the product and whether or not you should buy it.

What is Remy human hair wrap around ponytail and how to use it?

Ponytail has been around for ages; however, not until Ariana Grande, this hairstyle has become such a phenomenon in the fashion world. The high ponytail with hair wrapping around is a symbol of Ariana Grande and every girls’ dream.

In order to make the process easier for girls to achieve their dreamt ponytail, manufacturers have invented Remy human hair wrap around ponytail. It is a patch of clip-in human hair extensions with an extra piece of hair to wrap around your ponytail once you finish.

It is quite easy to use. You only need to tie your hair up and wrap the clip-in around, make sure that it secures with clips. The last step is to wrap the extra piece around.

The bottom line

Cambodian virgin Remy human hair has many things to offer. It is not only durable and resilient but also easy to care. We hope that through this article, you know the secrets to find a dependable hair vendor for your favorite products.

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