Can Wigs Blow Off In The Wind? Have You Ever Wondered?

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Working in large pressure for a long time, your hair turns sparse and thin. So purchase a wig to conceal all your hair defects. But one of the things many wig wearers worry about when wearing a wig is that “can wigs blow off in the wind.” Fear of the wigs will be blown off by the strong wind because it will reveal your large thinning hair area. It’s a hassle! So how can you prevent the hair whipping off?

Not to be worried! Layla gives some solutions to ensure that your wigs look amazing and completely works well on the scalp. So you can wear the hair even if it is windy. 

Some unexpected situations with wearing a wig

– Disagreeable feeling: In case you use a low-quality wig, it may be hot and very hot, especially in the summer days. The reasons can come from the types of wig or hair density. For instance, there are three common dense levels, including 130%, 150%, and 180%; consult the stylist first and opt for the right level. Also, human hair wig provides a more comfortable feeling than its counterpart synthetic hair. It gives more room for your scalp to breathe. 

Can Wigs Blow Off In The Wind? Have You Ever Wondered?
discomfort when wearing a wig

– Swimming: Be careful when you swim with your wig. Salt water or chlorine is the factor making the wig slide off. Also, they dry hair out and cause tangles. Accordingly, you should take off the wig before going swimming to avoid unexpected issues. 

– Headache: Tight wigs will put pressure on your head and end up causing unwanted headaches. You don’t want to experience this feeling, do we? 

– Another common situation is that wigs can blow off in strong winds. Feeling so bad with this problem. You don’t want to see your image with wig blown off gif shared on the Internet. Keep reading to the end to find the effective solutions on how to keep your wig from falling off. 

How to keep a wig on in the wind

To prevent being blown away by strong winds when wearing a wig, you should follow these following solutions. 

Ensure the wig fit your head perfectly

Do wigs blow off in the wind? It might if you wear a loose wig. We mean that if you buy the right size wig, it is completely safe to wear out on blowy days. Also, don’t wear a wig too tight as it may cause a headache. 

Can Wigs Blow Off In The Wind? Have You Ever Wondered?
wigs blown off in the wind

Bear in mind that the wig size is very vital. Directly go to a hair store and ask for the seller to measure your head size. This way helps you get the right hair system and avoid wig blowing in the wind. Or you can measure your head size yourself and ask the wig manufacturer to customize your own hair. 

Wear the hair properly

Will a wig blown off in the wind” is not a problem if you wear it correctly. Some use clips, tape, or silicone strips inside to keep the wig on windy days. We are sure that beauties can easily get these accessories in the wigs shops. 

– Small clips: Most hair wigs now come in with pressure-sensitive clips inside. This allows wearers to adjust the wig and don’t cause any uncomfortable feeling. These clips are sewn into the front, back, and sides of the wig. When wearing the hair, you just clip it into your natural hair and then style it. As long as you install the hair, you can keep it from falling out. 

– Tape: Buying wig tapes is a good way in this case. How to keep your wig from falling off? If you are experiencing baldness, clips do not work, opt for tape instead. It provides a strong bond, keeping the wig for about 2-4 weeks. 

Can Wigs Blow Off In The Wind? Have You Ever Wondered?
wear your wig properly

Bring some backup

Wig blowing in the wind is normal. If you still find yourself worried about wigs blow off in the wind, you can wear a hat or stretchy headband to keep it the wig in place. And of course, they reduce your nervousness.  

Additionally, the quality of the hair system is necessary. If you plan to appear on important events, then give yourself to select a prominent quality wig. It helps prevent awkward situations, including wig blowing off. Purchase a good hairpiece, as long as you care for it the right way, you can wear for a longer time. 


Where can I purchase human hair wigs? 

When it comes to a reputable hair vendor, Layla is a brand that you should not miss out. Our hair company provides wigs and hair extensions made from 100% real hair strands. All hairs are harvested from Vietnam and Cambodia that are famous for its quality and flexibility. We offer a variety of choices if you place an order, we supply a wide range of human hair systems with different lengths, colors, and styles.

Feel free to browse our website to check the information of products and our policies. We commit not to let you down. We have also received many nice reviews and good feedback from buyers, like a pleasant feeling or realistic hair look. Plus, when you want to make an order, our professional staff will help you choose the most suitable one. Or send us your head size, and we will customize your hair. Hence, pick our hair system and you will never be worried about wearing a wig when its windy.

Can Wigs Blow Off In The Wind? Have You Ever Wondered?
human hair wigs at Laylahair

Plus, our well-built blog may be useful for those looking for hair care tips. Want to know how to maintain a wig or hairstyles with the hair, etc. we can give you advice. 

To sum up

After the article “can wigs blow off in the wind,” we hope you can have a solution to keep your wig in place. In general, as long as you choose the right hair wig and wear it properly, you will not be nervous about strong winds outside. Have fun or go dancing and see how amazing your wig is!

For any special inquiries or want to buy human hair wig, don’t hesitate to reach us to get support. We are always willing to present you high-quality hairs at wholesale prices. We love to hear from you soon!

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