Can You Color Hair Extensions? A Question You Don’t Want To Ask Anymore

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Hair extension is the beauty trend today and is the most advanced service in hair salons, the choice of hair extension method you need to check out some information. Hair extension will help you look younger and more beautiful. According to observing and collecting data from hairdressers, most do not care much about effective hair extension method but only follow the hair trend, and the crowd performs. «Can you color hair extensions?» is a common question that Laylahair has heard from our clients. So, this post will be dedicated to making this question clear. 

 Can You Color Hair Extensions? A Question You Don't Want To Ask Anymore
colored hair extensions

Hair extensions are not only an item to add volume to hair but also play as a fashionable accessory. Many women want to change their style with short hair personality, but unfortunately, encounter workers who accidentally or deliberately cut hair too short, too thin does not fit her face. The solution right now she chooses to connect her hair, but to have naturally long thick hair after joining you have to keep in mind two things. Real hair must be at least 10cm long so that the new hair has a background to connect to your hair. And the current hair layer must be relatively thick so that the connection between the hair attached to your hair will be natural and hard to reveal.

Furthermore, many women do not have black hair extensions, so wanting to change your hair color. It is the reason why there are a lot of women ask that can you color hair extension. Read on to know more! 

What kind of hair extensions you can dye?

Before answering the question can you color hair extensions, you should know about popular types of hair extension on the market today. 

Human hair extensions

Human hair extension is made by 100% natural hair, which is connected to many people in an area. So, human hair extension is smooth and look natural, but it’s expensive.

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Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is different from real hair extension, and it doesn’t take too much effort to care and can keep the style regardless of the weather. Furthermore, the hair extension can be tangled if excessive massage or being left on the chair. Only for a few months, they cannot be used as long as human hair extension. 

Can you color hair extension?

When speaking of can you color hair extensions, the answer is «yes,» but the color of the hair will vary depending on the hair texture. 

Performing hair dyeing as well as bending it, we also have a distinction between hair-connecting materials, and some hair cannot be dyed. The hair dye method work to create a similarity between the hair extensions and natural hair. At the same time, they also honor each person’s personality. You can dye the hair from the beginning, then connect it to your head or dye it after fitting, as you like.

Can you color human hair extensions?

 Can You Color Hair Extensions? A Question You Don't Want To Ask Anymore
virgin human hair extensions bring along the best dyeing effect

Because of the stamina, the color of natural hair is very high, and it is no different from hair from your scalp. So even if done by the method of connection, it will not affect the durability and beauty at all. It also gives you admiration for being too honest and attractive. 

Can you color Remy hair extensions?

Remy hair extension is one kind of human hair extension, so you can easy to dye the hair. The best grade of Remy hair is virgin hair — a bulk that people cut from one single donor. It brings along the best dyeing 

Can you color synthetic hair extensions?

 Can You Color Hair Extensions? A Question You Don't Want To Ask Anymore
synthetic hair does not bring good results when being dyed

Can you color hair extensions if your hair is synthetic? Yes, you can do that. These are synthetic hairs that are equally resistant to natural hair. So you can freely implement the method.  However, you should remember that their nature cannot withstand high temperatures, as well as extremely poor permeability, so they don’t create the curling pattern you want. Besides that, not many people after connecting hair to create waves or color for hair extensions are not as satisfactory; that is the result of using wigs as nylon fibers are not smooth enough. So, your hair extension can not withstand the heat effect and do not stick to the dye. When connecting hair at small hair salons often cost less because they use low-quality hair extension to connect guests.

Important notes when dyeing hair extensions

After answer the question can you color hair extensions, you should follow some simple but most essential signs below to have attractive and beautiful hair extension in the new color. If you perform hair dyeing with two hairlines, you can go to the dye away from the joint to avoid the impact of the machine, the color makes the joint broken, sprung, and tangled.

 Can You Color Hair Extensions? A Question You Don't Want To Ask Anymore
test with some strands first to check the colors

Therefore, when dyeing your hair, you should go to the salon and get expert assistance from choosing the color to dyeing method accordingly. Because with the original wig or the first half wigs, you can dye yourself, but the hair extensions should not be risky. 

To Sum Up

Hope that after the post, you will answer for your own the question can you color your hair extensions as well as can you color tape in hair extensions. However, an essential thing which you have to remember that your hair extension will be more beautiful and make you look attractive when you spend time to take care of it. So, if you are too busy, you should think carefully before deciding to own your hair.

Last but not least, if you need more useful and necessary information about hair extensions, feel free to browse our website or contact us via (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) to get more. Our team will support and answer all your questions at any time! 

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