Any Ideas For Christmas Hair Bows? Here’s Some Amazing Ideas!

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Finding decorations for Christmas is easy. Put them on your trees and your doors. Still, how about Christmas hair bows for babies. They are a cute way of adding a Christmas cheer touch to their outfits. Not all, they are genuinely as enjoyable to create as these accessories are to wear.

In this post, we will provide you with a typical collection of stylish bows that children maybe love and searching for this year’s holiday. What’s more, a general guide on how to make them is included. With them, you guys will have fantastic, memorable photos to keep in the family album by the end of the season. Also, do not forget to let us know which of them your kids like the most.

Christmas hair bow ideas

Christmas tree

How adorable this bow should be! It is an impressive accessory for your beloved ones when the holidays are around the corner. It is necessary to get three different ribbon colors ready. That said, assembling is simple as long as you have every required thing together. Above all, how precious is it on top?

Any Ideas For Christmas Hair Bows? Here's Some Amazing Ideas!
Bow with the ‘Frozen’ style

Bow with the ‘Frozen’ style

Winter this year is undoubtedly not be able to complete without putting on accessories inspired by the famous ‘Frozen’. It is as glittery as fabulous Elsa’s. Thus, any young fans of this blockbuster will surely love it. To perfect the look, do not hesitate to apply a fantastic topper!

Poinsettia bow

You can use tiny beads from the wood for these excellent Christmas hair bows. It is conventionally a flower related to Christmas, but you can wear it any time of any year. What a bonus!

Any Ideas For Christmas Hair Bows? Here's Some Amazing Ideas!
Poinsettia bow

Snowman clip

What an adorable clip! Are you patient enough? Are fingers nimble? If so, try and make a snowman who cutely wears earmuffs and the like.

Peppermint flower

To make this Christmas flower bow, you can use the thread and leftover fabric instead of the conventional glue and ribbon. There is a high possibility that you manage to create it using scraps that have been around your home. The shape of the flower, along with chevron fabric, gives the utmost reminiscence of peppermint candies. That is why it is fantastic for your little kid’s sweet holiday.

Any Ideas For Christmas Hair Bows? Here's Some Amazing Ideas!
peppermint flower hair bow

Felt Christmas hair bows

This perfect felt bow is considered one of the most fantastic holiday accessories. Once you use the appropriate color, it will be highly likely to add the impressive touch of the holiday to different outfits. Besides, making it is easy. All you need are a couple of felt strips and glue.

Any Ideas For Christmas Hair Bows? Here's Some Amazing Ideas!
Felt Xmas hair bow

Rudolph reindeer bow

The famous red-nosed reindeer can grace your remaining decorations this holiday. So, why do not you get the most out of it for the hair of your little one? It is quick and straightforward to make this masterpiece.

Polka dot bow

A polka dot Christmas hair bow is a crowd-pleaser all the time. It comes with double layers and works to balance the dots using bold solid colors. Your kid may want to make it an affordable present for her classmates as well. This accessory is also a good idea if you have many children to purchase for this season.

Any Ideas For Christmas Hair Bows? Here's Some Amazing Ideas!
Polka dot bow

Felt flowers

Their style is amazing. These flowers only ask for a bit of creative cutting. And call them done with some gluing. Overall, it is easy to create them. They will appear precious in the hair of your adorable girl.

Gingerbread man

It is one of the favorite Christmas hair bows for baby. Creating it is a little complicated. On the other hand, the resulting product is impressively cute. Prepare googly eyes, white wavy ribbon, light brown ribbon, and mini jewels to decorate it. 

Any Ideas For Christmas Hair Bows? Here's Some Amazing Ideas!
Gingerbread man

Rosette bow

You can make no-sew rosette bows out of fabric scraps lying around your living space. Wrap them around themselves before gluing to the felt base. Next, add a flair feather; otherwise, leave it without such a thing. In general, whatever way you make use of this item will be a cute addition to any holiday outfit!


How to make Christmas hair bows?

Below we are going to give you an idea example for creating a fantastic bow. You will need to prepare some materials. They are ribbon, felt, hot glue, puffy black paint. fray block, barrette, and alligator clips

The snowman instruction

Now, it comes to snowman instructions. First, cut 5-inch thin ribbon strips. Then, cut 6-inch ribbon strips. After that, glue the two ends together using hot glue for a firm connection. Put a glue dot in the loop’s center and bring the other end together for the two circles to be on the sides. Repeat doing so with all of the ribbons you cut. Next, glue the 5-inch strips’ centers together for a snowflake shape generation. Repeat with the pieces of six inches. Connect the two shapes of snowflakes.

Any Ideas For Christmas Hair Bows? Here's Some Amazing Ideas!
how to make a snowman hair bow

For the next step, use a black felt piece to make a hat shape. To create the note, use a long triangle shape, and orange felt. Glue the nose and hat onto the snowman. Make dots for his eyes with the puffy paint. Use the hot glue to attach the alligator clip or the shape to the barrette.

The holly instruction 

Cut a felt piece into the rectangle shape. Then, add a hot glue dot in the center before pinching it together for the bow shape look. Cut two green felt pieces for the leaf shape.

Any Ideas For Christmas Hair Bows? Here's Some Amazing Ideas!
how to make a Santa hair bow

Santa instructions

Let’s move on to this DIY Christmas hair bows instruction. Cut a long, thick ribbon strip before tying into the bow. Cut two black felt pieces into the boot shapes, and use hot glue to attach this footwear. Then, attach a square of scrapbook paper to the bow’s center as a belt buckle. Be sure the paper is sparkly. You can choose to add cotton or furry fabric on the Santa boots’ top for the most fantastic look.

The bottom lines

Above are all that Laylahair wants to share with you about Christmas hair bows. Hopefully, this blog post could help you come up with a great idea to decorate yourself for the upcoming Xmas.

For any interest in hair extensions and wigs for Christmas, feel free to call or text us via our hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) at any time. We appreciate it.

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