Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions For Short Hair

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Hello, everybody! Today, I will come back with interesting knowledge about hair. Hey, girls! The summer is coming. You need active hairstyle, but you have thinning hair.

However, the hot weather makes you not think that you will wear a full Human Hair Extensions!!! The best choice is Clip in ponytail human hair. Why? Let’s find the reason for it.

Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions For Short Hair

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Clip in ponytail human hair

Ponytail hairstyle isn’t strange with girls, especially active and strong girls. It is a popular and simple hairstyle. Many girls enjoy this hairstyle because it is easy to tie and you can yourself tie them but no need helps from another.

Moreover, ponytail hairstyle may make you become younger and more confident. If you are in hot summer, I sure you can’t ignore ponytail hairstyle. Tie your hair neatly at the high position near the top of head or top of the head, you can have a great ponytail hairstyle.

You don’t need to worry about sweat or working under the hot weather but not feel comfortable because ponytail hairstyle makes you feel cooler and more comfortable.

Do you agree with me that: ”the girl owning a thick and long hair is really suitable for ponytail hairstyle”? Nevertheless, not all girls own such hair.

A lot of women is thinning hair, lost hair or alopecia(or patchy hair loss, is a common dermatological condition that affects the scalp region, often influencing the overall well-being of a patient) and they don’t like wearing a full human hair extension, especially in hot summer days.

Wearing hair extension make them mad and feel bad. The effective solution is a clip in ponytail human hair.

What is the clip in ponytail human hair?

Clip in ponytail human hair is entirely back in as an easy, fast fix; from messy-chic to ultra-sleek. Ponytails made of human hair that you can easily attach and remove with the help of handy velcro and a small hidden comb. You can use the ribbon or any type of accessory to hide the joint.

This ponytail human hair can be styled and shaped as you want like bun or braid. It is more perfect for a fuller ponytail than bun or braid. Many famous stars in music and movie often use clip in ponytail human hair to join in big events or perform on the stage such as Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Anne Hathaway, etc.

Because it is made of human hair, this ponytail is extremely natural. Ideal for all hair types, clip-on ponytail extensions can be worn casually in the day making you look adorable and make you look sexy, glamorous and elegant.

If you see the effects of the clip in ponytail human hair, you can own them easily and may make yourself become attractive as a superstar. In another hand, this is simply because you enjoy a thick long ponytail and want to hide your thinning hair.

Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions For Short Hair

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How to use clip in ponytail human hair?

To help you visualize clip in ponytail human hair extension clearly, I will show you how to get a ponytail. Let’s do the following steps to have a perfect clip in ponytail human hair extension.

Firstly, put your hair in a ponytail. Next, stick the built-in comb in under the elastic band of your ponytail. After then, attach the velcro band. Finally, wrap the hair strand around the fastener on the ponytail and secure with a hairpin.

All the above steps aren’t difficult to complete and don’t need a hairstylist in this case. Guarantee that the clip in ponytail human hair extension is attached your natural hair definitely. This design allows you to move strongly but not worry that the ponytail drops.

As the name of them, ponytail human hair is real hair specially developed for hair pieces. The hair can be cut, curled, straightened and styled by using low heat.

The hair is most often originally dark in color and comes predominately from countries in Asia such as Vietnam, Cambodia, India, etc which have high quality and the best hair sources. So, the clip in ponytail human hair has a natural look!

Clip in ponytail human hair care

Now, I will share with you some tips for clip in ponytail human hair care. With styling, your real hair extensions can be cut and styled with low heat to get the length you wish. Heat styling should be done before or after your insert your natural hair piece.

When washing, brush the hair before washing to remove any knots and tangles. You should use a soft hairbrush, start at the tips and work your way up in sections.

Next, rinse the hair in lukewarm water, use only conditioner or treatment, do not rub.

Then, rinse again. Ultimately, leave the hair to dry naturally. An advice for you:”The less you wash and style your hairpiece, the longer it will last”.

Convenient – easily applying – young and active – glamorous and elegant – hiding thinning hair perfectly – these are all when telling about clip in ponytail human hair. You can find out them in the online shops easily!

Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions For Short Hair
How to use clip in ponytail human hair

Clip in ponytail hair extensions

Ponytail hair is one of the most popular hairstyle trends in recent years. In other words, ponytail has never been old-fashioned. Why? It can make you become young and active or even glamorous and elegant. If you have thick and long hair, you can make a ponytail easily.

How to make a ponytail if you have thin and short hair? Don’t worry because there are clips in ponytail hair extension. Clip-in ponytail hair is available whether in the salon or online shop, so you can buy them conveniently. They are easy to attach and operate. You can do it yourself simply.

Hereafter, I will show you how to make a ponytail with clip-in hair extensions.

  • Step 1

Choose clip in ponytail hair extension in the length you desire, making sure that the color and texture closely accord with your own hair.

Next, you need to prepare your clip-in and use a wide tooth brush to brush them. Then here some ways to make a ponytail for different hair condition(I will tell about it in the following paragraphs). Therefore, you observe your hair condition first, then make the ponytail basing on your hair condition.

  • Step 2

If you are a girl having a short and thin hair, you may need more clip-in ponytail hair extension to finish your ponytail perfectly.

Split your hair, pulling a small part in the middle of your hair from back to make a small ponytail and clip the clip-in around your small ponytail until the base of your ponytail is surrounded and covered. Clip your extension tied carefully, it is the key to making a good looking ponytail.

If not, the clip-in will drop with ease, it is really bad if this happens. After all, clip-in is attached, pull all your hair left down to hide the clip-in, and then use a ribbon to tie your hair and clip-in.

  • Step 3

If your hair is full and long, you can make a ponytail use the following way. Brush and make sure your hair here is not tangled. Firstly, pull up all your hair to make a ponytail.

Then, control wispy sideboard or shorter hair around your face or nape by using gel or spray that may escape the elastic. Next, you need to hook the clip into the base of your ponytail, take a small section of your hair and wrap around until the velcro is attached, and continue to wrap your hair to hide the base of your ponytail.

Don’t attach the ponytail too tightly, if not, you can damage your own natural hair, which may be helpful to change the position of the ponytail from time to time. You can wear it higher or lower so as to give different areas of your hair a reminder.

Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions For Short Hair

As I have said in the above paragraph, I will show you three ways how to use clip-in ponytail hair extension with three ponytail hairstyles. Change with different hairstyle every day instead of the only boring hairstyle.

  1. Long ponytail romance

A glamorous and graceful way to wear your ponytail, ideal for any type of occasion. This style can be completed in just a few minutes.

You can use the usual clip extensions(only need 3-4 wefts clips, you will do). This is what you need to do: tie your hair with a low ponytail; then cut the wefts one by one around it.

You can section your hair in any way you want. Cut the first weft as close as possible to the elastic band in order that you can have plenty of room for remaining wefts. Tighten the clips and hold the ponytail tight by using a ribbon.

After finishing the above steps, you can now start creating soft curls with your ponytail. Softly brush it off afterward.

  1. High styling hairstyles

If you want to be like Ariana Grande, this fun, the sexy and stylish hairstyle is for you. You need to create a ponytail on the top of your head.

Take a weft and clamp it around the base of your ponytail near the elastic band. With other wefts, do the same. Then, make it a point to tighten all the clips.

Next step, gather all the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. After not worry about everything, smooth your hair and keep any flyaways. To hide the elastic band, you should take a small portion of your hair and wrap it around the base.

  1. The horse’s tail is cluttered

This style is meant to look so messy, basically, you can just play around with it. Split your hair mid-way and then flip it upside down.

You need to leave enough of strands on your neck and use them to cover the later clip wefts. Go on clipping in wefts but this time make it upside down.

In this way, when you gather all your hair into a high ponytail, the clip will not pull your roots. To get that cluttered look, take a few strands of hairs to match your face.

Drag the random part of the ponytail and brush them. Loosen your ponytail a little by pulling at the top of your hair.

Clip in ponytail hair extension is one of the best choices for women who love making beauty now.

Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions For Short Hair

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Clip in ponytail for short hair

For years, women have loved to try different hairstyles.

It seems that there is no limit to the creativity a woman can produce just with her hair. One of the oldest hairstyles to ever exist until now is the ponytail because it has never been outdated. Even this particular hairstyle has been further recreated into multiple styles.

clip in bangs has become easier to make any kind of ponytail regardless of the length and volume of hair you may have. But this is one of the biggest hair problems faced by women around the world.

Some simply just don’t have that the right length and volume to indulge in their favorite hairstyles. But using ponytail hair extensions, such hair problem can be solved.

Our today’s post is specially given to the girls having short hair. I would like to introduce you about clip in a ponytail for short hair.

What is the clip in ponytail for short hair? When it comes to hair extensions, there are many types of extensions(that come with clips, beads, tapes, and glues).

Women can select according to what match them best. With ponytail extensions, one can make specific and creative ponytail hairstyles.

It is not just simply use ponytail extensions to add the required volume and length to your ponytail. This specifical design is the same as hair pieces that look like a ponytail so they easily fit onto a natural ponytail.

Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Apply clip in ponytail for short hair before and after

I will show you how to apply clip-in ponytail for short hair:

  1. Brush through your hair and make sure there is absolutely no tangle. Once you finish detangling, start to put your hair back into a high ponytail. You can do it as high or as low as you would like.
  2. Then, take your wax and put that on your edges in order that your ponytail looks very slick.
  3. Take a paddle brush and brush through that to make sure there are no bumps in your ponytail. Put 2 elastic rubber bands to make your ponytail.
  4. Select the most suitable ponytail hair extension for yourself(both length and color). Take some of those and clip them together to create a long strand of hair.
  5. Clip it in your ponytail and start to wrap that hair all around.
  6. Once you’re halfway done wrapping it, put a bobby pin to secure it and keep wrapping. The more bobby pins that you put, the more secure that your ponytail will be
  7. After finishing, you take the last clip and clip it right behind your ponytail. Then I take a piece of hair from your ponytail(about an inch wide) and wrap that around where I wrapped the extensions to hide the clips in ponytail extension.

Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Hey girls owning a short hair, you should know the benefits of the clip in a ponytail for short hair:

  • Quality: The ponytail hair extension feels softer and silkier than the full hair extensions. It also looks thicker and prettier in my opinion. But both of them are made of virgin Remy human hair, so the quality must be very good.
  • Price: The clip-in ponytail is cheaper than most sets of (good quality) full extensions.
  • Using with ease: Clipping one ponytail around your own ponytail is a bit easier and faster than adding multiple rows of extensions and then putting all of that into a ponytail.
  • Comfort: This is much more comfortable for me to wear than full clip-ins, especially in hot weather because a pony is lighter and neater than full hair.

If telling about different ponytail hairstyles, I don’t think I will tell all. Despite your short hair, clip in a ponytail for short hair can help you create diverse pony hairstyle or depending on your hobby! Let me suggest some of the popular ponytail trends today:

  1. The Low- Slung Ponytail

It’s flexible makes it the perfect ponytail for any occasion. Whether it’s a lazy day in the house or a sleek look for the evening, the low-slung ponytail can take you from sleep to luxurious event immediately.

Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions For Short Hair

  1. The Glamorous Ponytail

Its soft curls make the perfect ponytail for a night out. Simply tie the hair back into a high ponytail and curl the ends by using the heat tools. You should use hairspray for lustrous shine and add a twinkle embellished jewel clip to become attractive.

Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions For Short Hair

The bubble clip in ponytail hair extensions

  1. The Bubble Ponytail

No other ponytail is as fun as the bubble one! It’s the perfect ponytail for adding a bit of quirkiness to your hairstyle without being too wild and make you become cuter and younger. Moreover, it’s extremely easy to do.

Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions For Short Hair

  1. The Wrap-Around Ponytail

It is also a high ponytail hairstyle. The wrap around ponytail add amounts of volume and body to your natural hair and hides a multitude of sins and bobby pins. Although it may seem like a lazy girl’s hairstyle, it sure looks great!

Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions For Short Hair

To sum up

Are you satisfied with this post about clip in a ponytail for short hair? I hope it will be useful to you. Are you ready to change yourself with ponytail hairstyle?

Let’s follow our blogs to know the newest trend of hairstyle.

Thank you so much for your concern!


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