Detangle Hair Extensions – What The In-Crowd Won’t Tell You?

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Have you ever got tangled with your hair extension or even the case your natural hair got jam after using hair extensions? You may have tried best to deal with this problem but some may feel hopeless because of no way work. Laylahair knows your problem so well so today we decide to share with you some basic steps and tips to detangle hair extensions.

How to wash and detangle hair extensions?

How to wash correctly?

Shampoo Your Hair

First, wet your hair extensions. When your hair is damp, it is easy for you to detangle hair extensions without the fear of shedding and damaging. Let use a mild shampoo then wash with warm water and clean your hair well to make sure no foam left on the hair.

Detangle Hair Extensions - What The In-Crowd Won't Tell You?
use sulfate-free shampoo

– If you got the natural hair extensions, use the shampoo which is free of alcohol, sulfate and designed for color-safe

– If you got synthetic hair extensions, make use of mild shampoo or the particular shampoo for synthetic hair. In case the synthetic extensions are low quality, just pay for a new one because detangling them may ruin and make them worse.

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Use a Hair Extension Detangling Conditioner

If you apply conditioner, it will be much easier for you you to detangle hair extensions. Massage the extensions with the conditioner then clean them well with warm or cool water.

– Both natural and synthetic extensions can use a detangling conditioner. Particularly, the extensions with curly and wavy are treated well with these conditioners.

Detangle Hair Extensions - What The In-Crowd Won't Tell You?
use a detangling hair conditioner

– In case your extensions are straight or not too frizzy, a normal conditioner can be used.

– You can apply the detangling conditioner directly by wetting your hair with spray.

How to detangle hair extensions correctly?

– If you attempt to detangle your hair extensions in one giant mass, both your hair extensions and your natural hair can be damaged severely. Before detangling your extension, section your natural hair away from the extension to make sure it causes no breakage.

– Then part your hair extensions into small sections, so you can one by one deal with each tangled area and not affect another one. This way will lessen the chance of tugging or pulling out.

Detangle Hair Extensions - What The In-Crowd Won't Tell You?
comb the hair extensions from the bottom and slowly move

That is for hair extensions in general, which are sewn or glued in types. If your extensions are clip-in. We have some other specific tips on how to detangle clip in hair extensions for you.

– Gently slip your natural hair away out of the clips of your clip in hair extensions. This step is similar to the one in general ways.

– Observe thoroughly your clip in hair extensions to figure out any tangles and knots.

– Spray the tangles that you have found with a small amount of water or use detangling products formulated for clip in hair extensions. Next, make use of a small toothed comb to gently and gradually detangle every individual hair strands.

How to detangle hair after extensions?

After some ways to detangle hair extensions, we will share with you the method on how to detangle matted hair after extensions. These steps can be used to detangle hair after removing braid extensions as well.

– Dry and clean your hair first. That is the key point. It is different when you do with hair extension. Because when you let your hair wet or use conditioner before detangling, it will make your hair strain and tighten. In this case, your hair strands become more tiny and matted. Therefore, make sure that your hair has been rinsed out well and dry evenly before detangling.

Detangle Hair Extensions - What The In-Crowd Won't Tell You?
detangle your hair after extensions

– The next step is the same as one has mentioned above. Let’s part your hair into a small group. Start detangling one by one, after the finish at one tangled knots, find others and do the same. Avoid detangling on a big mass of hair.

– After one section is detangle, to prevent re-tangling you can carefully spray a little amount of water to wet the hair and keep it out of the tangled path.

How to Prevent Tangled Extensions? 

To prevent Tangled Extensions, you can refer to some methods we mention next.

Use a Soft Bristle Brush

To protect your hair extensions or your natural hair from tangling, you should brush it frequently. Let comb your hair through with a natural bristle brush before and after each use of hair extensions.

If you have glued or sewn in hair extension, comb your hair extensions and your natural hair about 2 or 3 times per day to prevent pre-tangling.

Detangle Hair Extensions - What The In-Crowd Won't Tell You?
braid your hair extensions

Braid Your Hair Extensions

The long hair extensions are more likely to get matted or tangled. And the easiest way to avoid it is to braid them. In case your hair extensions are sewn in or glue into hair, just braid them and your hair together. If you get clip in hair extension, remove it from your natural hair then braid the extensions for storage.

You can try any type of braid since it all works well on prevent tangling but 3-strand braid is more commonly

Use the Natural-based Products

– Do not use any products with chemicals. You might use styling products usually but it will contain alcohol which is not good for your hair.

Detangle Hair Extensions - What The In-Crowd Won't Tell You?
use organic hair care products

– If your hair extensions are made of 100% human hair, you can utilize the same products that you often use for your natural hair. But to avoid tangling, it is better to not use alcohol-based products. Since it will make your hair drier and easy to tangle. Especially Synthetic hair extensions, it is more likely to get matted with alcohol products. Therefore, stop using them.

Make Use of Light Oil

– When your hair extensions are soft and smooth, they may have no chance to tangle. Hence, moisture your hair extension is crucial. Apply an appropriate amount of light oil such as Argan, coconut, castor, olive, and jojoba oils and massage your hair extensions with it regularly will hydrate them well.

– If you have sewn or glue in extension, use oil every day is a must.

All in all

We know that get tangled is really a concern for any hair extensions users. Hence, we hope that the methods on how to detangle hair extensions we share with you will be useful for all of you.

If you have other problems and you need help, share with use, Layla Hair will try best to help you out.

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