How To Curl Hair Extensions: The Foolproof Strategy!

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Hair extension is a fascinating item that any girl wants to have. Not only at parties but in daily activities such as going to school, going to work, going out, and so on, the use of hair extension will help you to gain new confidence in your smooth, fluffy, and soft hair. In the following article, Layla Hair will step into the way to curl hair extensions to refresh your hairdo. 

After quite a time wearing a straight extension, you feel that you need to update your hair look. You want to dress up a curly hairdo like the lovely girls on movies. Or your curly extensions seem to become straighter after times. In these cases, curling hair is what pops up first in your mind.

That’s why this post is published. The following words from Layla Hair would get you covered with the ways to curl your hair extensions at home in a quick and effective manner.

Can the hair extension be bent?

Surely when using hair extension, girls not only want to create style but also are eager to create forms that represent themselves. And the curling method seems to be quite popular. But can any hair extensions be curled? The answer is no.

You will only perform the curling method with the connecting hair if it is the following two cases:

Human hair extensions

Because of the stamina, the human hair extension is no different from hair from your scalp. So even if done by the method of connection, it will not affect the durability and beauty at all. It also gives you admiration for being too honest and attractive.

How To Curl Hair Extensions: The Foolproof Strategy!
Curly human hair extensions

Virgin hair extensions are the easiest for you to style. Wig wearers can freely turn the extensions into any styles you want, without worrying it would not blend well with your hair. It is less likely to be damaged, also.

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Artificial silk hair extension

As a hair-hooked believer, you’ve probably heard about Korean silk thread and Japanese silk. These are two lines of synthetic wigs that are equally resistant to natural hair. So you can freely implement the bending method. However, the human hair extension is famous for its beauty and durability, so it is an excellent choice for curling your hair extension.

As a useful note, if you perform hair curling with these hair extensions above, you should apply for the medicine away from the joint to avoid the impact of the machine, the roll makes the joint broken, sprung, and tangled.

How to curl hair extensions with a curling wand?

You have a straight wig, but are wondering what to do to refresh your hair? Or your curly hair bobbing after a while of using curls that are no longer in the original style, slapping is a necessary thing. So, we will introduce the simple how to curl hair extensions, especially how to curly hair extension clip-in at home.

How To Curl Hair Extensions: The Foolproof Strategy!
use a curling wand to curl hair extensions
  • Before curling your hair, you must smooth your hair extension so that the strands of hair are even and not tangled.
  • Divide the hair into small curls to bend.
  • Take small sections of hair curls and use a flat brush and a curling machine. Then, wait for the hair to heat up, release the hair, and hold the curls in hand. However, you should remember to wait for the hair to cool down then release it to maintain the structure of the curls. Do the same with the other curls and finish with a new hairstyle.
  • After finishing curling the wig, you should remember to apply the spray to keep the carpet in place.

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How to curl hair extensions without heat

Besides affecting the way to curl your hair extension by heat, you can also refer to how to curl hair extensions without heat to protect your hair.

How To Curl Hair Extensions: The Foolproof Strategy!
make curly hair with headbands

Use hair headband

The headband, which is to keep hair neat when you take a bath or skin care, now has a new task – curling. The way to do it is straightforward; you take each piece of moderate hair, wrap it around the headband and sleep soundly. So when you wake up, your hair would become curly and floating.

Curl hair extensions with a straw

How To Curl Hair Extensions: The Foolproof Strategy!
Curl hair with a straw

This way requires you to do more steps than other methods. Despite the ambiguity, it offers naughty curly hair with a retro breath, which is extremely outstanding and exciting. The first thing you need to do is to prepare a small wrap and a small rubber band. After washing your hair, you can apply the gel to hold the folds first, then wrap each strand of hair around the straw, fold it together and fix it with a rubber band, so that the night after, you have the extreme hair “quality ” already!

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Curl hair with bottles and dryer

This curling tip is making a fuss on social media, and when applied, the girls will be amazed at the ability to turn into curly hair in the blink of an eye. All you need to prepare is an empty plastic bottle, cut off the head and cut a rectangle that fits into the dryer. After all, you kept putting each strand of their hair in, drying for about ten seconds. Then, their curly hair will flutter and feminine.

How To Curl Hair Extensions: The Foolproof Strategy!
Curl hair with bottles and dryer

Tips for how to curl hair extensions at home

To have beautiful and attractive hair after curling, you should read these useful tips below carefully.

You should remember that this is a wig, not a real hair, so you need to choose the right bending temperature or your hair will quickly deteriorate. Usually, the highest temperature resistant wig is 220 degrees Celsius.

How To Curl Hair Extensions: The Foolproof Strategy!
regular hair spray to take care of your wigs

Wigs that are deemed to be dead hair cannot absorb nutrients, so regular hair spray is required to protect the hair, making it smooth.

Before curling your hair extension, you should clean your hair carefully to prevent bacteria from arising, affecting your real hair.

Hope that after the post you will have more useful information about how to curl hair extensions at home. Now you can definitely turn your hair into an attractive curly style without having to go to any hair salon. It is cost-saving and does not take much time, also. 

Don’t forget to look at our website to get more information about hair extension product as well as the way to take care of it.

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