Learn Exactly How I Improved Curly Black Girl Hair In 10 Minutes

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Many people have textured hair prone to heat damage as well as drying out. Meanwhile, various popular methods of curling don’t consider it. They fail to work on black hair, making it frizzy, or damaging it. Luckily, you can make curly black girl hair.

How much effort does it take? It depends on whether your hair has been chemically relaxed or straightened. Or is it naturally curly?

Aside from getting some packs of curly hair extensions to immediately make your hair curly, there are other ways to achieve this hairdo. Below we have listed three amazing ways you can consider applying. 

Use gel to bring out curly black girl hair

Step 1: Use a shampoo and conditioner to wash the hair. As soon as you finish cleaning your hair, rely on a wide-toothed comb to comb it. Starting from the ends.

  • This way works best for the black girl with curly hair that is natural. It doesn’t suit relaxed or braids hair.
Learn Exactly How I Improved Curly Black Girl Hair In 10 Minutes
make curly hair with gels

Step 2: Add a styling gel to sections of your hair. The gel should be something that brings out curls. If necessary, distribute the gel by running a wide-toothed comb through the hair.

  • Pay more attention to the mid-lengths and ends. When you get closer to the roots, you should use less product. 

Step 3: Use a comb to stretch your hair. Don’t forget to start from the back. Get your hands on a thin section of your hair from the head’s back. Run a comb with medium teeth through the section. To do so, you should start at the roots and finish at the ends. Make your hair longer and your curls smoother by pulling the strand firmly enough.

  • Repeat the process for your hair’s rest. Begin in your head’s back and finish in the front.

Step 4: Set your style fast by drying your hair under a dryer. How long should you sit under the dryer? It has to do with how thick your hair.

  • If you want to part the hair in a particular way, make the part before sitting under the dryer.

Step 5: Whenever you wash the hair to maintain that style, repeat the process.     

  • Advisably, don’t wash your hair more than once each week. 

Use Flexi Rods to Get Curly Black Girl Hair

Step 1: Begin with dry, detangled hair. If you plan to transition from relaxed to natural hair, this way works. Because the curls help conceal the texture difference. Also, it may work on micro box braids and relaxed hair.

  • If your hair is long, part it into four sections. Two is on the top, and two on the bottom. Use a hair clip to secure each section.
Learn Exactly How I Improved Curly Black Girl Hair In 10 Minutes
section hair into small parts

Step 2: Use water to mist a 2.5 cm (1 in) section of the hair. Grab a hair section from your head’s top. Dampen it by applying enough water. Rely on a bristle brush to smooth the hair down.

  • If you start with micro or box braids, don’t get the hair wet. Grab some braids instead and be ready for the next step.

Step 3: Wrap your hair around a rod. After that, bend your hair ends inward. Put the end against a rod’s middle. Wrap the hair around the rod until getting to the roots. Secure it by folding the rod’s ends inward.

  • If you curl braids, stop when being halfway up the braid. 
  • The Flexi rods have different sizes. If the rod is thick, your curl will be large. 
Learn Exactly How I Improved Curly Black Girl Hair In 10 Minutes
use flexi rod to form curls

Step 4: Repeat the process all over the head.

Step 5: Let the hair air-dry. In case you do not have enough time, it’s OK to use a dryer with a hair diffuser on it. 

Step 6: As soon as the hair is completely dry, remove the rods. Make sure your hair isn’t wet any more; otherwise, your curls won’t stay set. 

  • For more volume, you comb through the hair with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. This idea is great for relaxed hair, but not for braided hair.

Step 7: Repeat the process when you wash your hair for that curly black girl hair maintenance. 

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How to Care for Natural Curls

Step 1: Use lukewarm to cool water to wash your hair. The frequency of washing the hair depends on how fast it becomes greasy. It should be from 3 to 10 days.

  • Make sure you don’t lean forward when rising your hair. The hair will become tangled and frizzy if you straighten back up. Instead, stand upright and tilt the head back under running water.
Learn Exactly How I Improved Curly Black Girl Hair In 10 Minutes
use lukewarm water

Step 2: Use shampoo, conditioner as well as a deep conditioner to moisturize the hair. Keep in mind that hair oil helps lock in moisture. If the moisture is inadequate, your hair will eventually look greasy. To get soft, lustrous curls, wash the hair with a shampoo and conditioner rich in moisture.

  • Switch out the regular conditioner for a deep conditioner each 1 to 2 weeks,

Step 3: When your hair is wet, don’t mess with it. Otherwise, you will possibly break up the curly black girl hair pattern, which causes frizz.

Learn Exactly How I Improved Curly Black Girl Hair In 10 Minutes
use specialized shampoo and conditioner for curly hair

Step 4: When the hair is wet, apply oil-free products. Use a T-shirt to pat it dry. Then, apply your desired care items (leave-in conditioners, etc.) while the hair is still wet.

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Step 5: Use a diffuser or let your hair air-dry. Be sure you don’t use a hairdryer and call it a day because it will cause dryness and frizz. 

  • Never pat your hair dry with a towel, as it will lead to frizz.

Step 6: Choose a haircut which enhances the curls – for example, layered cut.

  • While thinning may suit some types of curls, it may not work for others. For the best, ask your stylist for his/ her opinion.
Learn Exactly How I Improved Curly Black Girl Hair In 10 Minutes
it’s better to use natural hair care products

Step 7: Use quality products. Cheap items may include harsh, drying ingredients which tend to leave your hair frizzy instead of being curly.

  • When picking oils, consider lightweight, natural oils. They may be coconut, argan, jojoba, and grapeseed.

In Short

Many times we receive requests from those who want to know how to make curly black girl hair. They are looking for something more sophisticated and fashionable. Indeed, there are some ways for you to achieve that look. You can refer to the best methods mentioned above.

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