The Little-Known Secrets To Custom Wigs For Cancer Patients

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It is undoubtedly that hair loss is a nightmare for most of us. It happens because of different reasons, and one of the top causes in this list is due to chemo sessions. Chemo patients have to prepare themselves to treat cancer and accept the change of appearance, especially their hair. Most chemo patients don’t want anybody to know and see they are losing their hair, a wig may be the answer. Custom wigs for cancer patients help them feel more confident and find fun in their lives. 

About custom made wigs for cancer patients

Most wigs are designed for those with thinning hair, baldness, or total hair loss. Like traditional hair systems, wigs for cancer patients can be dyed and styled to match any natural hair shade. Also, they are parted in any direction you desire and applied very securely. When you experience severe or total hair loss after chemotherapy or radiation therapy, you should buy a wig to hide defects on your head. Customized wigs match the wearers perfectly that make them feel like they are wearing their natural locks. Also, the hair for cancer patients Layla Hair provides, give a better fit in size, length as well as texture. We customize and adjust the hair wig according to the patient’s needs. 

The Little-Known Secrets To Custom Wigs For Cancer Patients
custom-made wigs for cancer patients

Cancer patients always find wigs for medical that cannot be spotted. The invisible and lightweight wigs for cancer patients feature a natural hairline and undetectable. It provides wearers a smooth and comfortable feeling as well as a better wearing experience. You should wear a customized wig blending your color, so that the hair looks like your original hair used to be. The wig helps wearers feel more confident about how they look, without worrying that someone detects that the hair is not yours. 

Recommendation for custom wigs for cancer patients

Here’re some favorite wigs for cancer patients that can be customized accordingly to their needs:

– Full wigs: If you are in the hair market to find wigs for teenage cancer patients, then full lace wigs are a great option to achieve thicker hair look. This hair covers your entire head and most hair strands are hand-knotted onto the base material. Also, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear in the summertime. Whether you suffer from total hair loss, a full wig still brings you a realistic look as long as you attach it properly.

– Closure lace wigs: This is the real friendly wigs for chemo patients. A piece of lace closure is used at the front and the rest part is lace material, so it offers a full hairline and enough baby hair. Plus, closure wigs have professional cap design; hence, the shape and size will suit the majority of wearers. 

The Little-Known Secrets To Custom Wigs For Cancer Patients
types of wigs

– Frontal lace wigs: This is among the most extremely popular for wig wearers as it provides a natural hairline in front. People say that this type of hair comes out of the box ready to wear. You can choose curly wigs for cancer patients if you would like a fashionable hairstyle. The hair is measured and customized to suit you best. Once applied, it creates an illusion that the hair grows directly from your scalp. 

– 360 lace wigs: Basically, it is a type of full wigs. But it has a bigger parting space, allowing a more natural hair appearance. A pre-plucked hairline gives a natural realistic feeling. Just like other custom wigs for cancer patients, 360 wigs help people feel more self-confident. 


Before you buy custom wigs

Discuss your doctor

Ask your doctor before purchasing a custom wig. Discuss with him whether you can wear a wig or not. Often, human hair wigs are acceptable as they are safe to apply on the scalp. The custom hair is made by raw human hair strands and knotted meticulously to avoid the hair shedding. 

Consult your hairstylist

After finding a reliable place to buy custom wigs for cancer patients, you can call the seller and make an appointment. Let the seller know what hair you need first. Or you can ask the hairstylist which one suits you best. He/she is a great resource who may be able to give you some suggestions relating to types of medical wigs, hairstyles, and so on. Once you purchased the hair, you can ask him/her to cut or style it to fit your facial shape and preference.

The Little-Known Secrets To Custom Wigs For Cancer Patients
consult the hairstylist to find a suitable wig

Decide the hairstyle

It would be better if chemo patients choose a short haircut to wear. The short cut is easy to wear and requires no more maintenance. Also, short hair wigs are lightweight and make less of a mess when wearing. 

Where to buy wigs for cancer patients

Wherever you go, the place you buy hair wigs should be a trustworthy address. And you may feel comfortable and like the hair quality. Make a phone call to make sure that the hair seller specializes in making wigs and provide the best products, as well. Also, they offer a variety of options for you to choose from. Find a place and ask them whether you can return the hair for reasons. Have you found it yet? Come to Layla Hair now. 

The Little-Known Secrets To Custom Wigs For Cancer Patients
wigs for cancer patients at Laylahair

You can shop for a custom wig online and offline for chemo patients. The hair we sell will create fun for patients as it is made of real hair and can be styled as you want. We guarantee that our wigs are safe to directly apply on the scalp without causing any irritation. To place custom wigs for cancer patients, please leave your head size, hair length, and style of the hair you want to be. We will customize it according to your requirements. Shop hair at Layla, it is easy! Plus, we ship hair cross the world. You can receive the package that you ordered within 2-3 days.

To conclude

Of course, choose a hair wig is up to you. We hope that this post gives you deeper insight into custom wigs for cancer patients. Also, we do hope cancer patients have hours of joy with a new and thick hair look.

To get in touch with us, you can send us an email or simply call +84 989 633 424 (WhatsApp) to get some friendly advice. For more tips & informative content about the hair wigs and extensions, please follow our website. 

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