6 Untold Secrets On Thinning Hair Treatment Nobody Will Tell You About

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Have you been going through thinning hair? You are not alone. Both women and men possibly face this issue. The good news is, there is thinning hair treatment. Read on below right now if you desire to learn the cause of that problem and the best ways of tackling it.

Potential thinning hair triggers

The genetics

Have your father or mother suffered from hair loss? It does not always mean the cause of your hair concern. On the other hand, there are chances for it. According to studies, experiencing a thin head of hair indeed have some relations with genetics. It may happen during your late teens or later in your 50s.

6 Untold Secrets On Thinning Hair Treatment Nobody Will Tell You About
there are several factors contributing to thinning hair and hair loss


Stress is likely to cause hair to fall out. But low chances are, your hair problem will stop when you decrease stress. Thin hair commonly results from severe illnesses, childbirth, and other physical strains.


They can be birth control pills. Be sure you ask your doctor whether you have any androgen sensitivity.


Some possible reasons include pregnancy, protein lack, vitamin A excess, anemia, autoimmune disorders, hair over-processing, noticeable weight loss, and thyroid disease.


Thinning hair treatment through hair transplant surgery

It may be one of the most effective and fastest methods. Still, you should think about this surgery carefully. It has to do with how much your bio hair is remaining. Also, it can be costly. Consider the recovery process as well. Make sure you discuss options as well as fees with your doctor. 

Medications for hair thinning treatment

Both female and male are eager to find out a useful medication for their hair problem. Below are some of the best recommendations that may interest you.

Rogaine (Minoxidil)

It is popular for being a medical antihypertensive vasodilator. Rogaine helps raise the scalp’s blood circulation.

6 Untold Secrets On Thinning Hair Treatment Nobody Will Tell You About
take in more vitamins

Pronexa hair growing vitamins 

According to customer reports, their locks become thicker and healthier after using this one. It can tackle deficiencies of vitamins, particularly vitamins for growing tresses. These include vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, A, and E, phosphorus, calcium, niacin, magnesium,  biotin, zinc, to name a few.

Nutrafol supplement for thinning edges

Another fantastic thinning hair treatment? There are nutraceutical ingredients in Nutrafol. They help fix and vitalize the follicles with damage, diminish hair shedding as well as increase the speed of hair growth.

The best scalp treatment products

Here are some practically effective items you can try. Bear in mind that they are not something magical and will not make your hair thicker overnight. There need care and patience.

Nourish Beaute Shampoo and Vitamins Conditioner

They are a useful combo for your hair growth and further hair falling prevention. You will love their restoration organic botanicals and ingredients – for example, keratin, argan oil, jojoba, and biotin. 

6 Untold Secrets On Thinning Hair Treatment Nobody Will Tell You About
scalp treatment products

Boldify Spray for Hair Thickening

Sprays are another fantastic choice. On one hand, these items are not suitable for those who suffer from alopecia. On the other hand, they work on thin tresses in need of certain volumization. This product does not have harmful chemicals, additionally.

Ultrax Labs Serum for Hair Plush Thickening 

It may play a part in your journey of thinning hair treatment. This serum comes with the caffeine cutting-edge technology which works to reduce hair loss and make your hair fuller. It also contains keratin, peppermint oil, and biotin. 

Caps and helmets

These devices are simple to use, effective, and safe. Plus, both women and men can use them. As a bonus, they are an economical investment. Here are some suggestions for you.

Grivamax Laser Cap for Hair Growth 

There are more than 250 lasers in this item. It gives a generous coverage. You can see the results in 15-25 weeks.

6 Untold Secrets On Thinning Hair Treatment Nobody Will Tell You About
Laser System for Hair Growth from IRestore

Laser System for Hair Growth from IRestore 

Reportedly, those who used this helmet actively enjoyed thicker hair (more than 40% in hair count increase). There are over 20 medical-grade lasers and as many as 30 LEDs in the system. The noticeable improvements are around 3 months or half a year.

Hair Growth Hat by Theradome 

It has up to 80 lasers. Your hair may get shinier and more manageable in only 18 weeks.

Home remedies

What is the best treatment for thinning hair? You should also count the DIY ways in the list. They are good for increasing sheen and volume.


They provide rich proteins for your hair. You can also use one raw egg with the solution of hair oil and water. Apply this mixture into your scalp weekly.

6 Untold Secrets On Thinning Hair Treatment Nobody Will Tell You About
home remedies for thinning hair

Olive oil

It is an excellent addition of the volume to your hair. Also, it is capable of making your locks stronger.

Fenugreek seeds

As per research, these seeds can save your scalp from dryness. Grind them. Then, apply the paste to your hair.

Indian gooseberry

It is useful for hair growth and scalp health. You can mix it with coconut oil. You are advised to heat this combo up to the boiling degree. It can stay on the skin covering the head overnight. Be sure you shampoo it the next morning,

Hair extensions

Do not hesitate to go with the extensions. They attach under your hair’s top layer, thus volumizing it. Below are some of the most common types.

Clip-in extensions

You will not get enough of how easy they are to use. Also, their price is affordable. The customizability is high for the most realistic appearance possible.

6 Untold Secrets On Thinning Hair Treatment Nobody Will Tell You About
hair extensions for fine hair


These extensions will tape into the scalp as well as becoming easy and soft on the natural hair. They are durable as well. Their styling choices seem endless. Also, these extensions are reusable.

Sew-in weave extensions

It is another impressive system for thinning hair treatment. You will like their longevity. You also will not have to worry about the possibility of falling out when you rely on oil-based products. Not all, they work to boost your hair growth. Feel free to try out different styles on the sew-in hair. Meanwhile, your bio hair that grows in cornrows will not have problems with styling products and tools. 

Above are all that Laylahair wants to share about thinning hair treatments. Hope that with these remedies, you could regain your voluminous hair.

Feel free to leave your inquiries via our hotline at any time to get support!

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