The Best Treatment For Damaged Hair Nobody Ever Tells You

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Keep your tresses stay healthy is difficult, maintain a beautiful hair is more difficult. It’s hard to avoid dry and damaged hair when you style your mane with chemicals and hot styling tools. The hair strand has 3 layers, medulla, cortex, and cuticle. The medulla is the inner layer, the cortex one is in the middle, and the outer one is cuticles. All chemicals and other factors such as pollution, the sun, etc. contribute to damage hair strands. 

It’s heartbreaking when you have to shear your hair because it is brittle and damaged. How can you do to switch up your lifeless tresses? Is there any useful damaged hair treatment to cure my mane? You will be happy to hear that there are still ways to repair dry and frizzy hair. Follow our words to do protect and revive your natural locks.

How can the hair strands become damaged?

Your hair can be damaged for multiple causes. Environment factor is the most common reason. For example, the dust can tangle and dry hair strands around themself. This makes the outer layer – cuticles scrape off. Also, the sun’s UV rays will burn strands. That’s why you should cover your hair before going out. 

In addition, the heated tools can weaken and break down the structure of the hair. Pollution may build up on the strands, causing it to dry and snap. If you dye and bleach your fibers too much without moisturizing, you also experience damaged strands. The chemicals in the hair dye will lower the fiber in hair cuticles, the natural hair color and structure will be weakened and changed. It will result in splitting hair ends and breakage

The Best Treatment For Damaged Hair Nobody Ever Tells You
damaged hair strands

Signs of damaged hair:

– Rough texture

– Split ends and breakage

– Dulled shine

– High porosity

– Lack of elasticity

– Too many tangles and knots

The reasons for damaged hair

Before looking for how to repair damaged hair, you should know the main culprits causing this hair problem.  

Over-coloring and bleaching

When you apply hair dyes and bleach onto your hair, it means that you force the hair cuticles open to remove pigment from natural locks. The chemical processes damage cuticles and the hair prone to breaking and split ends. Especially, permanent hair dyes do the most damage to tresses. Your hair becomes worse if you apply heat to your colored hair. Don’t skip the conditioner as you need it to add moisture to your treated hair. This hair problem can last 2 months if you find out the best hair treatment and follow it properly. 

The Best Treatment For Damaged Hair Nobody Ever Tells You
bleaching severely damages your hair

Styling hair

Damaged hair appears when you over-heat the hair. You curl your mane to get a nice and fashionable look, but the process will weaken the hair permanently. If you don’t apply a heat protectant before styling, we can’t imagine how your tresses will be. Don’t surprise when your hair becomes weaker and weaker if you use heat tools every day. Remember, give your tresses a break time to breathe and recover. You can choose to wear a wig or hairpiece instead of styling your natural locks. 

Other chemical processes (perms and relaxers) also change your hair structure. Relaxing, for example, turn your curly hair into straight, and it uses chemicals to do the process. It significantly damages the hair cuticles, results in brittle and dry hair. 



This seems harmless but it really affects negatively your hair. Brushing strands too much cause more friction, leading to knots and breakage. Also, cheap brushes cause some damages because your hair can be caught in the item.  


As we all know, putting too much pressure on the scalp may lead to hair loss. If you always tie the hair in ponytails or braids for a longer time, you can experience permanently damaged hair

Besides, heavy hair accessories result in breakage. 

Besides, wearing heavy hair accessories results in breakage. Tying up tresses when it is wet or damp also causes permanent damage to it.

Unbalanced diet, use wrong products, over-shampooing are other reasons leading to hair breakage.

The Best Treatment For Damaged Hair Nobody Ever Tells You
putting too much pressure on the strands is another cause of hair breakage

How to fix damaged hair?

Below are the hair care tips you should consider:

Identify early and repair damaged hair follicle

Please treat your hair as your child, spend time to care for it. If you see most signs above, it’s time you start taking action to fix natural locks. With the right treating method, it can be nourished and back to health. Remember, the repairing should be done as soon as you notice it is essential. Don’t wait until the damaged area expands because it is difficult to cure. 

Get a trim

If you notice, you will find that women experience damaged hair more than men. Why? Most men wear short hair and they usually get a hair trim. Hence, if your hair ends have a straw-like texture, cut it before you have to restore all your tresses. Sometimes, this useful tip is enough to sort out of dryness and revive your strands. Style your hair by trimming with layers. Go to a hair salon and get the barber to cut your mane. 

The Best Treatment For Damaged Hair Nobody Ever Tells You
shampoo and condition hair with the best shampoo and hair oil

Use the best shampoo for damaged hair

When mentioning to shampoos, choose products that are natural-formulated and chemical-free. Combine shampoo with conditioner to get the best effect. Select shampoos with natural ingredients and deep hair mask for damaged hair, do protect hair at home. 

How to repair severely chemically damaged hair with oil

Natural oils are considered as a protective barrier around the cuticle and nourish hair strands. 

Olive oil is among the best hair mask for damaged hair. Apply it on strands frequently to keep it healthy and moistured. You can use coconut oil, aloe vera, and more. as an alternative method. Gently massage your scalp and leave it to stay on for about 1-2 hours. Rinse the hair.

Also, follow a healthy diet, avoid hot styling tools helps you prevent the hair from dry and damaged. 

In conclusion

Layla hopes that you know more useful and interesting information about damaged hair after reading the post. You may know what causes this hair problem and the best treatment for damaged hair. If you are getting a problem with tresses, give one of the above treatments a try. 

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