Are You Struggling With Diffuse Thinning? Let’s Chat

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Baldness and hair loss are unavoidable problems faced by both men and women alike. They are caused by different factors, and diffuse thinning hair is no different. 

In this post, we present what diffuse thinning hair is and its signs. And finally, you will learn about some possible treatments to solve this hair problem. 

Are you ready? Let’s get closer to it.

What is diffuse thinning?

Diffuse hair thinning is a term referring to the hair shedding throughout your scalp. It happens evenly across the scalp, is not the same as hair loss happening primarily at the hairline or temples. 

When you have diffuse hair loss, the hair density on the entire head decreases. It makes your mane look thinner, but it’s temporary. If you treat, your hair will regrow, and the problem lasts no more than half of a year. 

This hair problem occurs in both men and women, but the problem in males is more observable than women. Because long hair strands help conceal the appearance of thinning hair in women. 

Are You Struggling With Diffuse Thinning? Let's Chat

What are diffuse thinning causes?

Diffuse thinning naturally happens in cycles, when old hair strands fall out, new hair will replace. There are numerous factors causing a thinned hair appearance on the scalp. For example, the DHT hormone results in diffuse hair thinning male as it shrinks hair follicles, leading to hair shedding. 

Now, get a closer look at the reasons causing diffuse thinning: 

Telogen Effluvium (TE)

This is the most common reason. It happens when your hair starts its telogen phase. For those who don’t know, the telogen is the last phase of the hair growth cycle (including anagen, catagen, and telogen phases). 

– Anagen, known as the active phase, occurs to determine the direction of your strands. All hair follicles are attached to the dermal papilla,  strands grow upwards, and outwards. This phase often takes 2-6 years. 

– Catagen, the transitional phase, in which the hair bulb will detach from the dermal papilla. 

– Telogen starts when hair strands fully detach from the follicles. In the phase, your hair will lose in an active way. Then these strands will be replaced with new ones in anagen. 

But TE causes diffuse thinning when hair strands fall out but new hairs do not appear. 

Emotional stress

Are You Struggling With Diffuse Thinning? Let's Chat
stress might cause diffuse thinning

Believe it or not. Mental stress is responsible for thinning hair without a known cause. Not simple as a feeling, stress has more bad impacts on the body, including the scalp and natural locks. 

A 2017 study indicated that female college students had diffuse hair thinning during the exam period. Stress led to an increase in cytokines, resulting in more hair follicles in the telogen phase. 

Illness and medications

For years, TE is often caused by medications. Antibiotics and hormone therapies are responsible for this hair problem. 

But how does it work? Many say that it depends on the type of medication they are consuming. Some types of hormone replacement drugs change the levels of hormones in the blood, leading to hair loss. 

Is diffuse thinning reversible? Most signs caused by medications are temporary. Your hair will regrow if treated on time. Don’t worry too much!

Other causes result in diffuse hair thinning in women and men:

– Surgery or physical trauma

– Weight change

– Dietary deficiencies

– Health issues, like hormonal changes, thyroids, diabetes, etc.

– Side effects of medications


Signs of diffuse thinning

– Excessive shedding

– Hairline recession

Whilst diffuse thinning seems to be a harmless and slow process, it will affect the way you style hair and your hair look. Hence, try to address it as soon as possible.  

How can I treat diffuse thinning?

Thankfully, this problem lasts no more than 6 months, and you can take medication to treat it. Consider using Finasteride (Propecia), Minoxidil, or shampoos with DHT blocking agents to treat it. The earlier you address diffuse thinning, the more likely you can keep a full head of hair. 

Are You Struggling With Diffuse Thinning? Let's Chat
minoxidil vs finasteride


Depending on your condition, you can use Minoxidil for chronic diffuse thinning treatment. The topical solution is formulated to treat hair loss and hypertension. We recommend this prescribed medication for men with hair problems. 

Also, you can consume oral tablets, and it provides the same effects. The sooner you start using Minoxidil, the better. It takes about 3-4 months before you stop losing your hair and start growing it back faster. For better results, you use about 1.5 ml every morning and night before bed. We believe that it will bring much of your hair back all over the head. 

There are some unwanted effects on medication use. For instance, when you stop taking, hair strands continue to lose. 


Another option is taking Finasteride. Finasteride, known as Propecia, is approved by the FDA and works to promote hair growth. 

How does the drug work? It inhibits the activity of 5α-reductase – an enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to DHT hormone. DHT is the main reason causing hair shedding and baldness.  

Hair transplant

Are You Struggling With Diffuse Thinning? Let's Chat
hair transplant

If you are experiencing a thinning crown, a hair transplant will be effective. Discuss to your surgeon about your hair condition and whether hair transplantation is the best method. 

Hair transplantation provides permanent results, but the cost is quite high. It allows natural locks to regrow strongly in the transplanted area. 

Dietary supplements

Lack of nutrients may result in diffuse hair thinning. Hence, if you don’t provide enough protein and nutrients required proper for hair, please take prescribe dietary supplements. They are created to fulfill the requirement for your hair health.

Try massaging the scalp as a useful thinning hair treatment at home. Doing this can stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles and stretch the dermal papilla, strengthening hair strands. Spend the ten-minute scalp massage every day and you may see hair improvement. Alternatively, get hairstyles for diffuse thinning that mask your thinned-hair appearance.

To learn more about diffuse thinning and hair treatment, visit our dedicated website. We have many interesting writings and advice to share.  

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