Does Pat Sajak Wear A Toupee? Here’s What We Know!

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You may not strange to the name Pat Sajak as he is one of the famous American television figures. He once worked as a weatherman, host television program, and so on. Do you know the Wheel of Fortune TV show? Pat Sajak was the host of this exciting show for decades.   When you type his name into Google, there are tons of suggestions appearing «Does Pat Sajak wear a toupee?» or «Is Pat Sajak really bald?» Are you curious about Pat’s real hair? Dive into our words now to know whether Pat Sajak is bald or not.

About Pat Sajak

The famous American figure

How old is Pat Sajak? Born in 1946 in Chicago, Pat is an excellent television figure and also worked as a former weatherman. Especially, the 73-year-old man is best well-known as the host of the American show Wheel of Fortune for many years. 

In the past, Pat Sajak was a weatherman, He used to serve in the US Army and works as a radio disk jockey in Armed Forces Radio. 

In 1983, Pat Sajak started taking over the position of the main host of Wheel of Fortune, and he quickly attracted a large number of TV viewers. He brought a new atmosphere to this game show and made it more exciting. Audiences around the world love him and the game. His dedication to Wheel of Fortune was paid off in 2019. He was officially awarded the Guinness record for having the longest time working as the MC of a show, 36 years. From 1983, he has witnessed a variety of excellent contestants award-winning. 

Does Pat Sajak Wear A Toupee? Here's What We Know!
who is Pat Sajak

During his famous career, Pat got 2 Daytime Emmy Awards and the People’s Choice Award for the Favorite Daytime TV Host. He also won numerous Emmys. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1994 and his star is located at 6200 Hollywood Boulevard. Nowadays, mentioning the name Pat Sajak, people think about an icon of the TV game show host.

Out of the game show host position, Pat is an actor and private investor, too. He also has his own radio station – WNAV in Maryland, America. 

Pat Sajak’s Net Worth

Over 50 years working in the entertainment industry, Pat Sajak has a net worth of 65 million dollars. He is also listed on the list of the richest game show host. As a host of Wheel of Fortune, he earns an annual salary of $15 million. 


Pat Sajak’s Hair

He is a male celeb, so his private information is concerned more. Many people keep asking questions that «Is Pat Sajak bald?» or «Pat Sajak hair piece is real or not» Let’s find the answer. 

Does Pat Sajak wear a hairpiece or not?

Why do the rumors of Sajak’s baldness appear? In an episode on April 1st, 2008, the host of Wheel of Fortune announced that he had a big secret. At that time, he said that he was wearing a hairpiece on his head. Because Vanna White – his partner did not believe, he allowed her to remove his hairpiece and showed his head with no hair. This made Vanna and audiences completely shocked. They did not think this man had no hair.

Does Pat Sajak Wear A Toupee? Here's What We Know!
Pat Sajak toupee

Since then, the rumors of Pat Sajak no hair always appear on the Internet. Still, audiences think that it is his big April Fool Joke. A person said that his hair looked real, no evidence showed that he did wear wigs before. While another commented his makeup staff completed their jobs perfectly, but he was not bald. Most of the audiences claimed that there was no Pat Sajak fake hair. The image of Pat Sajak no hair might be the script of the show, creating a lot of fun. In fact, the 73-year-old only wore a bald head in this episode of the Wheel of Fortune.  

You wonder does Pat Sajak wear a toupee due to his bald head? No, he isn’t. The makeup staff of the show turned his head into balding by attaching a bald cap on his head. They would cut off all the extra base material. Then continued makeup so that it mimicked a bald scalp well. Finally, he wore a mono hair toupee

Is Pat Sajak hair real?

Pat Sajak age is 73, it is hard to believe that the old man still has a full head of hair. We think that to get a beautiful hair look, the man has to spend a lot of time to take care of and maintain his hair carefully. He always wears brown mix gray hair. 

Just like many other celebrities, Pat Sajak also wants to look his best when public appearing. Many think that he may know exactly how to take care of his mane in order.

Does Pat Sajak Wear A Toupee? Here's What We Know!
Pat Sajak bald

Due to the requirements of the job, many celebrities have to change their hair frequently. It causes hair damage and baldness. Hence, they find different methods to cover their bald spots. They choose to wear a toupee or wig or take hair transplantation to get a perfect hair look. Still, many look better with bald heads, such as Steve Harvey, Jason Statham, and so on. 

To Sum Up

The question «Does Pat Sajak wear a toupee» has always been the talk of the town until now. Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you will know more about the male celebrity, especially his mane. TV viewers and his fans are not concerned too much whether Pat Sajak is bald or not. They love him because of his talent, not appearance. 

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