100 Best Toupee For Men That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2020

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When referring to baldness, the first image that often appears in our mind is thinning hair or no hair areas on the head. It makes someone older and unconfident when exposed to others. At that time, everyone tries many different methods to improve their hair. Have you found the best methods for your baldness? Opt for a hair toupee, and it can hide your hair defects effectively. It is a must-have item for balding men. But do you know what the best toupee for men is? Do you know how to wear a toupee for male? Basically, it is a hairpiece. Wearers use it to get thicker and fuller hair without affecting your existing hair. Dig into our post to learn more about toupe for men.

What Is A Hair Toupee For Men?

Put simply, toupee is a hairpiece and made of different materials. It is often made of real human hair, synthetic fibers like nylon. If you are experiencing hair loss or baldness, toupee or toupe hair is definitely the best solution. When guys wear hairpieces, one of the biggest concerns is that the hair can be detected by others. However, with the high quality and subtle ventilating technique, the hair always appears naturally. It makes customers crazy about it. 

100 Best Toupee For Men That You Shouldn't Miss In 2020
what is a hair toupee

So, what is toupee hair?

Toupee hairpiece is created for someone who wants to hide their baldness on the head and boost a thick hair look. It is also called other names, like wiglet, toupee hair replacement systems or hair enhancer. Toupee for bald spot comes in different sizes and shapes to fit each hair loss stage and balding patches. Some hair enhancers work to cover baldness on the top while others give coverage to the front.

We highly recommend this hairpiece to deal with baldness or thinning hair. To apply it, wearers usually use glue or tape to secure it on their heads. Many types of adhesives are available out there so you can easily find the best one. Is toupee good for men? Well, a good hairpiece can help you achieve a thick hair look. It will not let anyone know or doubt you are wearing a hair system. Go down on the Internet and search for before and after toupee pictures and see the exceptional effects that it brings about.

Toupee or hair transplant 

Hair transplantation

More and more people take hair transplants to cure their hair baldness nowadays. It is a surgical technique in which surgeons will fill your baldness areas. The method first appeared in the 1950s, but it has been developed a lot. The surgery time is decreased, less pain, and offer better results.  

Hair toupee

Obviously, a hairpiece is much cheaper than hair transplantation. It will cause no pain, no irritate your skin as well. It is designed to mimic natural hair and conceal hair defects by using high-quality materials and modern techniques. This non-surgical hair replacement can be customized according to customers’ requirements. What’s more, you can easily put it on or take it off your head. Totally painless.  

Wearing a toupee is more popular than taking hair transplants. The price of hair transplant surgery is much more expensive than purchasing a toupee rug. Also, if you have a large bald area, a hair transplant cannot completely cover it. But a toupee can cover and hide it perfectly. These are the reasons why toupee replacement is a preferred option for men. 

Toupee vs wig

If you are a rookie in this field, you can find it complicated to distinguish a hair toupee with a wig. Because they are both used to add hair thickness and offer a realistic look. They are made from a lace, skin, or silk base, too. So, are there any differences between a male toupee and a wig? Let’s see.

Wigs are a hair system that is designed to cover the entire head perfectly. It always comes with small combs so that it can be secured in the right place without using adhesive. This hair is versatile, users can do multiple haircuts like braids, create a bun, ponytail, and more. Plus, wearing wigs, you can part anywhere and even pull it up into high ponytails. And most of the time, wigs are associated with women’s hairpieces. 

While the best hair toupee for men is applied to cover a specific area of baldness, it may be on the top, in front, or back of the head. Just only use glue or tape, you can easily attach the hairpiece on the right place. It mixes well with your natural curls. Also, the hair enhancer suits and works best for men.

Human Hair Toupee vs Synthetic One, Which One Is Better?

100 Best Toupee For Men That You Shouldn't Miss In 2020
human hair toupee

In the hair market, there are two main types of toupees. The first type is made of real human hair and another is made of synthetic fibers. Many men choose human hairpieces instead of using synthetic hair toupee. 

Human hair toupee has many outstanding advantages. It is made of raw human hair, so you can style and dye it as you would do with your natural locks. It is easy to style to your liking and blends your hair naturally, offering a natural finished look.  

Like it sounds, synthetic hairpieces are made of synthetic fibers, so they are shinier than the human one. This hair also comes in different sizes, colors, and lengths but it can not be restyled. It is better if you choose a heat-friendly hair. Still, its price is much cheaper than the human one. 

Depending on your budget and demand, you can choose one from them. Spend some more single dollars, invest in a human hair toupee, it will not let you down. 

Best Human Hair Toupee For Men 2020

Afro curly hair toupee

This hairpiece is suitable for black men. It is also made of human hair and synthetic fibers. The hair is ventilated in the base that may be mono, lace, silk or skin base. Remember, you have to take care of it carefully to get beautiful hair and keep it last longer. The main color of this hair is black and dark shades. Instead of spending money on hair transplants, purchase a curly hair toupee and put it on your head. You will have a new look in a couple of minutes. The toupee for receding hairline has become a trending hair and must-have item for many guys who are suffering from hair loss and baldness. It makes wearers get thicker, fuller hair, and really outstanding in the crowd. Opt for a human hair toupee and you can treat it as your natural locks. Besides, the real human hair is so smooth, not too shiny, and easy to part.

It is made completely of afro curls. Hence, to make very small curls like an afro, it is better to select high-quality and raw hair such as Cambodian hair. If you choose Indian hair, it is easy to break when creating small curls. 

How much does afro curly hair replacement system cost? You may see thousands of results when you search on the Internet. Then, you can compare prices between each seller and choose the best item at a friendly price. 

100 Best Toupee For Men That You Shouldn't Miss In 2020
8-inch Vietnamese men gray hair toupee

8-inch Vietnamese men gray hair toupee

You may know that Vietnamese hair is high-quality material. This hairpiece is created from different bases, such as lace toupee, thin skin toupee, or hairpiece with plastic clips inside. Each toupe for men has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the lace in front hairpiece is hard to detect, airy and easy to part. Still, it is highly to be torn. While skin toupee is long-lasting and needs less maintenance. Often, wearers use adhesives (glue, tape) to attach the hair on the head.  

This hair is suitable for those who love stylish haircut or are age. To make 8-inch Vietnamese grey hair toupee, manufacturers grab hair strands from healthy Vietnamese donors. All hairs are raw human hair and still remain elasticity. You can dye, style, even bleach this male hairpiece. If you have no experience to style your hair, ask the hair vendor to do it for you. 

Fine mono center with poly around hair system

The base construction of the hair replacement system is mono. You may know that the mono base is breathable. It can keep you cooler in the warm climate. The appearance of mono is similar to the lace. Also, the poly perimeter is durable. The material makes it easy to apply and clean. If you use the item properly and take care of it carefully, you can reuse it many times. 

You might wonder why manufacturers design fine mono hair enhancers having a poly edge. It is because the edge of fine mono is prone, tends to break, so it needs to be paired with poly to seal the edge of toupees. 

The base size can be custom-made to any size, color, and hair type. Hence, hair vendors will design any hair items according to customers’ demands. This hair is among the best toupee 2020 for men. 

Super thin skin base invisible toupee

The skin base is a popular material to generate a hair system. It is thin and creates an illusion like your real scalp; thus, it provides natural-looking and undetectable hair systems. With a thickness of only 0.08 mm, the super thin skin hairpiece for men promises to create an undetectable hairline. Plus, craftsmen use the V-looped technique to ventilate hair strands into the base, it is natural-looking and light. There are no knots whatsoever on the base, so it is a very realistic design. 

This male toupee UK is a custom-made order, all detailed like base design, colors, density, hair lengths, etc. can be specified by the clients. If you are looking for a real toupee, this item is for you. Not only conceal your balding patch, but it also gives you an excellent hair finish. Hair loss and baldness would no longer be the obstacle that could prevent you from achieving your dream hair!

100 Best Toupee For Men That You Shouldn't Miss In 2020
skin base toupee

Skin human hairpieces for men base size 8″x10″

Made of high-quality and 100% human hair, this best toupee for men is soft hair texture. Just like the above product, a well-made skin base toupee provides the most ultra-realistic hair look. To form this exquisite item, artisans use the V-loops technique to ventilate hair in front 1/2″ hairline. And the rest hair is hooked into the base with single split knots. 

The default cap size of this male toupee is 8×10″, and it is big enough for most head size. For example, you can cut the hair replacement smaller to 6×8″ with a perfect fit, it makes you feel better about yourself. Still, the small size can be customized. What about the hair length? It is about 5-6″ with medium-light density. Also, the longer and thicker hairpiece is available upon your requests. In terms of hair colors, the hair is available in 1B# (darkest brown). 

All French lace hair replacement system

Baldness, medically known as alopecia, can occur in both men and women. You are wondering whether wearing a toupee or not toupee, this hairpiece will be your answer. This French lace hair toupee is one of the best solutions as it is soft and breathable. Additionally, the honeycomb structure of lace material allows air to flow through. The human hair toupee can keep you feel cooler in the hot weather. If you are a sweaty person, it is your lifesaver. The toupee is so lightweight and comfortable. Wearers can require to add more density since it can’t bear heavy density and is very durable. 

100 Best Toupee For Men That You Shouldn't Miss In 2020
full French lace toupee

Nevertheless, everything is not perfect. The lace material has its disadvantages. Compared to other bases, the lace is more fragile. It only lasts between 1-3 months. Thus, take care of your hair item properly to keep it as long as possible. The base design is ideal for those who have thinning hair.

Fine mono top single knotted thin clear poly hair toupee for men

The combination of mono base and poly perimeter will not let you down. Unlike several normal materials, monofilament toupee is harder to detect. It provides a natural-looking on the scalp and long-lasting. The toupee with fine mono in the top can cover your top head perfectly. It comes from different sizes, including 6×8″, 7×9″, 8×10″, and more. 

This mono hair toupee for male suits for those with thin hair. It is available in straight and wavy texture with hair density ranging from 50% to 180% for you to choose from. Single knotted – the hair ventilation technique uniformly make the front hairline looks realistic. Hence, it is hard to detect you are wearing a hairpiece. Moreover, the fine mono toupee can be dyed to grey, brown, etc. you want since it is completely made of real human and untreated hair.

As a whole, we highly recommend wearing this hair toupee 2020. It is very comfortable and perfect for guys who have active hairstyles or living in tropical countries. 

100 Best Toupee For Men That You Shouldn't Miss In 2020
mono hair toupee with clear PU

Natural lace base with poly toupee hairpiece for men

Because there are many hair toupees in the market, it is difficult to choose a male toupee. This hair item meets the clients’ requirements. It is custom-made to fit each individual. You can choose from French lace or transparent HD lace, and more. French lace is more visible than the HD one. Because the French’s holes are smaller, it is slightly thicker and more durable. We recommend that the first buyers should choose French lace instead of using the Swiss one. It is durable and easy to apply and remove the hair. 

If you have sensitive skin, this natural lace base hairpiece is a great solution. It offers comfort for wearers. More important, you will reach your dreamed hair as the hairline and top are undetectable. Regarding the base size, it is custom-made to any size and style. The density can be added according to your requirements, too. 

Where To Buy Toupee For Men

You are in the market to find the best toupee for men, you feel a bit overwhelmed because there are too many products. Where to buy the best hairpiece? How can I get an excellent toupee? Too many questions appear in your mind that makes you think a lot. 

Remember, the best hair supplier offers the best hair toupee. For now, real hair toupee is a must-have item for men who have baldness and thinning hair.

Do you have any reliable hair vendor to buy a toupee? You find on the Internet and ask experienced hairpiece wearers to get advice. Or come a familiar salon and ask for hairstylist help. They know where to buy good hairpieces, and what style suits your face best. Hair toupee where to buy? It would be better if you find yourself a dependable hair supplier which ensures the quality and price of the hair system. 

Layla Hair – the trustworthy human hair vendor

Only provide human hair toupee

Layla Hair commits to provide 100% human hair, no synthetic male toupee. The hair is gathered from Vietnam and Cambodia that are known as high-quality material. It is harvested from healthy donors, so it is widely used to design hairpieces, wigs, and so on. What’s more, our hair is raw and chemically unprocessed. It has never been dyed, bleached, or styled with heating tools. Hence, human hair toupee is the best option for guys. Plus, Layla also customizes the best toupee for men according to customers’ demands. Therefore, our hair products come in a variety of colors, designs, sizes, and so on. Each item gives you a fresh look. Let us know the texture, length, color, and density you want, we will try to design it for your own.  

Our craftsmen are professional, they make hairpieces with all their love and enthusiasm. Human hair toupee at Layla Hair is high-end and processed by hand only. The artisans meticulously weave each hair strand onto the main base material. You should choose the hairpiece that has a natural look. To make completed hair, our craftsmen have to take 40 hours of working and they have to do complicated steps. 

100 Best Toupee For Men That You Shouldn't Miss In 2020
human hair toupee at Laylahair


How much does a hairpiece cost? The price of a male toupee is different, it may range from 100 to 2.000 dollars. It depends on several factors, such as hair type, length, density, durability, and more. As we stated above, human hair toupee for sale is more expensive the synthetic counterpart due to its benefits. Come to Layla Hair, we give you the good hair at an affordable price. It will not make you bankrupt. We know that good hair at a friendly price is the magnet attracting customers and making them come back with us. You will not find anywhere to buy a cheaper price than our hair system.

Layla believes in helping men who have been affected by hair loss and baldness. We want to help them change their lives positively. When clients wear our cheap hair toupee, we want them to feel confident about their appearance. As a leading hair vendor and manufacturer in Vietnam, our goal is helping others. We provide good hair items and professional services for all. At our office, we have professional staff who are available 24/7 to support you. Our team will ensure the clients find the best hair they need. They can help handle any queries and sales matters as well.

In The Bottom Lines

That concludes our post on the best toupee for men. If you have not read our post on hairpieces or some popular male toupees, you can do so here. In the meantime, if you have further queries about real hairpieces, base materials, or anything else, please feel welcome to our hotline (+84) 989 633 424 (WhatsApp/Mobile). At Layla Hair company, we believe we can provide customers the very best toupee or hair system. With many years in this field and extensive knowledge, we also offer you the best support for your business. One more time, we confirm that our hair products range in top quality male and female hair extensions and wigs. Only high-quality human hair is available. 

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