Cracking The Dookie Braids Secret – Hottest Hairstyles For The Black!

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Life is too short to have boring hair. Are you wondering what hairstyle you will go for summer 2019? Have you ever heard of dookie braids? Have you styled it before? If not, you may want to know what dookie braids are or what they look like. Here are information as well as tutorials for the hairstyle that has come a long way from being the go-to style in school to an all-time favorite.

What are dookie braids?

Before starting to do dookie braids for casual nights out or summer days, you need to know what they are.

Cracking The Dookie Braids Secret - Hottest Hairstyles For The Black!
Dookie braids

Dookie braids are simply large individual braids. They hang freely on your head. The hairstyle was popular during the 90s amongst young female African American. Nowadays, it has been rocked by various celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Beyoncé, etc…

Dookie braids can boost any outfit as well as the makeup you wear. It does not matter how long your hair is, this hairdo can go with any length. If you want to make an impression at the party or on a night out, this hairstyle is definitely a wise choice. To some people, a dookie braid even symbolizes strength and dynamism.

How to do dookie braids?

Before adopting this hairstyle, remember to check your hair condition first. Dookie braids may turn into a nightmare if you are having weak hair or experiencing hair breakage. Only healthy hair can bear those chunky braids. After determining that it is the right time for you to get dookie braids, follow these steps:

Cracking The Dookie Braids Secret - Hottest Hairstyles For The Black!
how to make dookie braids

Step one: Make sure that your hair is thoroughly dry and clean, then combing it carefully.

Step two: Part your hair into four sections. Choose one part to braid first. You should use clips to secure the other three sections.

Step three: Determine how big you want your dookie braids to be. Commonly, the bigger the better, but it is up to you.

Step four: Divide the unclipped part into separated strains. Grab three of them and braid tightly from the roots down to the tips. If you are using extensions, you can loop it around your natural hair. When you’ve finished, use an elastic band to secure the ends. Braid the remaining strains with the same method.

Step five: Repeat the process in the other three parts. Check the result in the mirror. You can apply hair spray if necessary.

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How to style dookie braids?

Leaving the braids free to flow is probably the easiest way to style your hair. Besides, updo, top bun, etc… are different styles that you can do with dookie braids. Check out these 15 stunning dookie braided styles listed below.

Cracking The Dookie Braids Secret - Hottest Hairstyles For The Black!
Side parted dookie braids

Side parted braids

This hairstyle is suitable for long as well as medium hair. To create this look, part your hair from the middle first and braid both sides. Use the same colored elastic bands or different colored ones to secure the ends. You can add some more beads at a different place to have a more unique look.

Braided braids

Divide your dookie braids into three parts and braid them together. After finishing, you can put this thick braid over your shoulder or at your back.

Cracking The Dookie Braids Secret - Hottest Hairstyles For The Black!
Chic bohemian

Chic bohemian

Crazy about the chic bohemian look? Try this super chill dookie braids for long braids. Simply put the braids in a half updo and wrap it in a bun at the back of your head. Add some beads or flowers on the flowing braids to gives this look the easy, carefree and bohemian vibe.

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Highlighted hairdo

Ready to heat the atmosphere? Treat your dookie braids hair some highlights to draw everyone’s attention. You can accessorize a turban to get the best result.

Cracking The Dookie Braids Secret - Hottest Hairstyles For The Black!
ombre hair color

Ombre hairstyles

This stunning hairstyle with its beautiful gradient effect will make you shine like a diamond at any parties. Choose any color to your liking and dye the bottom half of your braids.

Side-swept braids

As simple as this dookie braids hairstyle is, it is also one of the most elegant. Try a deep side part on the left or on the right and change the part another day to create a new look.

Cracking The Dookie Braids Secret - Hottest Hairstyles For The Black!
Bob braids

Bob hairstyle

Embrace your youth with a combination of a classic bob and dookie braids. Either big or small braids can go for this look. Sometimes you can wrap half of your braids in a bun to have a more adorable look.

Dookie bump

Everything about this hairstyle is chic and on point. It is a perfect hairstyle to add volume to your hair. By bumping up a full ponytail, you may feel a throwback to the 60s kind of night.

Ponytail hairdo for braids

Cracking The Dookie Braids Secret - Hottest Hairstyles For The Black!
Ponytail hairdo

If you want to keep the braids off your face, try this hairstyle. Gather all your braids in a ponytail is exactly what you need to do in this situation. Use a ribbon or bandana to tie. It will add a cool vibe to your look.

Half ponytail

Simply, you just need to pull your braided hair into half ponytail with an elastic band. This is the simplest hairstyle for a busy day. You are still fabulous with a half ponytail.

Dookie braids with a bang

Cracking The Dookie Braids Secret - Hottest Hairstyles For The Black!
Dookie braids with a bang

If you are wondering how to style your dookie braids, get a bang for your head. Though it is simple, it can change your appearance completely. One advantage of this hairstyle is that it can go with braids of any length or any styles. A bang can be combined with a ponytail, a bun or bob dookie braids.

Minnie mouse buns

This is one of the cutest dookie braids hairstyles that you must try. You will look adorable and fantastic at the same time. The style is easy to do. Just wrap two buns on both sides and we are sure you will turn more than one head today!

Cracking The Dookie Braids Secret - Hottest Hairstyles For The Black!
Minnie mouse buns

Bun updo

You will look incredibly radiant and active with your braids styled in a high bun up top. This style is recommended for thin hair with medium length as long and voluminous hair will make up a heavy bun on your head.

Box Braids

This hair trend was set by Janet Jackson in 1993. Give yourself an innovative look by following these steps. Firstly, put your dookie braids in a ponytail, then get a white scarf. Secondly, wrap the scarf around the nape of your neck coming towards the front and cross it on the top of your head. Thirdly, flip your hair forwards and lay it down. Finally, tie the scarf in the back and put your hair back. It is very simple to get Janet Jackson box braids.

Find any of these dookie braids stunning? They are not only practical but also versatile and gorgeous. Try to have all of them in your own head to have different look every day.

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