Dry Hair Extensions Don’t Have To Be Hard – Here’s How To Resolve!

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Dry hair extensions are terrible obsessions for every girl. When your hair extensions are new, they are very soft and smooth. However, sooner or later, you may realize that your hair will be damaged, turn dry, frizzy and harder to brush.

Don’t worry, these tips will help you know more about how to fix your hair extensions and get back to its original state.

Dry Hair Extensions Don't Have To Be Hard - Here's How To Resolve!
dry hair extensions

The causes of dry hair extensions

Have you ever wondered “why my hair extensions are dry and frizzy?” Our sharings can solve your question.

Unlike your natural hair, hair extensions aren’t attached to the scalp, it means they can’t receive moisture and tend to be dry. To be soft, hair must receive the necessary moisture called sebum. It usually provides a protective layer to keep moisture and helps give soft hair. This is a reason why people realize their hair be dried if shampooed every day and the others find hair oily if not washing it frequently.

Because hair extensions can’t produce the sebum, they will dry out quickly when you wash or care the extensions in a wrong way.

Additionally, dyeing your hair extensions regularly will cause them to dry because hair dye has super harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. Remember not to overdye your hair extensions.

Dry Hair Extensions Don't Have To Be Hard - Here's How To Resolve!
lack of sebum leads to dry and frizzy extensions

People often take care of their skin but forget that hair also needs care, especially for hair extensions. Sunbeams and UV rays are also the main causes of tangled hair extensions.

Chemical exposures and environmental damage are the reasons that make hair extensions dry quickly. For example, people usually go to the pool or beach to cool off in summer time. But chemicals from the chlorine in the pool and sea water will leave your extensions feeling brittle.

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How to fix dry hair extensions

We know that natural hair and the extensions are different. The hair extensions dry out much faster because of their properties.

To prevent your hair extensions from drying out quickly, these tips may help you keep them for a longer time and may get them back. Especially, treatment in a proper way is very important for hair extensions.

Keep your hair extensions clean

If you are thinking you cannot wash the extensions then you are totally wrong.

Shampooing and caring your hair 2-3 times a week is a good way to keep your extensions clean, smooth and prevent tangled hair. Also, remember that don’t try to wash your hair extensions too regularly because it will strip away natural oils.

Dry Hair Extensions Don't Have To Be Hard - Here's How To Resolve!
shampoo your hair extensions on a regular basis

In addition, your hair extensions will be smoother if you wash them in one direction. You should brush your hair before washing to remove any knots and untangle your hair extensions.

Never wash your hair over the bath because all the bonds of extensions will tangle.

Use proper shampoo and conditioner

Choose a natural or extension-friendly shampoo that would not damage and corrode the bonds of hair extensions.

If the wearers feel your hair too dry, conditioning it with mild conditioner or a conditioner made explicitly for extensions hair may get it back.  

Dry Hair Extensions Don't Have To Be Hard - Here's How To Resolve!
best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair extensions

Deep conditioning can moisturize your hair extensions so that they are not dried out quickly. After conditioning, you should gently wash the extensions with fresh water. Never condition the roots as you will cause the bonds to unravel.

Let use products that are specialized, non-sulfate and little detergent for hair extensions to keep hair soft and beautiful.

Limit the use of heating tools

You should use flatirons, curling irons, hot combs, etc. moderately because using them frequently can make hair dry out quickly.

Dry Hair Extensions Don't Have To Be Hard - Here's How To Resolve!
limit the use of heating tools

You still use heating tools but they should be on low settings. For hair extensions that can be affected by high temperature, so you need to be more careful. The temperature will damage the bonds of hair extensions,  thus affecting the shape of the extensions.

If you are not sure whether or not you can use heating tools, the best way is to go far away from them.


Use hair serums and oils

Hair serums and oils are good choices because they can help to soften up your hair. Taking a small amount then applying it onto your hair extensions. Doing like that will provide moisture for your extensions and give hair back its shine.

Dry Hair Extensions Don't Have To Be Hard - Here's How To Resolve!
apply hair serum

Using serums and oils at least 2 times per week can stop your hair from drying out quickly. Coconut oil is a common and useful option to use for the extensions.

Don’t pull hair strongly

Instead of pulling your hair, you should treat it carefully and gently. Pulling hair can loosen the attachment between your natural hair and hair extensions.

Dry Hair Extensions Don't Have To Be Hard - Here's How To Resolve!
don’t pull hair strongly

You should comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb

Dry hair properly

After washing, you should gently wring water on your hair with a towel. Don’t brush your hair when it is still wet, let your hair extensions dry naturally or use a hair dryer at a low heat level. Remember that you have to dry the bonds of hair extensions first.

Prevent hair from environmental damages

Smoke, air pollution, radiation, UV ray, and even the cold of air conditioner can make your hair extensions be worse.

Dry Hair Extensions Don't Have To Be Hard - Here's How To Resolve!
protect hair from environmental damages

Avoid exposing your hair to direct sunlight when you are outdoors. Wearing a hat and using hair cream are also good ways that can protect your hair from environmental damages.

Protect your hair extensions overnight

Before sleeping, a very good tip is to braid your hair. This thing not only helps the hair extensions to detangle easier when brushing but also stops the extension bonds from tangling together.

In addition, you can wrap your hair in a silk scarf that also keeps your hair from getting tangled at bedtime.

Avoid using chemicals for hair extensions

Because hair extensions cannot absorb necessary nutrients, you should limit the use of chemicals for them.

Dry Hair Extensions Don't Have To Be Hard - Here's How To Resolve!
avoid using chemicals to your hair extensions

Remember that when reviving your hair extensions, it is advisable to keep the treatments on for as long as possible. The longer time for hair treatments is exposed, the hair will able to absorb more.

The bottom lines

Don’t worry because you have many ways and chances to revive your hair extensions. Take good care of it and it will bring you shiny and attractive hair finish. 

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