Easy steps to revive your hair extensions

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The longevity of Hair Extensions depends largely on their quality and how much attention you pay to the hair care process. Nonetheless, this cannot stop your hair extensions from deterioration. Why? And how can we bring the life back to them? Find out below!

My hair extension are ruined!

Over time, your hair extensions start to deteriorate and have to face with tons of problems like: over drying, matted, tangled, knotty or brittle. They might be in need of intensive treatments; some of you could consider it totally destroyed and start searching new hair extension.

Guess what? Where there is a will, there is a way. Your hair extensions can still be restored and used once again if received proper care. Just spend some little time and effort, even the most severely damaged ones can still be usable again.

Why are your hair extensions matted and dry?

The above listed problems are actually very common in the hair extension industry. There are 2 main reasons that lead to matted and dry hair extension:

  1. Low quality hair extension

Poor quality hair extensions can easily lead to matting and drying, especially matting (or tangling).

Matted Hair Extensions

Matted Hair Extension

        High quality hair extensions (as defined Remy Hair) would have cuticles overlapping each other and aligned in the same direction. Low quality hair extensions would possibly have them flowing in different directions or more terribly none.

Cuticles in High and Poor Quality Hair Extensions

Cuticles in High and Poor Quality Hair Extension

        When being damaged, the cuticles lift up and catch on other cuticles – causing the hair extension to tangle. At the beginning they can easily be brushed out and corrected. However, even when you detangled it, once the cuticles are damaged this way, the hair would keep becoming matted again and the tangled section would grow larger and larger over time, which is a big threat to any hair extension wearer.

  1. Externalities

Because the hair extensions are no longer attached to the scalp, whenever there is an externality impact on the hair and damage it, there is no room for the scalp producing oil and nutrition to get it recovered. If not corrected properly, the hair would terribly become brittle and unmanageable.

The externalities may include:

Hard water exposure (water with high mineral content)

Hard water exposure (water with high mineral content)

Cause: Dehydration, discoloration


Sea Water Exposure

Sea Water Exposure

Cause: Dehydration, Discoloration


Chlorine Exposure

Chlorine Exposure

Cause: Dehydration, Matting and Discoloration


Sun exposure

Sun exposure

Cause: Dehydration, Matting


Heat Styling


Heat Styling

Cause: Dehydration, matting, discoloration

All of these factors negatively impact hair extensions’ quality. Dehydration would take out water from the hair extension which already have minimal oil. Heat, minerals and chemicals would also damage the cuticles, make it tangled up and cause matting. Especially, for bright or blonde hair extensions, the colors might strip away, tone the hair down to unwanted orange/brassy brown.



Easy steps to restore your hair extensions

So here are some helpful tips to stop matting and drying and revive your tired the hair extensions:

Step 1: Detangle

When your hair extension are dry and matted, the very first step you should take is to brush them out. This will temporarily get them smooth and prevent further tangling.

Damp your hair with just little water or mix water with apple vinegar cider and apply. Start brushing from the bottom and way up to the top. Treat it gently or else you would easily break those already damaged hair.

A wide tooth comb or brush will help prevent hair break.

Helpful tools to detangle hair extensions

Helpful tools to detangle the hair extensions

   Step 2: Rinse With Water

Use lukewarm water to rinse your hair extensions. If it is too cold or too hot, there is a big chance they will fall out of your bundles. This step will help to wash out any leftover oil and chemical products.

Don’t use hot water to wash your hair extensions

Don’t use hot water to wash your hair extension

  Step 3: Soak

Mix your conditioner/hair treatment with lukewarm water and let the hair soak for half an hour to an hour and above if needed. The more damaged the hair extensions are, the longer time you need to soak hair for.

Step 4: Brush them again

Still submerge the hair in water, spontaneously brush out any tangles. Your hair extensions could be even more fragile while they are wet, so go slow and gentle for it. If it is still hard to brush out the tangles, let them soak for more time and add more conditioner/treatment and try again later.

Brush your hair extension while it’s submerged in water

Brush your hair extension while it’s submerged in water

        Step 5: Rinse it with water again

Repeat step 2 and let it dry. Don’t let your hair extension expose to the sun if you don’t want it go dry and matting again. And you’re done! Now you have your hair extensions as beautiful as brand new.

Avoid drying and matting to your hair extensions

As easy as it would be, there are also 2 main solutions to these problems:

  1. Limit the exposure of your hair extension to the above listed externalities

If that is inevitable, give good treatment to your hair extension instantly to repair it. Same steps as mentioned.

  1. Choosing high quality hair extensions from the start. It had better be remy hair so it’s less prone to the externalities and also easier to brush and care.

Choose the hair extension from https://laylahair.com so that you can get high quality 100% human remy hair extensions. Less care, less vulnerable but more beautiful!

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