Factors that we should Consider when buying Hair Extensions

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Taking a look when buying hair extensions, many hair vendors would claim their hair 8A or 9A quality, but how come we know that they are being truthful when there is no such thing called “Universal Standard” to grade hair extensions? Don’t be worry as the factors listed below would make buying remy hair extensions an extremely easy process.


5A, 6A, 7A, 8A or 9A? Where do they come from?

First of all, you would be amazed to know that this system is just a marketing strategy created by Chinese hair vendors to increase the “value” of the hair they sell. Each year (or maybe shorter), there would be a new “A” appear to stimulate the buying needs of customers. There are no particular criteria or standards to define this hair grading system, so that is why 9A of this hair vendor can also equal 6A of that hair vendor. It was not the first time as well as the last time hearing this from our customers:

Complaint of Chinese Hair Quality

Complaint of Chinese Hair Quality

The differences between these “A” are vague, so are there any standards that we can stick to? The answer is YES. These factors would tell if you have good quality hair extensions.

Remy or Non-Remy?

Normally one should choose Remy Hair with all cuticles intact and ffacethe same direction for avoiding tangling. Remy Hair can last up to 1-2 years while that of Non-Remy is only 6 months.

Cuticles Direction in Remy Hair & Non-Remy Hair

Cuticles Direction in Remy Hair & Non-Remy Hair

Fun Fact: Most of the Indian Hair that we see in the market is Non-Remy.

Indian Non-Remy Hair

Indian Non-Remy Hair

Single Donor or Multiple Donors?

Next, some companies would claim all of their bundles are single donor hair which is nearly impossible. If that’s true, they should not have the ability to supply Double Drawn, Super Double Drawn or Full Tips Hair, as one would never have that much hair to be drawn out. Seriously Single Donor or Multiple Donors doesn’t affect hair quality that much, except for that Single Donor Hair would appear more even in color when being bleached and dyed (which most colorists ask for).

Fun Fact: Layla Hair offers both choices to satisfy even the pickiest customers.

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Single Drawn or Double Drawn?

You would expect to pay more for Double Drawn Hair Quality as it costs more materials and labor to remove the shorter hair and replace them with full length hair. Most of the hair sold in The United State is Single Drawn for that reason.

Single Drawn VS Double Drawn

There are also meaning differences of the terminology used here and there:

In some places especially USA, Double Drawn Hair means same length hair all the way to tips.

Meanwhile in Asia, Double Drawn refers to the bundles that have 70% is full length hair, the other 30% is covered with shorter hair to make the top fuller.

Fact: Layla Hair supplies Single Drawn (50%), Double Drawn (70%), Super Double Drawn (85%) and even Same Length Hair (100%)


100% Human Hair or Mixed Synthetic Hair?

Especially, apparently 100% Human Hair Extensions would cost more. And you should be wise enough to differentiate between the two when buying hair extensions. This may drive you insane but most of the hair manufacturers would insert Synthetic Hair or Animal Hair with Human Hair to make the hair look fuller and cut the costs down. This is most likely to happen with hair extensions origin from China and don’t be surprised if one day you “accidentally” drop your hair in front of the microscope and notice “some” synthetic hair in the bundles.

Fact: Freely test when buying hair extensions from Layla Hair and get a refund within 2 days if you notice any mixed synthetic hair used.


Moreover, the standard weight of a bundle is around 100gr or 3.5oz. If the hair extensions you buy cost much cheaper than what they should be, ask the vendors to check the weight again. Normally a full head will need 2-3 bundles plus a closure in standard weight. If you buy bundles in less weight, that also means you should go and take more bundles.

Fact: Our bundles weight 100gr each, but customers can ask for more or less to fit your needs.

Color and Bleach

Finally, Good quality hair can bleach to color #613 or even #60 depending on the health of each hair. Some less quality hair only can bleach and dye to color #16 or #24 (trying to lighten them would lead to burning and breaking). Synthetic hair cannot even be bleached; that would destroy the hair. Here and there you would see synthetic hair in lighter colors because they are already made that way, not by gradually lightening.

Fact: You can easily lighten hair extensions from laylahair.com to color #613 and #60


So how is the quality of your buying hair extensions? If the current hair you have does not satisfy you, head over to any agent that sells hairs with the above characteristics. Or simply stay with Layla Hair who can guarantee all of these factors.

After all, be a wise customer when considering buying hair extensions with all the tips we have provided. Good luck and best wishes!

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