12 Most Fantastic Purple Hair Highlights To Copy ASAP

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It is so much fun to put bright colors in your locks. Any rainbow color is indeed at your fingertips – for example, all purple shades of purple! It used to be a royalty color, dedicated only to the wealthiest as this color sources were genuinely rare. Yet, today, you can access different versions of this hue. Do not hesitate to let your creativity fly and appreciate soft or bold purple hair highlights!

The most fantastic ideas for this highlight

It all has to do with the purple intensity as well as the base color. The brightest and the darkest ones set off the black and dark brown hair’s richness and depth. Meanwhile, pastel purple, such as lavender hues, does a great job as a remarkable accent for your nicely cool-toned blondes. Another bright option for darling guys is purples scattered across cherry-red hair. Let’s dive into the best ideas below for a closer look at how far your creativity can go.

Violet and Purple for Your Black Locks

Do you want a shy (or bold) option? If you do, you cannot go wrong with the brown hair with purple highlights. You will love the radiant, bright hair ends. Not all, the deeper hues will give off from the top. These shades are particularly great for those who desire to achieve an alluring but alternative appearance.

12 Most Fantastic Purple Hair Highlights To Copy ASAP
Violet and Purple for Your Black Locks

Indigo, Purple, and Burgundy to Rock Your Black Hair

When you have a glance at photos of various hair coloring selections, you may figure out that the dye, which is most brightly colored tended to be less professional. Still, this is a fantastic way of adding some color, not only in purple but also in burgundy, in differing sections. At the same time, it does not look over the top.

Ombre Ringlets Purple Hair Highlights

Why do not you brighten up your dark hair with slightly red-purple ombre tints? When curled with a curling iron of the medium size and put on loose across your shoulders, your curls will be feminine and magical. It will be similar to a purple wave waterfall.

12 Most Fantastic Purple Hair Highlights To Copy ASAP
Ombre Ringlets Purple Hair Highlights

Purple and Pink Streaks

Try purple and blonde locks, with added purple, as well as holding the blonde. It will help bring your ash-blonde strands to a whole new level. We suggest you put multiple pink and purple shades into the combination and select a cool color for toning the hair roots such as dark purple-brown.

Purple Pieces for Your Magenta Mane 

Plum and purple highlights do not only appear fabulous with a long head of hair. Short hair should attain the same vibe as well. As wholly covered with purple and magenta highlights, your cropped cuts will indeed be the coolest ever.

Purple and Peach Perfection

For another idea, you can brighten up the curls with panels of pink, purple, and peach. When being put on with highlights that are beautifully orchid-colored, the color cocktail will be able to make your locks appear like an appealing flower bouquet… on your head.

12 Most Fantastic Purple Hair Highlights To Copy ASAP
Purple and Peach Perfection

Gray hair with purple highlights

You can also try bright purple highlights for making the color of the hair more vivid. It is the best alternative for those who do not like dusty or lavender purple. It is also great for people who love using stronger shades.


Deep Purple Tips

These purple hair highlights are abundant with deep red in the base tone. A couple of blonde tints across the dark brown hair that has been improved by the mild curls can yield to the fantastic dimensional strands. It would be best if you adorned them with the impressive deep purple-red. They should cover much of the lob’s lower half. Allow one strand to be blonde as you can!

Purple Frost 

For the shade in light purple, which is more terrific compared to the toned silver hair of your Grandma, rely on a purple whose base is blue. It is tender compared to the red-based purple colors. Also, it appears more attractive. Try a lighter color with dark hair roots and a little extra lowlights to make your statement.

12 Most Fantastic Purple Hair Highlights To Copy ASAP
Purple Frost

Purple Mermaid Locks

By any chance, do you have brown hair? And do you like the idea of adorning it with some purple highlights? Then, you may wish to turn into a mermaid – just kidding! This mix of an all-over electric violet with pink on top is multifaceted and gorgeous!

Purple Haze Ribbons 

The blonde, brown streaks are a fantastic base to use a further unnatural color. In this regard, the light purple shade is perfect! Blonde hair gets the coloring well. It delivers a lovely contrast to the original base color. 

Wave Curls That Look Like Dead of Night Ocean 

As black hair with purple highlights stands, it is pretty great. Yet here, long curls which cascade in one stunning ombre pattern manage to go to a mystical violet shade from a dark cobalt shade. What a breathtaking color!

12 Most Fantastic Purple Hair Highlights To Copy ASAP
how to color purple hair highlights

How to color purple hair highlights

There are many ways of savoring purple accents in your locks. Some hair dye brands provide purple hair color in semi-permanent, temporary, and permanent formulas. For a fast appearance, you can select a temporary dye. Or else, count on a colored hair spray, which you can remove easily. Yet, for those who desire their purple curls to be longer-lasting, you may want to go for a stronger coloring. For stronger, more vibrant purple tones, the coloring necessarily set for an extended time, especially in dark hair.

For another choice, you can buy quality clip-on extensions from Layla Hair. You can buy them in purple and dye them after you buy them.

In the bottom line

We do hope that you have known more about purple hair highlights after reading through this post. What do you like most? Also, do not forget to share these inspirations with your networks. If you are interested in the hair world, you can find other helpful posts at Layla Hair’s blog as well.

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