Red Purple Hair: These Shades Of Burgundy Hair Will Be Huge This Year

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Red purple hair is also called burgundy, dark red or red wine color. It is a vibrant and lively color that is a great mix of red and purple shades. Still, many people say that this hair color leaning more on the red shine. If you have blonde or medium brown hair, you can get it to achieve a brighter look. Even women with redheads can try this color. Dyeing red purple hair color, you look like a classy lady. Here are some hottest color ideas you should consider. 

About Red Purple Hair

You are fond of bright and vibrant color, this hair colour is created for you. Women with all kinds of natural hair color can try this impressive tone, offering a bright look. The balance of cool purple and warm red creates perfect tresses. It mixes well with women who have a dark fair complexion. Many celebrities also rock this red n purple hair, such as Georgia May Jagger, Demi Lovato, Bella Thorne, etc. It is definitely out-of-this-world and unique. Strong, mature, feminine, all are in this attractive hues. 

This red and purple hair livens your curls. Burgundy adds your hair a mysterious undertone and adjusts your hair shade. It helps you achieve your desired look. You want to become the center of everyone’s attention. Are you ready to stand out in the mess?

Red Purple Hair: These Shades Of Burgundy Hair Will Be Huge This Year
What happens if you mix red and purple dye

What happens if you mix red and purple hair dye?

When hearing the name of this hair color, you will definitely think about brilliance and prominence tresses. Well! The perfect combination if you mix them properly. Try something revolutionary, you can wear highlights or dark hair colors. These ideas look pretty and cool. 

When you mix two hues on your hair, this extremely respectable hair color look makes you look more luxurious and gorgeous. Pair the hair hue with straight or curly hair, it is all up to you. Beautiful magic! Furthermore, this color has quickly become a trend of dyeing hair for women. Painting your hair to update fashion trend now.

If you are not indecisive with these colors, you should try using semi-permanent hair dye to test. In contrast, you may use permanent hair dye to achieve this look. 

Top Red Purple Color Ideas

Take a look at these color plunges and find the best bold shade hair ideas for you. 

Dark red velvet locks

Red Purple Hair: These Shades Of Burgundy Hair Will Be Huge This Year
Dark red velvet locks

Paint the dye mixed into your natural tresses, the results are just as delectable. This dark burgundy hair looks pretty cool. Apply good-quality dyes on your natural locks and give yourself a sleek and silky blowout. It is quite close to your natural-looking color. The purple red hair dye is noticeable and looks shinier when you stand out until the sun. 

Red purple hair ombre

Dying red tresses purple, you can have a bold look. Get this ombre style with these colors around your curls, your hair is hot and eye-catching. It will offer a unique impressive style and is appreciated and trusted to select. Add some waves or curls to this hair if you have a plan to go out with friends or join a party. If you really want to get the coolest hairstyle, be brave to try this to create new hair and a new image.


Red hair with purple highlights

Dark red and purple have a similar shade so they appear to complement each other well. Purple dye over red hair is a way to switch up your boring hair color. Whether your complexion is white or black, this hair will fit and create a beautiful face. Especially, it creates the most attractive and sexiest look. Don’t hesitate to dye your curls in these tones if you truly want to change your appearance. We sure that your relatives and friends will surprise with your new look. 

Red Purple Hair: These Shades Of Burgundy Hair Will Be Huge This Year
Red hair with purple highlights

Red hair with purple tips

Compared to red-purple ombre, this hairstyle provides a less obvious transition. It is quite subtle a color change, but it still has two shades of the colors for people to notice. Hence, it is a great idea for those who want a stylish and not so outstanding hair hue. 

Short hairdos

This hair undertones and hairstyle are very wearable that does not affect your work. Although this style is unnatural, it is so flattering against your skin tone. To maintain this color rich and vibrant, you should wash your hair as little as possible to avoid fading color. Invest in hair products, including shampoos and conditioners, that are safe for colored locks. You can mix the hair dye with a mask or conditioner if you apply it directly into your tresses. Let it sit on your hair roughly from 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it out. 

Red Purple Hair: These Shades Of Burgundy Hair Will Be Huge This Year
Red-purple color on short hairdo

Sleek dark purple hair

Long, silky and vivid-colored hair is the dream of every gal. You can easily turn it come true by coloring your tresses. Dye your long locks with red and purple hues and let them hang down naturally. Not too muss, not too fussed, it is a perfect all-over burgundy hairstyle. You can tweak the hair shades to brighten up your skin tone. 

To Wrap All Things Up

Hopefully, after our words, you will have a more in-depth insight into red purple hair. So, you may have more choices to get a nice overall look. More boldly pick the best purple red hair to change your boring color into the vibrant one.

Your hair is thin and weak, you don’t want to dye your hair with a red-purple hair dye box. You can consider using colored hair extensions and wigs to add instant fullness to your curls. Take a look at the beautiful hair extensions that Layla offers by browsing our website.

Have any other queries about purple red hair color, color formula, or purple-red hair dye, drop us via WhatsApp link below. We are online 24/7 to support you.

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