Finasteride For Hair Loss – Is It A Viable Solution?

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We all know that everyone is at risk of hair loss, both men and women. If you see your hair strands everywhere, in your collars, comb, and pillow, you may suffer hair loss and baldness. It is normal if your hair loses 50-100 strands per day. But it is a problem if the number increases. There are countless treatments for hair loss that give both temporary and lasting results. Among them, finasteride for hair loss is widely used for men. Does finasteride have any side effects? Does finasteride work? Check it out!

What is finasteride for hair loss? 

Your hair falls out more and more, and everyone may detect your scalp. You have suspected your hair condition for some time, but now it is undeniable that you are experiencing hair loss. Please find the treatment to treat and cure your hair. 

Finasteride is a common treatment for male pattern baldness, called androgenetic alopecia. This medication is approved for hair loss by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and works to regain your luscious locks. Finasteride is a prescription drug that blocks the action of DHT – a hormone causing hair loss. It activates by preventing testosterone hormone convert into DHT, leading to hair falling out. Also, you can find this medication under the brand name Propecia in the market.  

Finasteride For Hair Loss - Is It A Viable Solution?
what is finasteride

Finasteride is available in tablet form, in 5 mg and 1mg dosage. It is formulated for long-term usage and works to encourage more hair growth. Reading finasteride for hair loss reviews, men highly recommend this treatment. They see significant results after taking it continuously for months. Their hairs grow more and the health of hair is improved. However, natural hair only develops when you use the product. If you stop treating, your hair will fall out again. 

How does finasteride work for hair loss?

Finasteride for hair affects the hair growth cycle as well as increases the hair length. It prevents testosterone from breaking down into DHT, controlling your hair loss. Can finasteride work for women? We don’t recommend taking finasteride for women’s hair loss, but you can use it as a solution to treat excessive hair growth in women. But it is contraindicated for women who are pregnant. Be careful!

Is finasteride safe for hair loss? You should take a finasteride dose for hair loss provided by the doctor. But how much finasteride for hair loss? The FDA approved a 1mg dose of finasteride for male pattern baldness. Compared to the 5mg dose, this one is a low dose and treat hair loss in men better. To improve your hair, take this oral drug once daily or follow your doctor’s instructions. Use it continuously to get the best benefits from this tablet.  

Finasteride For Hair Loss - Is It A Viable Solution?
finasteride treats hair loss

The dosage of medication varies by patient. Here is the right dosage of finasteride for hair loss results:

– Adults: 1mg once daily, for men only.

– Children: Not recommended for use.

How to take finasteride for hair loss?

Take one 1mg tablet daily and remember to use it at the same time each day. To prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, keep taking it up to 3 months to see results. Taking your dose at the same time of day will help you remember to take it regularly. Swallow the tablet with water and take it with or without food. Don’t break or crush finasteride when taking since it is absorbed into the skin. 

If you stop taking finasteride, your hair will stop growing and continue falling out within 12 months. 

Finasteride For Hair Loss - Is It A Viable Solution?
finasteride 1mg tablet

Note: Never share this medication with others. Forget to take a tablet on time, you should take it right after you remember. If it is near the time of the next dose, skip the forgotten dose. Don’t double the dose as it may lead to side effects. 

What about side effects?

Along with useful benefits, medications, and treatments for hair loss can cause side effects. And finasteride hair loss is not an exception. Hence, it is important to know the potential risks of this drug before using it. 

Scanning some finasteride reviews, you may find that some users experience breast pain, rashes, decreased libido, and so on. The most common unwanted effect is allergic to the drug’s ingredients. You may suffer symptoms such as skin rash, itching, or dizziness. If these unwanted effects occur, you should visit your doctor and take medical attention before it becomes troublesome. However, these side effects in men are harmless. They will disappear when you stop taking finasteride tablets for hair loss. 

Although low, taking finasteride hair growth also increases the risk of getting prostate cancer in males. Especially, people with liver disease should not use this oral medication. 



It is necessary to tell your doctor or pharmacist before taking this medication. Tell your doctor if you are in any disease treatment, such as liver disease, prostate cancer, and so on. As we stated, you should not utilize finasteride for female hair loss or you are allergic to it. If you take finasteride during pregnancy or breast-feeding, it is not good for your unborn or male infant baby. It may result in abnormalities of the genitals.

Finasteride For Hair Loss - Is It A Viable Solution?
don’t use it without doctor’s advice

Please store the medication carefully. Don’t throw it around or place it in the bathroom. Keep it away from children’s reach and sight. Ask the specialist for more details about how to discard the medication if no longer needed. 

Our thoughts

Losing hair is not life-threatening but you should treat it timely. Thinning hair and baldness affects your appearance and confidence. If you are suffering hair loss due to male pattern baldness, don’t fall victim to treatments and products that don’t work. For luscious hair look, stick with finasteride for hair loss – approved and proven by FDA. Good luck with this task! 

After scanning through our words, hope that you have an in-depth insight into this medication, including finasteride dosage for hair loss and side effects. 

Have any questions, feel free to reach us or browse to Layla’s site. We are willing to support you at any time. 

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