Finasteride For Women – Relax, It Saves Your Hair!

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The current treatments for female hair loss are quite various: Minoxidil (Rogaine), anti-androgens, iron supplements, etc. In finding other solutions for women, researchers looked into whether finasteride would work for women. 

Can you use finasteride for women? If so, in what situations and at what dosage? Does it work to solve hair loss in women? Here’s what you should know.

Is finasteride for hair loss in women?

Finasteride, which is known as Propecia, is the most effective medication for male pattern baldness. Take 1 mg per day, you may notice hair improvement after 3-6 months. However, your hair problem may come back when you stop consuming it. 

But there are not too many finasteride for women reviews. Many share that they can’t find effects when using the same finasteride dose for treating hair loss in females. Not give up, researchers tested higher dosages for women to find the answer to the question «Is finasteride for women?» And the results didn’t let them down. Yes, women can but in specific situations. 

Many share that they can’t find effects when using the same finasteride dose for treating hair loss in females. Still, it may cause birth defects in male babies if women take it while pregnant. 

Finasteride For Women - Relax, It Saves Your Hair!
finasteride for hair loss

Finasteride for women side effects

Before taking any medication, it’s necessary to visit doctors for an examination. This allows your doctor to see if finasteride is working for you. 

As we stated, stay away from this drug if you plan to become pregnant or is getting pregnant. Don’t touch or handle the pills as it can be absorbed through the skin. Accidentally touch it, you have to wash the affected areas with soap and water right away to prevent finasteride side effects for women. 

Although there are no adequate researches showing the risk of finasteride in women while breastfeeding, be careful. You should consider carefully before deciding to take medicine to avoid potential risks. Plus, children are not recommended for using this treatment. 

The medicine may increase changes to the breast tissue. Both men and women notice that their breasts have pain and clumps when taking finasteride. But it is an unwanted effect of the medicine. It also causes tenderness and an enlargement of the breasts, but they will disappear when you stop using it. 

What is the right dosage of finasteride for women? 

Finasteride For Women - Relax, It Saves Your Hair!
finasteride 2.5mg

In a recent study, researchers say that they found hair improvement in both premenopausal and postmenopausal women with hair problems. Specifically, participants have been treated with finasteride 2.5 mg per day. After three months, 30% of them showed a slight improvement in hair, and 65% had significant improvement. The results meant that 2.5 mg dosage is finasteride safety for women. 

In some cases, women take finasteride to control hair growth. Some women have their strands grow so faster than normal, so they use this medication. But don’t misuse it! 


Can women use finasteride for hair loss at higher doses?

Is it better if you consume 5 finasteride mg per day? Be honest! It’s not necessarily. Some research showed that women taking 5 mg dose improved their hair density and thickness, but they experienced side effects simultaneously. They had excess hair growth and enlargement of breasts.  

Nonetheless, further studies need to be done to determine the best treatment dose and schedule for hair loss in women. 

Finasteride For Women - Relax, It Saves Your Hair!
finasteride before and after

Should I take finasteride for women?

Finasteride is the best treatment for male pattern baldness. And it may be a good option for hair problems in women who do not intend to get pregnant. 

We recommend using Minoxidil for hair loss in women as it works effectively and causes fewer side effects than finasteride does. The FDA approved this drug for use in females. You can find it in different forms, the most popular forms include the topical solution and oral medications. Minoxidil acts to dilate blood vessels, thereby boosting blood flow to all hair follicles and stimulating hair growth. It’s slow going, so be patient. For instance, if you use a topical solution, applying it every morning and evening. It does not feel sticky or greasy on your hair. After 3-6 months, you can notice that your hair loss is getting less and new hair grows. 

Finasteride alternative for women

To avoid finasteride for women side effects, there are several alternative therapies available in the market. Here they are.

– Saw palmetto: This is a herb found in the South-Eastern of the USU. According to researchers, the saw palmetto extracts and supplements can block the conservation of testosterone to DHT. Taking or applying it, it works to prevent shrinking hair follicles. What’s more, it enhances hair health and stimulates hair growth. Saw palmetto used in supplements needs time to bring your strands back. Don’t be rush! It may take 8 weeks or even longer so that you can see the improvement on your head. Consider some options of saw palmetto for hair loss: NOW Foods Saw Palmetto Extract, Nature’s Bounty Saw Palmetto, etc. 

Finasteride For Women - Relax, It Saves Your Hair!
saw palmetto vs zinc for hair loss

– Zinc: According to experts, zinc deficiency contributes to hair problems, consisting of hair loss. To deal with it, you should use daily supplements of zinc. Users can get zinc in tablets or batter forms. Opt for the medication that works better for your hair, and don’t take high doses. Twice per day is ideal. For the maximum results, please consult your doctor and professionals before taking zinc. 

Alternatively, making small changes in your lifestyle and diet is an effective way to treat your hair loss. Eat more food sources containing protein, essential minerals, and vitamins to boost hair to grow. Try to avoid stress and sleep enough, as well.  

Our conclusion 

Finasteride for hair loss is tolerated in different doses, and it works best for women at 2.5 mg per day. Consider other alternative treatments if you are pregnant.; because finasteride will cause feminization of the male fetus. 

Hope that after reading this post, you have a more in-depth insight into the finasteride for women. Should or should not consume this medication, it would be better if you consult your doctor first. They help you decide whether finasteride works for your hair or not. 

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