Ash Brown Hair Color 101 – Inspire You To Go For New Hair

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Noone says that brown hair color is boring. There are a variety of stylish brown shades you can sport – including ash brown hair color. Whether you are a brunette or blonde girl, you can play with this hair hue for a cool appearance. 

Want to hop ash brown hair? Here, Layla is giving you the lowdown on this hair hue and how to get it, plus sharing the best ideas for this appearance. Let’s get started!

What is ash brown color?

Ash brown color is a stunning combination of brown and silver shades. If most shades of brunette are often warm, this hue is a cool tone. 

The most outstanding of this color is that it suits every complexion, including dark or white tone. You are looking for something to switch up your hair and yourself, you can get ash brown hair color to make your dream come true. It can be customized to suit your preference. If you are a big fan of balayage style, rock it for the endmost transformation. 

Enter to ash brown world, there are tons of versions you can choose from. Dark, medium, or light ash brown hair color, etc. brunette girls can rock one for a new modern look. 

Ash Brown Hair Color 101 - Inspire You To Go For New Hair
ash brown hair

What should you know before dyeing ash brown color?

Be aware of your natural hair shade before getting ash brown hair. In some cases, you have to brighten your mane by bleaching before you get this look. This makes the color look more stunning and visible. A or can help you choose the right shade that gives you the best results. 

How to get the best ash brown hair color?

After you determine which color suit you most, color it. You choose a light or dark ash brown hair color you desire, such as smokey ash brown. 

Now, you have to buy the right hair dye. If you have to lighten your hair first, buy bleach from a reliable brand. Once you’ve bleached, use an ash brown hair dye and color kit and follow the instruction on the label. Make sure that your hair and scalp are clean enough before you apply the hair dye. When rinsing, use cool water to avoid stripping hair color. 

You are seeking several ideas to go ash brown hair color for black hair, keep scrolling.

Ash Brown Hair Color 101 - Inspire You To Go For New Hair
how to dye hair ash brown

Best ideas for brown ash hair color

Are you ready to upgrade your beauty look? Ahead, we’ve rounded up some popular options in the ash brown hair color chart that looks amazing on everyone. 

Ash brown highlights

You are a huge fan of highlights? Start making a change with ash brown highlights. No need to cover the dye entire your head, just apply the dye where you want to highlight. With this look, it adds more dimension to your tress. For the eye-catching hair look, you should lighten your locks before highlighting. This brings your hair color to life. 

The style is so sophisticated and needs your skill. If you are unsure, go to a hair salon and enlist the help of pros. They help you achieve the best hair appearance and minimizing hair damage. 


Dark ash brown hair

If your skin tone is dark, give this version a try. Look for dark ash brown hair color pictures, you may see that the hair is the result of dirty brown and silver shades. It looks like classic and cool-toned hair, creating dimensions and a lightening effect for your overall appearance. In general, don’t hesitate to rock this hair if you want to magnify your natural glow. 

Ash Brown Hair Color 101 - Inspire You To Go For New Hair

Ash brown balayage

Rock for a medium ash brown hair color with balayage if you are fancy a low maintenance hair shade. A far cry from most versions, this trend allows beauties to add highlights to specific areas on your head. Balayage hair can call attention to your mane. 

Medium hair color can work well with the ombre technique. It will conceal all the warm undertones of your mane, leaving cool brown that suits all skin tones. 

Light ash brown hair

As the best option in the light ash brown hair color chart, this hair color is so cool and sophisticated. It fits well with fair skin. If your hair is blonde or in a light base, color it right now. This ashy brown hair really helps your natural locks pop. 

Ash Brown Hair Color 101 - Inspire You To Go For New Hair

Smokey ash brown hair

For those wanting to wear a hybrid hair hue, feast your look with this hair. It is on-trend now. How does it look? It is a blend of mauve, brown, and silver hints. Try painting your natural hair in a smokey grey hue to create a multi-tonal hair effect. Perfect! 

Grey ash brown hair 

This hair appears with more grey than ash, leaving a super-sleek and metallic finish. The cool grey tint is ideal for beauties with a light brown hair base.  

If you want to sport this light ash brown hair color on black hair, please bleaching or lightening your hair first.

Ash Brown Hair Color 101 - Inspire You To Go For New Hair

Ash chocolate brown

Ash chocolate brown is among the most desirable style for brunette girls. The hair color gives your natural locks a rich and vibrant tint, not too light yet too dark. It’s time to change your hair for a gorgeous finish.

The bottom line

Ash brown hair color will never out of date due to its stunning and eye-catching shades. Whether your natural hair base is dark or light brunette, there are multiple ways and versions you can go for it.

Hopefully, this post can help you know more about this trending hair color as well as help you to achieve the best hair.

Your hair is weak and fine, but you want to be a part of this trend. Don’t worry! Just purchase an ash brown hairpiece to get these tones. You are finding a place to buy human hair extensions, Layla Hair company is a wise choice. All the hair is made of real human strands that are durable and natural-looking. Want to get these hairpieces, contact us for further details and help.

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