Worried About Finasteride Side Effects? Read This First!

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Finasteride is a prescription drug and approved by the FDA. It is available as an oral tablet. If you are experiencing male pattern hair loss, this drug is an ideal option to cure your mane. Finasteride will work to prevent hair from falling out and promote hair growth. It would be better if you take it alone and don’t share it with others. Also, finasteride only works to stimulate hair growth on your head, not increase the amount of body hair. But side effects from finasteride are unavoidable. How common are finasteride side effects in males? How to reduce side effects of finasteride? Please read it carefully!

What Are The Side Effects of Finasteride?

Is it completely safe to take finasteride? You have to take finasteride continuously 3 months to see results, so you also need time to verify this drug. Some say that they have no irritations, while others reviewed that they see some unwanted effects. What is finasteride for hair loss side effects? Here are the common side effects that can appear with finasteride:

— Allergic reaction: red rash, swelling of lips, tongue, runny nose, or itching face

— Decrease sexual drive or ejaculation disorder

— Increase in breast size

— Affect unborn and baby infant if women taking finasteride during the pregnant or breast breeding.

Worried About Finasteride Side Effects? Read This First!
finasteride for hair loss


Some users reviewed that they are allergic to the ingredients of the drug. They notice symptoms like skin rash, swelling of lips, itching dace, runny nose, dizziness, and trouble breathing. If you suffer these symptoms, stop using and call your doctor or pharmacist. 

Now you can find finasteride 5mg and 1 mg in most drug stores, but please follow the doctor’s instructions. Many think that 5mg tablets are better than the rest one because it is a higher dose. However, the truth is not. Finasteride 5mg for hair loss side effects is severe as it may overdose for some. That’s why doctors and pharmacists recommend 1mg tablets for daily use.

Finasteride sexual side effects

Finasteride for hair loss may decrease sexual desire or ability. Men can decrease the amount of semen released during sex. However, it is not finasteride side effects permanent. And the drug will not influence your sperm count or ability to have a baby. If you stop taking tablets, these symptoms will decrease and stop. 

If you see other side effects like a lump in the breast or tenderness, inability to urinate, and promptly visit your doctor. He will help you find the best solution. 

Worried About Finasteride Side Effects? Read This First!
finasteride might reduce your sexual ability

Not recommended for women and children

Finasteride is for men only. Women can take it if they want to control their excessive hair growth. Finasteride side effects women are severe. You are pregnant or breast breeding, stay away from this drug as it leads to the feminization of male infants. It is absorbed into the skin, rinse it away with water if you accidentally touched the drug. Be careful!

We also found finasteride reviews that reveal that the drug can increase the risk of prostate cancer. Is it right? In a 2003 study, it indicated men taking finasteride tablets were less likely to get prostate cancer. It would be better if you get a doctor’s advice before taking the tablets. 

Bear in mind that finasteride side effects reversible. We mean that all side effects will be controlled when you stop taking drugs or adjust the dose.  

Note that other unwanted effects not listed above may also occur in some patients. If you notice anything unusual,  check with your doctor or professional.


Reduce Side Effects of Finasteride 

We recommend finding out the benefits of finasteride before and after. Make questions before taking drugs. Whether it is allergic to your skin or not? Does finasteride affect health? What should I do if I feel itching face after taking medication? To answer these questions, consider the following:

Tell your doctor

Worried About Finasteride Side Effects? Read This First!
take the proper dosage of finasteride

Before using, read the label or package and consider the ingredients of products. Tell your doctor to consider if you have any unusual or allergic reaction to this drug. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor if you have any queries.

What’s more, adjust the dose of the treatment to reduce finasteride long term side effects. Once you answered the question «what are the side effects of finasteride 5 mg«, you should avoid taking this 5 mg tablets. Also, users can take a dose with 1 mg or 0.3 mg to eliminate the side effects. Remember to use the medication at the same time daily to treat hair loss. 

Avoid taking finasteride during breastfeeding

As we stated, finasteride is not indicated for use in the women and pediatric population. You have to consider the potential side effects of finasteride in females before consuming this medication while pregnancy or breastfeeding. Don’t handle crushed or broken tablets, otherwise causing birth defects in male babies. If a woman does come in contact with this drug, wash away with water and soap. 

Worried About Finasteride Side Effects? Read This First!
don’t use it while you’re breastfeeding

Limit using finasteride when taking other medications

To avoid drug interactions, take 1 mg tablet alone. Some certain medicines used together may cause interaction, not good for your health. In these cases, your doctor or pharmacist has to adjust the dose or how often you use it. When you decide to take this medication for hair loss, tell your doctor if you are taking other drugs or not. 

Don’t use tobacco or alcohol at or around the time of taking drugs as interactions may occur. 

To Sum Up

Finasteride often works most amazingly for hair loss in males. It will be able to protect scalp health and stimulate hair to grow faster as well. 

Hope the information in this article will help you find a good solution to treat hair loss and know finasteride side effects to avoid. Try following our guides to avoid finasteride side effects recovery and share results with us. We recommend you to visit your doctor to have any severe reactions to the drug. 

Feel free to send us any comments or questions about the topic today. And don’t forget to share it with your buddies and follow our blog for more interesting information!

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