4 Effective Ways To Slow Hair Growth You Haven’t Heard About

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For someone, they always find ways to speed up hair growth power. But fast-growing hair can be a problem for others. Your hair grows quicker as usual, you usually have to go to a hair salon to shave or trim the hair once a month. You may feel overwhelmed and want a break. For women, fast-growing hair cost money as they need additional trips to a hair salon for the mane. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are tired of unwanted hair growth. So how to slow hair growth? Have no fear, the guide to slow down hair growth on the head is here:

Why my hair grows faster than normal?

Everyone has their own hair growth speed. You have a full head of hair or experience baldness, natural hair grows differently. The hair growth is affected by two main factors, including hormones and consumables.


As we all know, we were born with about 100,000 hair follicles on the head. Hair strands grow on average about 1/2 inch every month and 6 inches per year. However, the rate of hair growth at everyone is different.  Hormone imbalances are the cause of overproduction hair growth. Why? Like hair follicles, hormones are determined when we are born. The imbalance of hormones influences directly and indirectly on hair growth. 

For example, in women, the levels of estrogen determine slowly and quickly hair growth. If the level of estrogen is too high, it may lead to unwanted hair. 

4 Effective Ways To Slow Hair Growth You Haven't Heard About
your diet affects hair growth rate

Foods & products affect the hair growth rate

Believe it or not, a large number of products on the market work to promote hair growth. They are formulated with high-quality ingredients that provide too much protein to the scalp and hair strands. Some users find it speeds up hair growth on the head as well as other parts of the body. Over time, they feel overwhelmed. 

Just like hair treatments, foods, and other products high in proteins and fats make hair growth quickly. They provide energy to grow hair on the head. In some cases, if you find your hair grows too fast, try to avoid foods and supplements with biotin, vitamins, and so on. 

Some foods make hair grow faster than normal:

— Eggs

— Salmon

— Fish

— Fresh fruits: avocado, berries, etc.

— Nuts and whole grains

— Beans

And more.

How to slow down hair growth

These methods should work on how to slow down hair growth on head:

Control the hormonal level

4 Effective Ways To Slow Hair Growth You Haven't Heard About
balance your hormones

Millions of people want to prevent hair loss, but it does not mean that they want to live with excessive hair. It would help if you talked to your doctor to find the best treatment to balance hormones in your body. Medical treatment helps you control the hormone, controlling the excessive hair growth.  

To control the hormone levels, you can take drugs in the form of birth control pills or antiandrogen therapy. For instance, antiandrogen medications will work to reduce androgen production. Aside from this type of medication, birth control pills control the estrogen level in women and reduce the hair growth rate. You can notice the result after using drugs for about 3-6 months. 

Use hair-growth inhibitor lotions

How to slow hair growth on head? These lotions may reduce the growth of hair on your head and facial hair. Hair-growth inhibitor lotion often contains soy extracts that shrink hair follicles, slow down the hair growth. The growth of hair should slow after the use of one or two months. 

Where to buy these lotions? You can easily find these products in most cosmetic and drug stores near you. Nevertheless, please read the list of ingredients before using it to avoid unwanted effects, such as irritation or skin rash.

4 Effective Ways To Slow Hair Growth You Haven't Heard About
Hair-growth inhibitor lotion

Product control

We do mean that you should control the food you consume. It does not mean that you have to change any food by the desire to slow down the hair-growing power. Never stop taking care of your health and yourself.

However, you should eliminate some vitamin supplements rich in biotin, Omega-3, and so on, if they are non-essential. As we said earlier, these supplements work to promote hair to grow faster. Likewise, foods with a high level of protein and fat should be reduced in your diet. 


Talk to your doctor about your hair state 

My hair is growing too fast, how to slow down my hair growth? If you try the above methods but have no result, it’s time to consult your doctor. Talk to him if you are taking any hair supplements or your hair condition. There are numerous treatments that can slow down hair growth on the head that influence hair follicles, stunting the hair growth cycles. Your doctor may give you the best advice and treatment to reduce the excessive hair. 

4 Effective Ways To Slow Hair Growth You Haven't Heard About
talk to your doctor

In addition, there are a large number of products that help inhibit hair growth. They are available on the market and formulated for the best result. To be on the shelf of drug or cosmetic stores, they are researched and experimented carefully. The items inhibit the slowing of hair growth are for different parts of the body, like head, face, arms, leg, and back. Hence, please shop carefully when you buy inhibitors for hair on the head. 

In short

In conclusion, Layla hopes that the topic on «how to slow hair growth» can help you control the hair growth rate. Hope that you have a deep insight into what causes excessive hair growth. Knowing the tips to slow down hair growth may help you save time and money from constant hair shaving and trimming. And don’t hesitate to send us any comments or opinions and we try to answer as fast as possible.  

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