Fishtail Braid – The Right Hairstyle To Amp Up Your Hotness

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Nowadays, you can update many stunning hairstyling techniques to create beautiful hair. However, most of them need time to style gorgeous and chic hairdo. And one of the amazing styles for all hair types can be mentioned is the fishtail braid. Being unsure how to fishtail braid, it’s time to learn. The stunning hair can be worn daily and suit different outfits. 

Look at the braiding style, you think it is intricate and intimidating. But it is actually easier to create than you think. Hence, if you love styling your tresses with this chic and stylish braid, let Layla Hair help you to know how to do a fishtail braid in this post.

About Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Simply speaking, a fishtail braided hair is a typical style, requires a braiding technique. It relates to weaving your hair strands together, creating a promiscuous appearance when finished. There are numerous versions of the braid, such as fishtail braid a ponytail, wavy bob fishtail braid, etc. One of the most common styles of this technique is fishtail French braid style, beginning at the crown of your head. 

Fishtail Braid - The Right Hairstyle To Amp Up Your Hotness
what is fishtail braid

Wear the chic hairstyle for multiple occasions, taking part in prom, wedding, go out with your friends, and more. With it, you can absolutely outstanding from the mess. To add more impression, combine with some hair accessories is a perfect choice. As such, if you know how to do a fishtail braid, you will find it useful. Searching for images to copy, but they seem too complicated and little confusing. However, with your hands, a little practice, and some patience, you will be able to do it. 

Common styles of the fishtail braid

Fishtail braid updo: The braided hair will be gathered together and twisted onto your head to create an up-do. The amount of hair strands you take from each side is depending on you. The more hair you grab, the more tension you put on the head. Hence, creating loose braids helps you avoid experiencing headaches. Besides, the hairstyle offers a more edgy look.

Easy fishtail braid: As it sounds, the hair is a great idea for beginners. Whether you have medium or long hair, natural black color or dyed hair, it works effectively. When finished, you have a clean and neat look. 

Fishtail Braid - The Right Hairstyle To Amp Up Your Hotness

– Fishtail crown braid style: With several simple steps, you can alter the easy braiding technique into a fantastic crown. Although it creates a complicated look, it is not difficult to do the process. Use pins to secure the hair, or hairspray to keep it in the right place and good shape. Keep the hair neatly for a more professional style.

What about fishtail side braid? If you are somewhat experienced, don’t skip this amazing look. Spice it up with some color stips of hair to the bottom. Are you ready to rock this graceful hairstyle? If your natural locks are too short, no worries! Get yourself some hair systems, such as clip-in, tape-in extensions and create this astonishing look. 


Step-by-Step Guide On How to Make a Fishtail Braid

If you are excited, you may find this braided hairstyle a little easy to achieve. But the problem you will face is your arms becoming tired. It takes a lot of practice and patience. We think the more you try it out, the better you get. Now, it’s time to go for detailed fishtail braid steps. Let’s get started! 

Step 1

You start off by gathering all hair strands and split them into 2 equal sections. Now, pick up a small section from the outside of the right part, cross it over, and add it to the left part. 

Continue to do with a small hair section on the left part, cross it over, and add it to the right one.

Fishtail Braid - The Right Hairstyle To Amp Up Your Hotness
how to style a fishtail braid

Step 2

You take the index finger and thumb on your right hand to pinch the hair where it crosses to lock hair into place. Go with another hand while grabbing some new hair. Do the same technique on step 1. Take a small piece of hair, cross it over, and add it to the right again. 

Step 3

Repeat the whole process until you reach the hair ends. Tie the braid off by using an elastic. Adjust the braid so that it looks good. You can gently pull the sides of braided hair to loosen it up as well as give it some more volume. 

Note: The longer your hair is, the longer the process is. It is much easier if you do the process on someone’s hair. 

We really hope that you find our fishtail braid tutorial helpful. Remember, you should start with a hair section at the top of your head and add small pieces to the braid when you move down the bottom.  

Tips to maintain the fishtail braid

Fishtail Braid - The Right Hairstyle To Amp Up Your Hotness
the braids should be tight enough to keep its shape

– After finished, make sure that the braid is tight enough to keep its shape. If your braided hair is too loose, the strands fall out and look messy. 

– If you are going to create fishtail braids, wash your hair before a day as this braiding hairstyle tends to work best on the second-day hair. 

– Spray dry shampoo to your hair so that it helps add more extra grip and stay power.

– If you prefer an interesting braid, wrap the braided hair into a low bun. 

In The Bottom Line

Who does not love stunning fishtail braid style? We believe that you will the next one to fall in love with this hairstyle after reading this post. Opt for this classic and staple braid, you look so more beautiful and elegant. Create different hairstyles, like a messy fishtail braid, fishtail braid on the ponytail, hunky fishtail braids, and more.

Continue to be more beautiful and attractive with your new hair! Bear in mind that magic is not out of your hand. More importantly, not only your bio hair, you can apply braiding techniques on human hair systems. Interested in other hair products (clip-in extension, tape-in extension, wigs, hot fusion, and more), don’t forget to visit Layla’s site. What are you waiting for? Follow us to get more useful stuff and exciting writings.

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