The Secret Of French Braid That No One Is Talking About

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You are looking for a new and simple way to style your bio hair. You want to achieve a fancy look. There are numerous ways to do that, but one of the most beautiful techniques you can employ is French braid

We think that learning how to french braid your own hair is necessary for all girls. You find it easy when braiding someone’s hair, but it may be confusing when you do on your own tresses. You need patience and some practices to be smart in braiding your own hair. If you really want to know how to French braid, go to this article to find out the best way to style your hairdo.

What Is French Braid?

French braid, also known as French plait, has been survived for thousands of years and will last for more thousands. It is no denied that this hair is a timeless and chic hair look. You easily see this braided hairstyle everywhere, from school, wedding, to the red carpet. Bear in mind that it is for all, not only for French people. 

Everyone loves this look, especially the young. It’s the reason why French braids never out-of-date. Many famous hairdressers also comment that the hair braid presents both classic and classy style. Also, it is not difficult to get; thus, it is perfect for beginners. 

The Secret Of French Braid That No One Is Talking About
what is French braid hairstyle

What’s more, the hair is comfortable to rock as it does not put too much pressure on your head. It distributes the tension and weight evenly on your natural locks and head; hence, you don’t experience headaches. Sometimes, it is considered as a protective hairstyle. Opt for this look when you go to work or join a party. Also, apply this simple technique on your daughter’s hair when she goes to school. 

Dutch vs french braid

These braided styles are common and loved by young gals. Both Dutch and French braids are suitable for different occasions, for sweet and formal events. Use some hair accessories such as flowers, pins, or stones to add to the braids. It will give an elegant and beautiful look when finished.  

So how can I distinguish French braid vs Dutch braid? What is the difference between these styles? For a Dutch braid, it offers a 3D impression. The hair is known as the inside-out braided style. You also divide your hair into 3 sections: the left, center, and the right one. Start braiding, you pull the left section cross under the middle section. Then continue pulling the right section cross under the middle one. Apply the same technique until you reach your hair ends. 

The Secret Of French Braid That No One Is Talking About
dutch vs french braids

How To Do A French Braid

You need some basic tools to french braid your own hair for beginners:

– A normal brush to comb through the hair

– A rattail comb

– Small elastics

– Hairspray

Follow the French braid tutorial from our experts to get a beautiful look. We will give you a detailed guideline to help you become a master.

Prepare the hair

The first step is to detangle and brush all the hair backward. Don’t forget this step as it is necessary. Ensure that you have no tangles and knots because this helps you braid natural locks easily.

After you have brushed the hair, splits your tresses into 2 equal sections down the back by using a rattail comb. You tie or clip one hair section. On the rest one, take a small hair cluster in the front in triangle-shape, continue to divide it into smaller equal sections. 

The Secret Of French Braid That No One Is Talking About
how to do a French braid

Start braiding

After splitting hair, you take the section on the top to cross over the middle one. You see the middle part now turns to the top one. Continue doing the same technique on the other part, take the bottom one and cross over the middle. Start the braid. 

You have to grab hair strands on the same side to add in the braid during the process. Remember «grab and grab» until you reach the hair ends. Hold everything tight to ensure the braid shape. 


Secure the braids

This is the last step on how to french braid your hair. Take clear elastics or rubber bands to secure the braided hair. You apply the same technique on the other side to get this braid style. Finished! You have a simple and perfect hairstyle. 

Adjustment is essential if the braid is too tight. Loosen the hair to avoid a headache. Pull the sides of the braided hair if you want to achieve a thick and voluminous hair look. We think our how-to-guide helps you find the best answer to the question «how to french braid my own hair.»

French Braid Hairstyles

French braid cornrows on your natural locks

This braid style will lie flat on your scalp. The combination of braid and cornrow style creates a sophisticated and desirable look. Also, this hair is a little more sporty look.  

The Secret Of French Braid That No One Is Talking About
French braid cornrows vs Fishtail French braid vs French braid bun

Fishtail French braid

You want a stunning and feminine look, combines two braids into one to get this look. The hairstyle gives a more elegant and classy look. Leave some strands in the front to create naturalness. It is more suitable for medium and long hair. 

French braid bun style

Whether you are off to a special event or sweet party, rock this French bun style. It is a detailed and sophisticated hairstyle that appears like a crown on your head. Combine braiding technique and making a bun, you look so elegant. Braid the hair and runs around the back of your head, and tie your tresses into a topknot. Let’s enjoy your beautiful hair. 

In A Nutshell

Although Frech braid is far from many new styles today, it always is still trendy for years. From celebs to hairdressers, they also wear this timeless hairstyle. There are plenty of options for the fantastic French braid for you to choose from. Hopefully, after scanning through our words, you have a different thought about this hair.  

Interested in this style, go for our guide on how to french braid hair above. Or you have other ways to get Frech braid, don’t hesitate to share with us. Take action today, change your image with a simple braiding technique. Be confident to shine your beauty!

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