Five Reasons Why Lace Closure Bob Wig Is The Best Choice For Ladies

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Long hair extensions come in many shapes. So does a lace closure bob wig. You can find bob wigs in white or dark brown. There are some in slight waves or straight.

Five Reasons Why Lace Closure Bob Wig Is The Best Choice For Ladies
Bob wig is the best option for any girl to appear in style.

What is a bob wig?

If you put bob wig in the search box of Google, the result will be images of white bobs in British courts. It’s funny, but it’s true identity.

Nowadays, bob wigs become one of hit fashion accessories for modern girls. It’s no longer only white. This short hair wigs can be found in as many styles as expected. All of them make ladies look gorgeous and stylish. Bob wigs present for modern appearance and freedom of women.

What are the differences between lace closure and lace frontal?

Why we don’t recommend lace frontal but lace closure for ladies, even though, they look great with sew-in hair extensions. Using either lace closure or lace frontal can help you save time with manage blending the real hair behind. They are both close and tight to cover up your hair flawlessly.

Here lies the reason.

Firstly, it’s necessary to comprehend the characteristics of each type.

Lace frontal

Lace frontal can cover half of our head. It’s made to surround from ear to ear. You will leave a string of hair surrounding your head and sew the closure in. The bonding will be covered up by the upper layer of the real human hair. It looks stunningly natural and hidden.

Five Reasons Why Lace Closure Bob Wig Is The Best Choice For Ladies

A patch of lace frontal


A lace frontal is usually doing fine with every style of hair. You can tie up, make a bun or curl the hair with your real hair. Natural density is its strength on the competition with other closures. Lace frontal gives full spectrum from this temple to another. Thus, your hair gets added volume. It seems the best choice for thin-hair girls.

Wearing lace frontal can help you with blending thin edges of hair such as the line under the ear or you desert hair on the upper neck.

Lace closure

Lace closure is not broad enough to wear from this side to another. It’s in a smaller size so you can wear in bold areas.

Five Reasons Why Lace Closure Bob Wig Is The Best Choice For Ladies

Layla Hair Lace Closures


Girls nowadays have problems with hair fall. It’s the reason why some people have “horseshoe” areas on their head. In this case, lace closure is the flawless cure.


Based on the style, lace closure bob wig is the better choice because:

  • Bob wigs are short.
  • It is not as good as long hair at coverage. Thus, wearing lace frontal is too exposure.
  • Besides, lace frontal is thick and heavy. Bob hair will gain too much volume if you appear with a frontal closure.

Therefore, lace closure is more suitable. You can add volume on the side or the back, any area you want a thicker look. Lace frontal or lace closure is right to wear thanks to breathable layer. The lace fabric keeps the hair out of scalps or itches. Both are doing great in this part. Moreover, it’s invisible under your nose.

With long hair, you can have a wig in a little difference of length. For example, if you got 17’’ hair, wearing lace closure at the length of 16’’ or 18’’ look still good. Trimming can give you perfect look.

Could you do so with short hair? Properly not. Short hair like Bob needs the perfect match. Even with trimming, you may spend a lot of time. People have closures in small pieces and different length. They are little bundles.

Besides, trimming lace closure is more accessible than coping with lace frontal. The latter is dense.

Five reasons why lace closure bob wig is the best choice for ladies

For what we discuss on above, we conclude five advantages to wear lace closure bob wig.


Lace closures for ladies are comfortable to wear. They are mostly on sale in the clip-in version which users can take off everywhere they want.It’s one of convenient lace closure hairstyles.

Trendy hairstyles

Unlike to long hair, bob is simple to handle. You can do grooming without a comb. Taking off the lace closures will not mess your hair. Bob is a trendy hair. We can refer to Marilyn Monroe, a gorgeous celebrity with cannot-take-eyes-off legendary bob hair.

Five Reasons Why Lace Closure Bob Wig Is The Best Choice For Ladies

Selena Gomes and lace closure bob wig

Until now, in modern life with bunches of hairstyles on the street, bob hair stays still as cool as cucumbers. Bob can present the activeness, modern, elegance and even the success. It’s simple but powerful.

Choice of colors

For lace closure bob wig, users can find as many colors as they have with long hair extensions. There are stylish colors for bob such as white, deep black, brown, blonde or even pink or blue.
Choice of density

Five Reasons Why Lace Closure Bob Wig Is The Best Choice For Ladies

Bog wigs are quite popular among Hollywood stars

As an outstanding feature of lace closure, you can choose how thick you want your bob is. By deciding how many pieces of closures, you are keeping control of your hairstyle.

Choice of length

Bob does not mean as short as ear level.

Bob can be at the length of the chin. You can expect bob is falling down the shoulder. To get customers all the look of this beautiful hairstyle manufactures of lace closure release all of the possible lengths.
Trimming for suitable length and blending with natural hair is no longer a hard job. It’s quick, as easy as a cake.

Being a wig lover; you should try bob at least once in your lifetime. You will get away from the weight and heat of long hair extensions and limited long hairstyle.

The bottom line

Lace closure bob wig brings you a new wind. It is crisp and refreshing. It presents for something unique and confident, like the first time woman cut down their long hair to fight for the right. Besides, taking care of shorter hair ask you less time. No more tangled and normal hair falls from combing.

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