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5 Cut-Throat Tactics To Fix Frizzy Hair Extensions That Will Never Fail

No matter how good your extensions are, how delicate you have taken care of it, dry and frizzy hair extensions are still a common problem that girls often encounter.

The following post from Laylahair will work on the reasons that lead to this nightmare, as well as the efficient ways to stop it.

Why are my hair extensions frizzy?

If the scenario of frizz is too familiar to you and you have no idea how to fix it, then don’t be rush. The first thing you need to do is to determine the underlying causes of this problem. Once you have understood it well, then you will know how to take proper precautions.

5 Cut-Throat Tactics To Fix Frizzy Hair Extensions That Will Never Fail

frizzy hair extensions

If you have been asking “why are my hair extensions frizzy”, “how to stop frizzy hair extensions”, etc., then this article is a must-read.

So first, what does “frizzy” mean? If you search for it on the dictionary, it might refer to a situation that the hair becomes curlier than its original look. But in fact, the problem is not that simple. It is “curly”, but not the beautiful curly. It is more about the bad situation of hair when it does not remain its straight and smooth features any longer.

Lack of moisture

Frizzy hair extensions happen due to the lack of moisture. It is easy to understand because hair extensions do not take any moistures or nutrition from your scalp like your real hair. It is even less exposed to excess moisture from the air. After times, the extensions will become drier and frizzier.

Hair damage

Another contributing factor that leads to frizz is hair damage. Once your hair has been badly affected by your improper care, it is more prone to dry and frizzy situation.

5 Cut-Throat Tactics To Fix Frizzy Hair Extensions That Will Never Fail

damaged curly hair extensions

That’s the reason why curly and wavy hair extensions and wigs are likelier to become frizzy. It has naturally drier than straight hair, and once it does not receive enough moisture, getting frizzy is obviously unavoidable.

Fortunately, there is always a way out! This problem seems serious, but there are still tips and tricks to get rid of it.

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How to fix frizzy hair extensions?

Below are our recommendations to tame frizzy hair extensions and gain back its softness.

Use a Sulfate-free shampoo

Never choose a shampoo that contains sulfate because it would do harm to your hair extensions. Sulfate is a common ingredient in lots of shampoo brands because it could create lather. However, this substance would omit the natural oil from the hair, thus making it become dry and frizzy. Therefore, to prevent the natural oil and moisture from reducing, it is better to use a sulfate free shampoo.

5 Cut-Throat Tactics To Fix Frizzy Hair Extensions That Will Never Fail

use sulfate-free shampoo

In addition, to tame frizzy hair extensions, you had better find a shampoo with a high level of glycerin. Glycerin would penetrate to the hair strands and hydrate it inside out. Hence, it could be a powerful weapon to combat frizz. This ingredient also absorbs the excess moisture from the air and keep your hair humid enough.

Don’t forget to apply conditioner

Hair extensions frizzy after washing might also be the result of the lack of conditioner. Remember to use conditioner to hydrate your hair every time you shampoo it so that moisture could soak into each strand.

Similar to the best shampoo for hair extensions, the conditioner should contain glycerin and other ingredients that boost hydration.

Notice: apply the conditioner to the mid-length and the tips of the extensions. Avoid applying it directly to the root to prevent the tape or bond from loosening.

5 Cut-Throat Tactics To Fix Frizzy Hair Extensions That Will Never Fail

apply a hydrating mask to your extensions

Apply a hydrating mask to your hair extensions

Once the hair is hydrated, it will absorb moisture easier, thus reducing the risk of frizzy hair extensions. You can apply a DIY hair mask or make a treatment once a week to get the best result. It will make the hair less prone to damage because of styling also.

The mask or treatment should contain coconut oil or castor oil – the two things that boost hydration the most.

Limit blow-drying hair

Similar to our real hair, hair extension would be significantly influenced by blow drying. If you are too dependent on the hair dryers, your hair would become extremely frizzy and dry.

5 Cut-Throat Tactics To Fix Frizzy Hair Extensions That Will Never Fail

limit blow drying hair

Therefore, it is better to let your hair extensions air dry. In case you don’t have enough time to wait, you can use the hairdryer but just at a low level of heat only. And remember to keep it far away from your hair to avoid damaging.

You can use a diffuser when blow drying your hair, by the way. The diffuser will limit the amount of heat and forceful air that directly hit your hair. It is a wonderful tool to keep your hair extensions smooth.

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Apply nourishing oil to hair ends

To prevent hair extension from getting friction and frizz, try using nourishing oil. This oil will help to smooth the hair out and add gloss and shine to your extensions. It will soak deep into the hair cuticle to add moisture and revitalize health and vibrancy.

5 Cut-Throat Tactics To Fix Frizzy Hair Extensions That Will Never Fail

apply nourishing oil to hair ends

Use only 1 – 3 drops of oil for each time only. Drop it on the palm of your hair and then apply it evenly to the tips of the strands. It is an exceptionally effective way to stop frizzy hair.

The DONT’s to avoid frizzy hair extensions

It is essential to pay attention to every simple activity so that frizz could never happen. You should never do the followings:

  • Don’t overbrush your hair. People tend to lose temper when the hair is too hard to brush. Keep calm and gently comb the hair to remove any hair knots. You should start from the bottom then move upward to prevent getting hair even more tangled. A wide-toothed comb is advisable to use.
5 Cut-Throat Tactics To Fix Frizzy Hair Extensions That Will Never Fail

don’t over brush your hair

  • Don’t apply too much heat to your hair extensions. We are saying about your styling processes such as using the curling wands or other heating tools. It will easily damage your extensions.
  • Don’t overprocess your extensions. Even when your extensions are made of the best human hair, you should limit dying or bleaching it. These processes could make your hair severely damaged.

Getting soft and smooth hair is the dream of every person in this world. Layla hopes that with our delicate advice above, you could know what to do if your hair extensions are frizzy.

Of course, if your extensions have been severely damaged and cannot be revived, it’s time to think about getting a new pack of hair!

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