The A-to-Z Guide About Folic Acid For Hair Growth

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Your hair is getting thinner and thinner. You’ve tried numerous hair products but have not found the suitable one. Have you ever heard of folic acid for hair growth? To be honest, some of you may find it unfamiliar or have never thought about the benefits of folic acid for hair. However, it plays an important role in healthy cell growth, encouraging hair growth as well. So, today you will get to know about folic acid for hair as well as its benefits. Lets’ find out!

What is folic acid?

Can folic acid make your hair grow faster?

Does folic acid promote hair growth?

Or do you need folic acid for hair growth?

The A-to-Z Guide About Folic Acid For Hair Growth | Laylahair
folic acid

Before answering those questions, we should have a clear definition of folic acid first. Folic acid, known as vitamin B9, is an essential nutrient that can maintain a healthy body, including hair growing. It is the synthetic form of folate that is usually found in supplements and food sources, such as meat, beans, legumes, etc. 

What does the research say about folic acid? It is necessary for producing red blood cells. It is responsible for new cell growth. These cells are found in your hair, nails, and other skin tissues. Hence, experts suggest you consuming vitamin B9 as a great treatment for encouraging hair to grow. 

A 2017 published research shows that deficiency of folic acid and vitamins B group also cause the premature graying issue in adults. 

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What folic acid can do for hair growth?

Does folic acid stimulate hair to grow? It is a vital nutrient for our body and hair, too. How does it work for our hair strands?

Boost hair growth

By producing red blood cells and new healthy ones, this vitamin helps in the keratinization of hair strands during the hair growth process. This vitamin stimulates blood circulation to your head, supplying nutrients for healthy hair. 

For girls with fine and thinning hair or lack of B vitamins, please eat more foods containing folic acid and biotin, zinc, and vitamin C. You should maintain an appropriate level of folate to boost the hair growth cycle and generate new cells.

The A-to-Z Guide About Folic Acid For Hair Growth | Laylahair
vitamin B9 stimulates hair growth

Prevent hair loss

When you don’t supply enough folic acid, the body will prioritize supplying nutrients to more vital organs. It means that your hair cannot receive enough vitamins, resulting in hair loss. 

Therefore, getting enough folate is very important. The vitamin helps in metabolizing different nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fat, and protein in the body. In this way, all hair follicles can receive enough nutrition for staying healthy. So it prevents and stops hair loss, as well. You can take pictures of your head to compare the results of folic acid for hair growth before and after. We’re sure that it will surprise and please you. 

Add more shine and volume to your tresses

Not only promoting hair growth, this vitamin also leaves you a full head of hair. It grows and nourishes hair from the inside out. Plus, your natural locks tend to appear shinier and healthier. 

We recommend you consuming supplements and folic acid foods to reach the best results. 

Treat premature gray

We think that you can answer the question “does folic acid improve hair growth” or something like that. Of course, the real evidence shows that it can. 

Plus, folic acid works to prevent premature gray in adults effectively as it prevents changing pigmentation in the hair strand. 

The A-to-Z Guide About Folic Acid For Hair Growth | Laylahair
it also treats premature gray

How much should you take folic acid?

What about folic acid for hair growth dosage? The recommended dosage is 400 micrograms (mcg) per day. You can consider taking the best folic acid supplement if you don’t get enough acid levels from foods. Remember that taking more than the recommended dosage does not make your natural locks grow faster. In contrast, it may be unsafe, even leading to some side effects, such as headaches, pale skin, and soreness in the mouth. 

If you are pregnant, you can take folic acid. It activates to keep both mom and baby healthy. Or you consult with your doctor to get enough nutrients during the pregnancy period. 

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Food sources of folic acid

What to eat? Find and consume foods rich in vitamin B9, like meat, eggs, beans, experts say. Make sure that you follow and maintain a balanced and healthy diet to prevent hair problems and keep hair growth. Here’re some foods containing folic acid vitamins help hair growth: 

– Dark green leafy vegetables

– Beans and legumes

– Broccoli

– Meat and poultry

– Eggs

– Nuts

– White rice

– Wheat germ 

– Orange juice

And more.

The A-to-Z Guide About Folic Acid For Hair Growth | Laylahair
folic acid in foods

Besides folic acid, you can choose other supplements formulated with other hair-boosting ingredients, such as biotin, vitamin B12, C, zinc, etc. All of them work to enhance overall hair wellness. For example, vitamin B12 sends oxygen circulation to hair follicles, improving hair growth. While biotin is useful for those dealing with hair loss. It helps strengthen hair strands from the roots. 

The takeaway

So, Layla has just given you some basics of folic acid for hair growth. We hope that you have learned about the definition of ashwagandha, its benefits, and the dosage to get the maximum results. 

Hopefully, with the above information, you will have the answer to the question “is folic acid or biotin better for hair growth?” The proper use of this vitamin will give you thicker and shinier hair. Please make full use of folic acid for hair growth and we are sure that it will have positive effects on your existing hair in the future. We ensure that it will not disappoint you. Get enough nutrients and vitamins for your overall wellness, and your natural locks will benefit, too. 

You can see your doctor if you are suffering from other severe hair problems. Bear in mind that folic acid helps in growing new hair, not treat balding spots or medical issues causing hair loss. 

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