9+ Easy-To-Find Foods That Promote Hair Growth

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For your hair to grow better and more beautiful, a daily hair care routine is not enough. You need to have a healthy and balanced diet with a lot of foods that can promote your hair growth. 

Have you ever heard that you are what you eat before? Yes, eating is not just about satisfying your stomach or fulfilling your hunger. Eating is for living. A healthy life can be built by good nutrition and a scientific lifestyle. 

Despite the fact that age, hormonal changes, or genetics are unchangeable factors that influence your hair growth, diet in another way, we can control it. The foods we eat should benefit all parts of our body including the hair. Poor nutrition and eating improper food can cause hair loss and many hair problems. To fix this, a balanced diet with nutritious kinds of food can motivate your hair growth.

So, in this article below, LaylaHair will suggest to you the top foods good for hair growth. Let’s find out together!


The top food we recommend for you is the egg which provides a huge source of biotin and protein. As you might not know, protein is the main ingredient of hair follicles and many experts indicate that if your daily diet is lacking protein, the result will be shown through your hair.

Besides protein, biotin is a very vital element for hair growth. If you want your hair to grow faster, you should provide more biotin. However, biotin deficiencies rarely happen if your diet is balanced and nutritious.  

On the other hand, eating eggs also makes your body provide a tremendous source of zinc and other nutrients that are good for healthy growth. You should eat one egg a week to see the differences.

9+ Easy-To-Find Foods That Promote Hair Growth


Vitamin A, C, iron, all of that encourage hair growth are located in spinach — a healthy vegetable. Thanks to vitamin A in this vegetable, sebum can be produced much and fast. Iron is also found in spinach which helps oxygen move smoothly in your body thanks to the carriage of blood cells to aid hair growth. Each day having a cup of spinach juice can wipe out your worry about hair loss. 


For growth, your hair needs a certain amount of vitamin E which can be found in avocados. The research shows that you just need one medium-size avocado to get the required amount of vitamin E in one day. Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals and fights against oxidative stress.

Vitamin E from avocados prevents your scalp from oxidative stress and damage. So, poor hair quality and few hair follicles are not your concern now. 

Researchers also figured out that avocados are a rich source of fatty acids which helps building blocks of the cells. Hair loss happens partly because of lacking fatty acids.

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None can deny the nutrient richness that seeds bring. For hair growth, nuts are highly recommended on your daily diet by experts. It depends on the kind of seed but normally, for example, 37% of daily vitamin E needs can be found in 30 grams of almonds. Having nuts on your diet is not only good for your hair growth but also other health benefits, for example, decreasing the risk of heart disease.  

9+ Easy-To-Find Foods That Promote Hair Growth


Zinc is a very necessary mineral. Eating oysters can help your body get enough zinc for hair growth and the hair cycle. A zinc deficiency is also solved by eating oysters to get enough zinc. However, too much of anything is not good, that’s why it’s better to get zinc from food like oysters than from supplements. The doses are small but effective.


Soybeans or other kinds of beans and foods can promote hair growth. This is proved by a study of 100 people in 3 months. The people who ate soybean have faster and stronger hair growth than the ones that didn’t have soybean in their meals. 

The nutrition in soybean makes the hair follicles more moist and strong.  


When talking about foods which are good for health, it’s a big mistake if we don’t mention meat. Meat is very rich in terms of nutrients including protein, iron, and several minerals. Eating enough meat in your daily diet can help your blood cells deliver oxygen in hair follicles easier and faster. And as mentioned above, protein and iron deficiencies can link to hair loss. 

Sweet potatoes

Beta-carotene is found mostly in sweet potatoes, all the nutrients from this source of food are converted into vitamin A. You can reach your daily vitamin A needs by eating a medium-size sweet potato. As a result, the rate of hair growth will be speeded up and the hair density will be thicker and silkier.  

9+ Easy-To-Find Foods That Promote Hair Growth


Everyone knows another rich source of vitamin A is carrots. Vitamin A can help your hair against dry, dull, and breakage besides stimulating the glands in the scalp to make sebum. One tip is to choose fruits rich in vitamin A. That is, you should choose the fruits that are orange-colored, for example, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and so on.  

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Iron deficiency can cause savage hair loss and it’s the most noticeable in women. Your hair can benefit from eating liver to get more iron. But you need to know how to pre-process and cook the liver in the right way to get the most effectiveness as much as possible.   

What you eat, in general, can have a huge effect on your body, not only your hair. Your hair growth may slow down or the hair will be felt out because of lacking vitamins, zinc, and mineral.  

However, you do not need to be too worried about that. Practicing living healthy and having a balanced diet will help you fix the problem in a safe way. Hence, try out the suggested nutrient foods above and tell us about your changes. Hopefully, you find this article helpful and understandable about foods that promote hair growth. Please visit our website LaylaHair.com for more informative reading.  

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