Why Is My Hair Thinning? The Non-Stop Journey To Find The Answer

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Thinning hair is one kind of hair loss but on a less serious level. Thinning hair is not the root of baldness like widespread hair loss. But have you ever wondered «why my hair is thinning?»

When people get older, their hair no longer maintains softness and thickness. Sometimes, because of your diet, nutrient deficiencies or hair treatment can cause thinning hair. However, in general, thinning hair does not affect your overall health, it can influence your appearance and self-esteem. There are available and effective treatments to improve this situation. In this writing, LaylaHair will help you understand more about the causes and suggest some workable treatments you can apply at home. Keep reading!

Why is my hair thinning out?

Let’s take a look at the first reason: genes. Yes, because some of your hair follicles are too sensitive to male hormones that produce thinner and finer hairs and make your hair fall out easily. 

Hair thinning genes are passed out from generations, so, if all your family member’s hair is thick and does not suffer baldness, there could be other causes for your thinning hair. 


Why Is My Hair Thinning? The Non-Stop Journey To Find The Answer
thinning hair after pregnancy

As you know, when you are pregnant, your body changes from inside to outside, and your hair is not an exception. After giving birth, your hair falls out due to a dip in estrogen levels which makes hair thinner. But do not be too worried, this condition will not last too long, just about one year or so.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes probably change the way how your body works and could be the answer for the question «Why is my hair thinning at the front?» It leads to hair loss at the crown of the scalp, the more hair sheds, the thinner your hair is. Hair density also changes with age. If your hair falls out more than normal, you might think about the change in hormones.


You are not hearing wrong, your hair may fall out because of overstress. When you are stressed, your body raises male hormone levels which can lead to shedding hair, dry scalp, and dandruff. To fix this problem, you should have a head massage into your roots regularly and remember to stay away from caffeine and unhealthy food.

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Harsh hairstyles

You are surprised when you hear that, don’t you? But yes, some hairstyles can make your hair fall more than normal and that’s why your hair is becoming thinner and thinner. Moreover, it’s about harsh hairstyles that cause your hair to thin in some positions of your head: in the front, on top, and on the sides. When your hair is tied too tight, it increases the risk of breakage. Therefore, to decrease the number of hair loss, you need to think about the way you style your hair. Restrict using a lot of heat styling tools and not often style your hair as a ponytail or by hair clips.


Diet is categorized as one of the popular reasons causing thinning hair. Researchers show that vitamin E, D, B12, and iron have great impacts on hair growth. Therefore, if these vitamins and minerals are not in your diet, your body might lack them and your hair falls out.  As a result, the most effective way to promote your hair to grow healthy and strong is to eat a balanced diet and have a healthy lifestyle.

Why Is My Hair Thinning? The Non-Stop Journey To Find The Answer
improper diet might also lead to hair loss

Suggested treatments

Scalp massage

It’s considered the cheapest therapy with effectiveness. After washing your hair, you should gently apply pressure with your fingertips around the scalp to make the blood flow more smoothly and make the hair follicles grow stronger.

Using oils

To make your hair thicker, you can try lavender oil, rosemary, or coconut oil as well. These oils make your scalp more moisture and provide nutrients to motivate hair growth faster. However, if you apply the oils improperly, it would bring side effects. So make sure these kinds of oil do not cause any allergic reaction. 

Using anti-thinning shampoo

This kind of product helps your hair increase in volume, therefore, it looks and feels thicker. It’s really a life jacket for people who suffer from thinning hair. There are a lot of vitamins and amino acids in anti-thinning shampoo for thinning hair that makes the scalp generate more hair and the new hair will be thicker and stronger.

Provide biotin

Biotin can break down enzymes in your body that can help with thinning hair. You can take biotin from a lot of sources, for example, it’s naturally found in foods like liver, nuts. For notice, when you are taking vitamin B-5 supplements, you should not use biotin at the same time.

Why Is My Hair Thinning? The Non-Stop Journey To Find The Answer
anti-thinning shampoo for hair

Laser therapy

Nowadays, it is quite common when using laser therapy for thinning hair treatment. It takes several months to help your hair regrow faster with dense density. However, compared with other types of treatment, this one is a little bit higher in price. So you need to think carefully before deciding to choose.  

Why don’t you try using hair extensions?


Because the hair is thin and easy to fall out, so you need to keep in your  mind some notices below:

— Should not style your hair in a ponytail style or other tight one.

— Provide natural conditioner and shampoo which has vitamin D in ingredients.

— Do not pull or tug your hair when combing. 

— Minimize the time of using heat treatment. 

The bottom line

People are always concerned about thinning hair at first, but it’s not a big problem, we can fix it. No matter the causes, thinning hair will be improved with the right products and some hair tips and tricks. 

We hope that after reading this article, you can understand more about your hair, why my hair is thinning, and know how to take care of thinning hair in the proper way.

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