Full Lace Wig Deep Curly: The Definition And Maintenance

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Just like any items, full lace wigs come in many shapes and sizes. As for many women who are fond of the trendy look, full lace wig deep curly or full lace wig with bangs is their ultimate choice.

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Wanna know more about deep curly full lace wigs? Let’s dive in this article!

What is full lace wig deep curly?

There are two things you should pay attention to when talking about this item: full lace and deep curly

Full lace wigs

As the name reveals, full lace wigs refer to a kind in which a thin layer of lace is used through the head. Unlike frontal, full lace requires users to cut the lace around the item, not just in front.

What special about this item is it is 100% handmade. Hair professionals will sew hair strands into the lace with their hands since it is hard to make with machines.

Full Lace Wig Deep Curly: The Definition And MaintenanceFull lace wig with deep curly from Layla Hair

This is the reason why the price of full lace wigs is slightly more expensive than lace frontals.

Most women choose full lace wigs because they can part their hair as their wish. Full lace is generally easier to style than lace frontal. The lace blends perfectly with the human scalp so that you can do updos, ponytails and so on.

This is a big drawback of lace frontals since these products are half wefts, not suitable for updos hairstyles.

Since full lace wigs are made 100% with lace base, they are breathable and comfortable to wear.

Deep Curly

If you are in love with curls, chances are you can’t say no to deep curly hair. Unlike natural curly hair, deep curly hair delivers tight and bold curls. This hairstyle is perfect for vibrant and confident women.

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Should I choose full lace wig deep curly or deep wavy?

If you can’t decide which hairstyles you should go with your full lace wigs, there are two options for you: deep wavy and deep curly.

As we mentioned above, deep curly has tight curl patterns. The curls will make your hair look thick and lively. Even though your hair is thin, after the deep curly process, you can still achieve the desired volume.

Full Lace Wig Deep Curly: The Definition And Maintenance

Full lace wavy wig

Deep wavy hairstyle, on the other hand, is quite loose. The adjective deep could be quite deceptive in this case. Wavy hair is generally looser than curls. Deep wavy hair is, of course, the tight patterns wavy hair can achieve.

As the name suggests, wavy hair resembles waves. Your hair will look natural this way.

So, ladies, if you are a strong confident woman who emits vibrant vibes, you should go for deep curly hair. Other than that, if you love feminine wavy hair, the second option is certainly your best choice.

How to maintain full lace wig deep curly?

Women with deep curly hair tend to complain a lot about their natural hair. Not because they hate their styles, but because of the unpredictable hairstyle they will end up in the morning.

Full Lace Wig Deep Curly: The Definition And Maintenance

A girl with beautiful deep curly hairstyle

For full lace wigs with deep curly, this isn’t the case. Since you can remove the wig at the end of the day, the hairstyle is maintained. However, there are lots of factors you need to concern when it comes to deep curly hair.

Here are what you should pay attention to on the daily care process.

Use the right shampoo

Deep curly hair in wigs is only achieved by heat processing. That being said, the hair strands often dry and coarse.

Especially with human hair without natural sebum from the scalp, things could get pretty critical if you don’t know how to take care of it.

Our suggestion is to buy shampoos with lots of nutrients. Those offer natural oil-based formula are the best.

Hair treatment

This sounds a bit complicated, but we would strongly recommend you to do it. This step will prevent your hair from being frizzy and tangled. Hair oils and hair masks are what you should take into account.

Massage your hair with the oil, but you should stay away from the lace. Make sure that you apply oil from the top to the tip. Then wash your wig with a trusted shampoo.

How to dry your hair matters

As for deep curly hair, you should never ever try to squeeze water out of the strands by towels. No, 100% no! The action of rubbing your hair with towels will make things worse, causing your hair to frizz and twist together.

What you should do is to put your head forwards and try to squeeze the water out with your hands.

You should also let the wig to air dry instead of blow dry. Heat is never gentle on our hair.

Minimize brushing

And we mean it. Brushing is not curly hair-friendly. In fact, the more your brush, the likelihood it frizzes gets higher. What’s more, your beautiful deep curly will lose it magic eventually.

Full Lace Wig Deep Curly: The Definition And Maintenance

How do you think about this item?

If however, you find any tangled spots, do it with your hands when your hair is still wet. You can use a wide-toothed comb for the job but that is all allowed.

How to straighten full lace wig deep curly?

After a while, you don’t feel like wearing a deep curly wig anymore. That is actually quite normal. If you are thinking about straightening your curly wigs, let us help you.

The process is indeed time-consuming, especially for deep curly hair. The curl pattern is deep and requires a lot of time to straighten it up. What’s more, the temperature of your straightener should also be higher than normal.

That said, you should not enter the heating journey without any heat protectants. Sometimes when the curls are too tough, you can’t completely straighten it, it’s time for some chemicals.

If you have purchased Remy Hair, it means the application of both chemicals and heat can easily damage your hair. However, if your wig is from virgin hair, you don’t really have to worry.

We would suggest you straighten the wig after sometimes of use. Most full lace wigs can last up to a year. You should only straighten your hair in the last two months, for example.

The bottom line

Full lace wig deep curly seems to be a well-rounded choice for women of any ages. People choose this item can either suffer from hair thinning or simply want to change their usual look.

Regardless of your preference, we believe that full lace wigs with deep curls will satisfy you.

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