Is Raw Cambodian Hair Good?

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The popularity of appearance consciousness has given rise to the wig, weave, and extensions market. Fake hair manufacturers are given a chance to come up with a wide variety of selection and prove their worth. However, on the customers’ side, it’s more challenging than ever to find the best quality kit out there.

In this article, let us save you some sweat by introducing raw Cambodian hair – one of the best types in the market today.

What is raw Cambodian hair?

Raw Cambodian hair, simple as it may sound, is real hair harvested from Cambodian donors. The critical components of this are “raw hair” and “Cambodian hair.” With this article, we will break down these keywords in details, so you will know why we made such a bold claim: Raw hair from Cambodia is one of the best!

Raw hair and virgin hair

Some people argue: “I know everything about real hair and synthetic fibers. But raw and virgin hair sounds the same to me. Is raw Cambodian hair good?”. In ordinary contexts, yes, but in the hair world, not at all. These two concepts have a subtle difference, yet that difference creates distinct results.

Is Raw Cambodian Hair Good?

16 Inches Curly Weave Cambodian Hair

Raw hair is 100% unprocessed hair. “Unprocessed” means the hair has not undergone any heat, steam, or chemical treatment before. With that being said, raw hair is the purest and most reliable form of hair, which has not been endured with human’s interference.

Virgin hair is slightly different that it has not gone through chemical processing but has dealt with heat or steam. The heat can come from the donor themselves, or the manufacturers as they want to create some styles, like straight, wavy, or curly. They also want the hair to be similar concerning characteristics.

Now all technical terms are broken down; it’s safe to say that raw hair is truly top-notched in quality. But don’t get us wrong, virgin hair is high quality. Besides, it has its distinctive advantage compared to raw hair that will be discussed later. It’s pretty much based on your demand and preferences in deciding the best hair for you!

Cambodian hair vs. Indian, and Vietnamese hair

Hair donors can come anywhere all over the world, yet only a few have a good reputation. Cambodian, Indian, and Vietnamese hair are among those few.

Indian hair

At some points, Indian hair is undeniably the most popular and versatile in the market. And it still is. The reason for that lies underneath its silky texture and excellent density.

Such characteristics allow Indian hair to be styled easily and adaptable to almost all hair type. However, if you live in somewhere with cold weather, you may want to look out for some frizzing situations.

Vietnamese hair

If you are familiar with the world of extensions, you must have heard of Vietnamese hair and how it is well loved in the US market. With hair care tips passed over through generations, Vietnamese girls sure know how to take care of their hair using food and herbs.

16 Inches Curly Weave Cambodian Hair

Hairpieces From Layla Hair 

As a result, Vietnamese hair is notorious for its thickness, dark color, and silky hair body. If you want extensions that look natural, lengthy and full of life, this is for you.

Cambodian hair

It’s not out of nowhere that Cambodian hair has become a rising star recently. It has its advantages while addresses problems from other hair types. It’s like the best of both worlds.

Cambodian hair is useful for combining the full texture of Vietnamese hair and the lightness of Indian hair, making it the most comfortable yet sassy type to wear. Details are elaborated down below.

Now, it’s time for the most important question: «Is raw Cambodian hair good?»

Is raw Cambodian hair good?


One of the most peculiar features of Cambodian hair is its versatility. Whether your hair is coarse or fine, you can find Cambodian hair to match with it. Whatever the texture is, when you put these extensions on, it gives you a full hair body that is hard to achieve with other hair types.

Lightweight texture

Despite its full volume, raw Cambodian hair has the most lightweight texture. You will never have to walk around with weights that give you a headache again, thanks to Cambodian hair.

16 Inches Curly Weave Cambodian Hair

The volume is great but it is very lightweight. 

Low Maintenance

The life expectancy of this hair is phenomenal because it is real hair with no treatment whatsoever. You can style it however you want, just like your real hair. With only a little extra care and attention, it stays with you for a very long time with minimal tangling and shedding.


You can say that raw hair is expensive. Yes, raw hair is more pricey than virgin and synthetic hair, but it is more affordable than you think. A 10-inch bundle only costs around $25 to $30. That means even if you are on a budget, you can still invest in a perfect everyday wig.

The only downside of raw Cambodian hair is its shortage in supplies and inconsistency. At Layla Hair, we invest in finding quality hair, which is not always there. Also, because this is raw hair, the hair strands can be different. But don’t worry, raw hair is subject to the styling of your preference.

We hope that the above reasons have eased your way out in answering “Is raw Cambodian hair good?”

How to style raw Cambodian hair

There’s no principle or rule in styling. It’s entirely up to you. Because this is real hair, you can style the same way you do with your hair. Whether you straighten, curl, color, or braid it, it’s wonderful. Just remember to love it and take good care of it afterward.

Do not wash too frequently, use too much heat, or brush it with force. Treat it as you do with your hair, and you will find the investment worth.

Is raw Cambodian hair good? – Yes, it’s even good for styling at will

In the bottom line

We hope you have found the answer to “Is raw Cambodian hair good?” in this article. We appreciate if this makes your journey to hair extensions a little bit easier. And always consider Layla Hair to be an excellent option for high-quality hair.

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