Full Lace Wigs How To Apply? A Well-Rounded Guide For Beginners

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Full lace wigs restore your confidence and beauty for those who suffer from hair loss. These products are also excellent choices for a bad hair day. You can use them for short-term or long-term application.

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When it comes to full lace wigs how to apply, there are three prominent methods: glue, without glue and sewn-in. In this article, we will discuss each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s dive in!

Full lace wigs how to apply? A well-rounded guide for beginners

So full lace wigs how to use? As we mentioned above, there are three ways to apply wigs.

Apply full lace wigs how to apply with glue

As the name suggests this method use wig adhesive to glue the wig in your scalp. Wig adhesives come with many varieties, prices and types. You can easily buy a bottle in any hair salons or through online vendors.


The apparent benefit of this method is it stays semi-permanent. Glues can help to secure the wig for quite sometimes. You don’t have to worry about it falling off your head.

Full Lace Wigs How To Apply? A Well-Rounded Guide For Beginners

The wig is glued to your scalp. 

What’s more, you can even sleep with full lace wigs with glue. Of course, you need to be more careful when sleeping with a wig overnight. Any twist and turn movements could damage the glue bonding.

Our tip: Try to use a satin scarf when you sleep. Make a loose ponytail and put your hair inside their satin scarf. The scarf will protect your hair from body twisting movements.


This method sounds great, but it doesn’t mean for anyone. That said, those who own a sensitive scalp will have to give up their attempt to use glues. This is because hair glues can cause scalp irritation and allergies.

So yes, ladies, if your scalp is sensitive, we will not recommend this method to you. However, there are two other methods for you to choose from. So don’t worry!

Apply full lace wigs how to apply without glue

Here you go. The method will not cause any irritation for ladies with a sensitive scalp. Full lace wigs glueless application means you don’t need to use any additional adhesive to secure the wig.


One of the most significant benefits of full lace wigs glueless application is it is less time-consuming than two other methods. We mean it. You need neither glue nor threads to get the wig in its place.

The application is effortless and comfortable, even for beginners. You need to buy less wig application accessories so that you can save a few bucks with this method.

Full Lace Wigs How To Apply? A Well-Rounded Guide For Beginners

It is possible to apply wigs without glue! 

The glueless application is suitable for ladies who want to change their outfits one in a while. You can wear it in the morning (and it takes only 15 minutes!) and then remove it before going to bed.

So convenient, isn’t it?


This method is the least permanent method. It is only suitable for those who want to wear a wig within a day or two. If you don’t want to experience wig removal daily, this method isn’t for you.



Sew in full lace wigs

Sewn-in full lace wigs are quite common among experience wig users. We say that because they have already tried different hair accessories and experienced wig application methods.

After a while, they come to know which method is more compatible with their preference.


We have to say; this method is the most durable and permanent method in the list. You need to apply it once, and the wig can stay months on your head! Amazing, isn’t it?

Another highlight from this method is you don’t have to remove it daily or even after 3 or 4 days. Since cornrows isolate the scalp, it is very much breathable and comfortable.

Full Lace Wigs How To Apply? A Well-Rounded Guide For Beginners

Sewn-in full lace wigs

For those who already have experience, the sewn-in method is indeed a great way to wear wigs.


Now, there is a considerable drawback of full lace wigs sewn-in. It comes from how this method is applied to your scalp.

Hairstylists will braid cornrows fro your existing hair. They will then sew the lace base into the cornrows to secure the wig. As you can imagine, this process is nowhere near comfortable.

The itchy and irritating feeling can stay long, especially for the first few days. What’s more, the application method is quite complicated, so beginners can’t do that themselves.

Then comes a massive hair problem for those who neglect their natural hair. Cornrows,  which are tightly braided to the scalp, can weaken our natural hair.

The fact that you wear a wig over your head for days can make you feel less attentive to your existing hair.

Without proper caring, your hair is prone to breakage and damage. There were discussions in the UK to band hair accessories such as extensions and wigs.

The discussions focused on the raising rate of women suffering from premature baldness and excessive hair fall. The fault isn’t of hair extensions or full lace wigs.

Women who failed to take care of themselves and couldn’t find a trustable place for wig sewn-in application are likely to suffer from hair problems.

Full lace wigs how to apply: Which method is for me?

After reviewing the pros and cons of each method, it is quite clear to decide which way is more suitable for your preference.

If you don’t want to think about wig application and removal too often, the method with glue or sewn-in would be top-notch. These two will eliminate all the need to think about wig daily.

You can even sleep with the wig with a bit of extra care.

However, in case, you are beginners and don’t want to go for permanent methods, glueless will be better for you. This way of application is super easy and quick.

If you have a bad hair day or just want to change your look, the glueless method will help you out.

The bottom line

We hope that our basic guide on full lace wigs on how to apply will give you some insights on this matter. Choosing a suitable installing method isn’t simple. We would suggest you try every method and see which one is more appropriate for you.

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