Get The Scoop On Fusion Hair Extensions Before It’s Late

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Fusion hair extensions may be a new term for hair extension community. Actually, they involve a special installing method. Let’s read this article to find it out!

What are fusion hair extensions?

Fusion hair extensions are also known as keratin bond or glue-in extensions (although no glue is used) is the latest method to install hair extension on the market currently.

Fusion hair extensions are categorized into cold fusion and hot fusion. This division is based on two different installation techniques.

Get The Scoop On Fusion Hair Extensions Before It's Late
hot fusion vs cold fusion extensions

First, the hot fusion technique involves using keratin glue to apply the extensions to the natural tresses. A hair professional will melt the keratin base with a fusion hair iron on the low heat setting to apply the u-tip around s small section of the hair. Besides u-tips, i-tips can also be employed by using a hot installation method but you need to add more keratin fusion glue to bond them to hair.

Another type is cold fusion which uses cold application method. This is quite simpler than the hot one. To carry out this method, the hair professional will make use of micro ring beads (micro links) to bond i-tips to the real hair. A few strands of your natural hair and the top of i-tips will be put through the micro links. And the beads will be secured by some hair extension pliers

How Many Fusion Extensions for a Full Head?

In fact, the number of the extensions you may need based on the kind of extensions you buy or your aim for your hair. Normal hair extensions will come with packs of 20 small and flat strands. Each strand weight about one gram of hair. Hence, a full head may contain from 5 to 9 packs of hair strands ( 100-180 hair extensions strands). This can be considered as a standard amount.

How Long Do Fusion Hair Extensions Last?

Depending on the size and quality, fusion extensions may last for a different amount of time. But the high-quality ones can have a lifetime from 3 to 6 months.

Get The Scoop On Fusion Hair Extensions Before It's Late
fusion extensions can last up to 6 months

To prolong the use of fusion hair extensions, you may need to go and see your hair professional once a month. Because, when your natural hair grows, the bond or extension will move further down from your scalp, which leads to being easily detectable. Then with your hair professional helps, they will change the bonds and reinstall the extension, your fusion extensions will last longer

How To Install Fusion Extensions?

As mentioned above, each type of fusion hair extensions has its own way of installation. However, we will show generally how the process is going to be.

First, the tip of hair extension is the keratin bond. When the tips are melt, it was bond to your natural hair by a small section of extension hair.

Get The Scoop On Fusion Hair Extensions Before It's Late
how to install hot fusion extensions

The hair professional will use fingers to mold and form the melted keratin bonds around your hair. The keratins after that will become cools and firm, which creates a strong bond. These bonds are installed strand by strands from the base of your scalp to the sides and back.

When finishing applying, the bonds stay flat and have a layer of hair upper. After all, your stylist will style your hair to look more natural

How to Remove the Extensions?

Removing fusion extension is an easy task. Just buy the right product, which can be a keratin bond remover. Its function is to loosen the bonds by breaking down the adhesive. After applying the product, leave it for a few seconds then your hairdresser will break the bond by a hair extensions tool and slide off fusion extensions.

Putting on or taking off fusion extension can possibly be done by yourself but we advise you to let your hair professional take over it for you.


How to Care for Fusion Hair Extensions?

There some regulations for you to follow if you want your fusion extensions last long

Wash and conditioner the hair by mild and sulfate-free products.

Do not apply shampoos, conditioner or any kind of product from the middle of the hair down to prevent slippage.

Get The Scoop On Fusion Hair Extensions Before It's Late
stay away from the keratin tip when washing

Avoid blow dry or heat dry, just use air to dry hair. In case you want to straighten or curl your hair, remember to use a heat protectant

Comb your hair when it dry, from the bottom up. Combing using leave-in conditioner while brushing

Styling braids, buns or up-dos hair with keeping it loose to prevent tugging on hair extension

Pros and Cons of Fusion Hair Extensions


— Fusion hair extension will add more length and volume to hair.

You might wonder other sew-in hair extensions also have this benefit then what is more beneficial? We have to say that, both have the same strength buy installing and removing fusion hair is much easier and time-saving than sewing wefts to your hair.

— Fusion extensions are long-lasting.

The lifetime of a fusion hair extension is much longer than other types of hair extension generally. We cannot tell you how long exactly it last as it depends on how you treat it. But the average lifespan of a fusion extension can be up to half of a year.

Get The Scoop On Fusion Hair Extensions Before It's Late
fusion hair extensions are a type of permanent extension

— It firmly bonds to your natural hair

This may be the most outstanding advantage of fusion hair extension. The hair extension users assume that glue in hair extensions method is easy to slip out and fall. But fusion extensions are totally different. It can stay firmly with your natural hair if it is installed correctly. Hence, most celebrities choose it to wear.

— Fusion hair extensions are great for coarse or thick hair

If your hair is thick, fusion hair extensions are for you. It will stay flat against your scalp providing so natural a look for you.


— Fusion hair extensions‘ installation involves glue

The process of applying fusion hair extension involves using heat to melt the keratin bond. It is all good unless your stylist makes a small mistake when heat the glue. Your hair and extension both will be damaged.

Get The Scoop On Fusion Hair Extensions Before It's Late
it might pose some damage due to the bonding process

— Fusion hair extensions require a hair extensions expert

Do let who is not certified in installing extensions help you to install fusion hair extension. Because as mentioned above, a little mistake can ruin all.

Where to Buy Fusion Hair Extension?

After sticking to this article and you want to find a place to buy fusion hair extension. So if you want to choose a famous and reliable company to purchase fusion hair extension, pay a visit to the Layla Hair website. There you can find many types of fusion hair extensions varies in colors and styles. All the products we provide you are 100% human hair so you can count on us totally! Moreover, when you come to us, you will be offered with professional help from our service teams. They will give you the most ideal answers in the shortest time.

Get The Scoop On Fusion Hair Extensions Before It's Late
fusion extensions at Laylahair

Our conclusion

Fusion hair extensions will definitely a good option for every extensions user. If you are searching for a permanent option to add volume to your thin hair, do not hesitate to try this one. The incredible effect it brings would definitely leave you in awe. 

Let’s get access to our Layla Hair website to get for your own a fusion hair extension.

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