Shortcuts To Glue In Hair Extensions That Only A Few Know About

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When using a wig, it is natural to use adhesive tape or hair glue. Therefore, glue in hair extensions, also called keratin tip or pre-glued extensions, are not strange items with anyone who makes a friend with a hair extension. However, many people still have no idea about this incredible item. Hence, Laylahair would like to get you covered with the essentials of glue in hair extensions. Come check it out! 

What is the glue in extensions?

Definition of glue in hair extension

These wigs are becoming more and more perfect for bald men and women in particular and all people in general. However, it is challenging to transform with fake hair, so it is beautiful. Today with wigs attached to the scalp allows you to stick wigs into bald sections. This hairstyle you will not be exposed and not hot.

Shortcuts To Glue In Hair Extensions That Only A Few Know About
glue in hair extensions

Furthermore, one problem is that to be able to use hair extension like this, and you need a quality wig, or your scalp will be allergic and irritating it. But don’t worry too much! With high-quality glue in hair extensions will be the perfect support accessory so you can safely transform with your hair extension. Therefore, glue is an integral part of wigs or hair extension.

With pre-bonded hair extensions, there is a glue-like substance at the tip of the hair, which later will bond into your bio hair. The tip might be in an I-tip, U-tip, or flat tip.

Glue in hair extensions pros and cons

Besides the bonded extensions, there are also tape in hair extensions on the market. Therefore, after knowing about the definition of the glue, you should know about its advantages and disadvantages which can help you have the right choice. 

Glue in hair extensions is very sure to fix the hair extension to your head. The hair is perfectly safe for your scalp, and it does not hurt, does not cause itching, discomfort, or any side effects for the user. This type of patch allows you to bond your wig to the scalp for a long time to help you comfortably move without causing any trouble at all.

Shortcuts To Glue In Hair Extensions That Only A Few Know About
keratin tips are secure on your head

+ Advantages: Apply quickly and easily

+ Disadvantages

– The solvent should be used to remove the glue in the scalp and on the hair extension.

– Expensive cost

How long does glue in hair extensions last?

You can completely rest assured about the durability of the cement because of its high-quality glue. You can freely take part in outdoor activities without having to worry about your wig being dropped. This is also the strength of the glue line rather than the conventional tape in hair extension. 

Glue in hair extensions cost

As mentioned above, if you choose the keratin glue extensions with high quality, the rate will be high. It means that the price of glue is higher than tape-in hair extension. However, when you spend more money to own the glue, you will get a beautiful and natural hair extension as well as comfortable to enjoy activities. 

How to put in glue hair extensions?

After learning about the glue, how to glue in hair extensions yourself is the second concentrate of people. 

Shortcuts To Glue In Hair Extensions That Only A Few Know About
how to put in glue in hair extensions

If you want to have beautiful and fantastic hair extension, using glue in hair extension is the necessary thing to do. To use the glue in the right way, you have to make sure first your scalp is cleaned. Then, you should use scalp protector on your scalp where you will heat the tip to melt it and then glue it to the scalp to apply for the hair extension. The product will create a protective barrier between your scalp and hair, sweat, and skin-generated adhesive that will break the bonding. And, it will prevent sweating or the oil breaks this bond so that the sticking time will be longer, and the use of hair on the scalp will take longer.

After that, you apply a thin layer of glue on the part where you will wear a hair extension and quickly wear the hair so otherwise, the glue will be dry and difficult to fix the hairstyle.

How to remove glue in hair extensions?

When you put the hair extension on your head, use hair-care products, and specialized glue in hair extension will help the hair extension stick more tightly on the head. Furthermore, the pre-glued extensions on short hair also helps you confidently use this bald bang even when swimming, or working hard. However, if you use glue in your hair extension, you must use a solution and apply it directly to your scalp then you can remove the glue out of your hair. 

Shortcuts To Glue In Hair Extensions That Only A Few Know About
how to remove glue in hair extensions

The way to remove glue in your hair extension is quite easy like the way to put it into your hair. You put the solution in place, wait 2 minutes, and wipe it off with a towel or paper, rinse with soap and water

Where to buy?

As you know that glue has a high cost and apply directly on your scalp. Therefore, if you do not choose high-quality glue products, your scalp will get harmful effects. 

Shortcuts To Glue In Hair Extensions That Only A Few Know About
glue in hair extensions from Laylahair

If Lalay Hair is so familiar with high-end hair extensions that make you satisfied, you can now buy the cheap glue in hair extensions at Lalay Hair. When you come to Lalay Hair, you can own not only beautiful hair extensions but also more convenient. You can buy accessories to support the use of these high-quality hair extensions. What are you waiting for, please drop by Layla Hair to buy this quality hair extension with a reasonable price right away? 

To Sum Up

If you want to own the beautiful and attractive hair extensions, you do not be sorry to use a quality keratin tip product. Weak quality adhesives will cause problems for your scalp after several uses.

So, I hope that after the post, you will have more useful information about the glue in hair extensions. If you need more other news about hair or hair extension, don’t forget to visit our website to get more.

Or feel free to drop us a line via our hotline: (+84) 989 633 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) if you are interested in getting some glue in hair extensions for your own. We are online 24/7.

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