How To Glue In Hair Extensions: The Easy Way Out!

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When you see those with perfectly thick and long hair, what do you think? Cannot feel related? The consoling truth is, not everyone has naturally beautiful hair. It takes time and effort to achieve such an amazing look. 

There are also quick and effective solutions, one of which is extensions. It is, indeed, considered one of the most fantastic hair tips these days. It is also an exceptional revolution when we address hairstyles. Feel free to opt for what is right for you. They can be a clip in, glue, tape, to name a few. Also, learn how to glue in hair extensions, etc.

How To Glue In Hair Extensions: The Easy Way Out!
keratin glue hair extensions

If you choose to put in glue hair extensions, this post will be of huge help to you. This method is one of the most favorites among girls. That is because it is affordable. Plus, you can do yourself at home. You do not need much but glue aside from extensions. Still, you may have a real struggle if you are a complete newbie.

The installation is not something you want to take chances with. So, doing it right is important. That way, they will look and feel as amazing as other kinds of extensions. They will be a smooth blend with your bio hair. Also, your locks will be free of any possible damage.

How to glue in hair extensions? The best answer is right below. Let’s dive in!

A step-by-step guide on how to glue in hair extensions

Do a careful preparation

– Prior to your gluing, making the locks ready for the process of installation is necessary. Be sure you rinse your hair with care. Do not allow any oil or grease left. Otherwise, the gluing impact will not be adequate. That is why scrub until you notice the locks are completely clean.

– Then, blow-dry the hair. Let it be smooth with a brush. You should stay away from tangles and the like when you attach the extensions. 

How To Glue In Hair Extensions: The Easy Way Out!
brush both your real hair and hair extensions

Have you ordered straight extensions? If so, use an iron to straighten your bio strands. It is advisable to do so even if you already have straight locks. In fact, when they are completely flat, the procedure of installation will be more effortless.

– After that, carry out some measurement. Identify how much you desire to apply glue in hair extensions. Also, consider where to put in. It is typical to have some wefts at your back, and some on the sides. After you decide how wide the weft is, cut it. Allow the pieces to fit your head the best. 

Checking to see whether the extension is the proper length is also necessary. Meter them next to the strands. If they are overly long, cut them.

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Start to glue in hair extensions

– As your wefts are ready, move on to the important part – gluing. Keratin or latex glue is popular. They do their excellent job. Do not select any other glue type inappropriate for hair. Or your scalp, strands, and extensions will suffer.

How To Glue In Hair Extensions: The Easy Way Out!
section hair into small parts

– Part the hair from the other ear from the middle of one ear. Use a clip to secure the top part. Recommendably, you have a thin hair layer on the bottom. It will be the place for your first extension to go.

– Put glue on the first strip of extension. Wait a couple of seconds for it to retain a slightly sticky feel.

– Use the fingers to grip the extension. Apply it under the parting. Be sure you do not stick your extension on your scalp. Going further down is necessary. Doing so let your natural strands to grow as normal.

How To Glue In Hair Extensions: The Easy Way Out!
glue the extensions in

– Put a gentle pressure with the hand. That way makes the glue to adhere to your hair’s layer. Let it set more quickly by blow-drying. Try and tug on your extensions with care to check whether the gluing is proper. That is when you finish applying the first extension piece.

– Remove the clip from the hair. Part the strands higher. It should be 1 inch or so from the bottom extension. Carry out the same process of gluing again.

– Once you have attained beyond your ears’ top, glue your extensions on the sides. It is possible to have several small pieces appearing next to each other. That way helps hide them with more ease.

Have you finished with the steps above? Then admire your voluminous locks in the mirror. 

How to care for your glue in hair extensions?

After you have practiced how to glue in hair extensions, it is essential to learn the tips for their maintenance as well.

Brush them

– You would rather not use the brush which has the small balls on its tubes.

– It is best to comb your hair is best. It will go in a similar direction.

– Do not brush your extensions to a greater degree than is necessary. Too much of anything is not good, in fact.

How To Glue In Hair Extensions: The Easy Way Out!
wash your glue in hair extensions


– Now that they are part of your head, you need to rinse them with your bio hair.

– Do not scrub them. 

– Getting shampoo in between your wefts is preferable.

– You should rely on moisturizing conditioner and shampoo to wash them like with your real hair.

– Deeply condition your extensions once each week.

How To Glue In Hair Extensions: The Easy Way Out!
apply the thermal protector before styling

Style them

– Use a thermal protector on the hair.

– It is not easy for the extensions to curl. That is why using leave-in curlers, etc. without heat is not the right choice. When curling your hair, you need heat. Otherwise, it tends to result in the nappy look.

Show your love

Your extensions can be long-lasting with sufficient care and attention. We suggest you take them out every three weeks or so for them to rest.

The bottom line

Have you enjoyed reading our above guide on how to glue in hair extensions? Then, do not forget to share it. The gluing process cannot be simpler if you follow these steps. Also, take good care of them. Do you want to add anything? Tell us in the comment section below. We would love to hear your tricks and tips. 

For further information about keratin glue extensions and hair care tips, take a look at our website. Or feel free to drop us a line via hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) at any time. We are always willing to support!

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