Greasy Hair 101: Best Oily Hair Remedies You Might Haven’t Known

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Recurrently greasy hair can be a source of frustration among many people, especially in women. When your scalp produces too much oil, this hair condition appears. Fear not, however, there are numerous ways you can do to get rid of oily hair. No matter what causes greasy hair problem, we have simple tips and useful recommendations to help everyone stop greasy hair. Thus, this post is compiled to help you understand more about oily hair. Reading on to reach a fresh look and great feeling. 

Oily hair makes you feel annoyed

Greasy hair is among the most common hair condition in humans. Why does hair get greasy? This hair condition is the result of overactive sebaceous glands on the scalp, they produce too much sebum. What is sebum? It is also called natural oil and is beneficial for our natural locks. It helps strengthen and keep the hair from drying out effectively. What’s more, it protects your strands from hair breakage as well. Nevertheless, too much sebum makes the hair looks slick and greasy, it looks like dirty hair. If you have an excessive greasy scalp, it can lead to the outbreaks of dandruff. That’s why many people have oily-looking hair less than 24 hours after shampooing.

Besides, the oily material heavily affects the hair texture. Famous hairstylist Meaghan A. Frayne shares that women with straight hair tend to notice their tresses get greasier. It means that curly hair is less oily. Why does my hair get greasy so fast? It is due to your hair texture. For those with thick and curly hair, the natural oil is produced and distributed evenly on all strands at once. Additionally, it is harder for natural oils to travel down the curls and coat the entire hair strand.

Greasy Hair 101: Best Oily Hair Remedies You Might Haven't Known
greasy hair

What causes oily hair?

Over-conditioning cause oily hair

Apply a small amount of conditioner to moisture your natural locks. If you overuse it, it may weigh your hair down. Or if you don’t wash it correctly, it is also a grease-giving culprit. When using conditioner, avoid applying it into the hair roots, focus on the ends.

Over-brushing and your brush is dirty

Why is my hair greasy? When you brush your mane too much, it stimulates the scalp to produce oil. The hair will look greasy and glossy. Besides, a dirty comb also affects negatively your treses. Hence, make sure that you clean your hairbrush regularly. 

Greasy Hair 101: Best Oily Hair Remedies You Might Haven't Known
cause of greasy hair

Other common reasons causing oily hair:

– Genetics problems

– Unbalanced eating habits

– Medications

– Care for hair improperly

In addition, the change of weather, seasons as well as stress also have impacts on oily hair. 


How to make your hair look less greasy

If your mane gets oily quickly and easily, find out the best way to cure it. Many of us think that shampoo the hair frequently is the best way to remove oily hair. However, it actually makes this problem worse. Over-washing makes your scalp and hair dry out and trigger sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. 

Stop asking yourself why is my hair so greasy, and follow these tips below:

Wash your natural locks properly 

What is the easiest way to get rid of oily hair? Shampoo your mane either once or twice a week is ideal. This greasy hair fix can be applied to all hair textures and types. However, this tip does not bring the effect immediately. It may take about three weeks so that you can notice the change.

Greasy Hair 101: Best Oily Hair Remedies You Might Haven't Known
wash your hair carefully with specialized shampoo for oily hair

Invest in the best shampoo for greasy hair

It is necessary to get the right hair care product. As advertised, shampoo for oily hair is specially-formulated and works for all textures. If you cleanse your mane improperly and low-quality products, you may finish off with damaged hair strands and oily scalp.

Pick clarifying products that include stronger surfactants cleansing and sort out of excess sebum. Compared to other products for dry hair, shampoo for oily hair has less conditioning ingredients. They give a deep cleanse feeling and get out of all dirt and grease easily.

Opt for natural greasy hair remedies

You can find the best treatment for your greasy hair in your own kitchen. They are all-natural and can be applied at home. 

– Apple cider vinegar is the best bet for your tresses. It helps restore the pH balance on the scalp; hence, it can control the oil production well. Mix apple cider vinegar with water according to the ratio 1:8, then pour throughout your hair strands. Cover the hair and leave it a few minutes. Rinse your hair with fresh water and let it air dry. Repeat this method for weeks and you can reach a fresh look.  

– Use tea tree oil as another useful ingredient on how to get rid of greasy hair. It has natural antifungal properties, lessen scalp problems. Use sparingly, it helps cleanse your scalp and strands.

Greasy Hair 101: Best Oily Hair Remedies You Might Haven't Known
natural remedies for greasy hair

Change your lifestyle and diet

What to do with greasy hair? Eating foods that contain vitamin B (including B2, B6), zinc, and iron. A healthy diet is considered among the main remedy to cure your oily hair as it moderates your natural oil production. Consume seaweed, green vegetables, salmon, meat, and more. In other words, limit eating greasy foods and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Remember, drink plenty of water every day and it is good for your skin and hair. 

In The Last Words 

Now that you have all the basic information about greasy hair and numerous tips on how to fix greasy hair. Nothing can ruin a good hair day like oily hair, so find the best treatment to get rid it of as soon as possible. Follow one of them to get your beautiful hair look. Layla hopes that our word today can help you improve your hair state.   

For more information needed, please reach our blog or contact us! Additionally, if you are interested in other hair care tips and hair products, check out on our websites for the best item at friendly prices. 

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